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I can’t believe I missed “National Hug your Cat Day” yesterday!!!!!!   What kind of cat owner am I????   Good thing today is “National Extreme Cat Closeup Day”

“National Cat in a Bowl” Day….

…”National OMG, your cat is upside down Day”….

…and “Cat Sasquatch Feet Day”.

AND…..many thanks to all who “voted” for the question of the day yesterday….is this mascot a male or female?  The results are in! In the extremely accurate and life changing (HA!)  poll taken by blog comments and messages by email….

….the mascot is:

Female: 2

Male: 2

Androgynous: 5

Potential names:  “Pat” and “Sam”!

Thanks to all who voted.  He/she will from heron in be called “Androgynous Pat-Sam” and he/she will appear again at a later date!!!!!

I have something else to share tonight.  Look at the products of my “green thumb”:  VERY happy kale (so exciting!!!)……

….flower containers filling out nicely….

….very healthy hosta (with evidence of today’s rain)……

….blooming “curly thingy” that spoke to Dennis at Home Depot….

And basil!!!!!   Um…

Note to self:  You’ve tried to grow basil in containers for about 10 years now, and they end up like the photos above.  Seriously…give it up.  You and basil are only meant to be together at produce and farmers markets.   I surrender!  Basil 10, Roz 0.   But, “A” for effort and perseverance. :)

And tonight, after nearly two month’s absence (partially self-imposed, partially surgery imposed) I returned to…

….and though I was up from last time I “stepped on”, I wasn’t up as much as I was expecting.  So BIG YAY!!!!!  AND….I was up after sampling this:

I would like to preface this paragraph by saying my husband is SUPER supportive of my healthy living efforts.  But today, he went to a Caribbean restaurant for lunch with his friend Mark, and had an “available for only a limited time special” – jerk chicken poutine.    He brought a bit home to share with  me because it was FREAKIN’ phenomenal (thought not overly attractive), he wanted me to try it,  and he knew tonight was my last “non point counting night”.    In a word “wow” and I’m sure the sodium was responsible for at least a lb of today’s weigh in!!!

The rest of the day’s eats were, a bagel thin with almond butter and the return of CHAI WITH ALMOND MILK!!!  Yay!!!!

I had some blueberries and raspberries over the course of the morning.

Lunch was leftover kale salad from last night (thanks Helen!!!!) with some leftover ham that didn’t make its way into Sunday’s “Helen brunch” fritatta.

And tonight’s “apres weigh in” dinner was a grilled chicken breast, roasted teeny tiny potatoes and some steamed asparagus with a sprinkle of parmesan.  I also had a glass of white wine (the last of the wine from Sunday’s brunch)

There is Tuesday.  Now, I’m off to hug my cat (a day late) whether she wants a hug or not! :)  Neva…here I come…..



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