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Today, we celebrated my cousin Helen’s birthday with a brunch at our apartment.   Here is the birthday girl with her friend Inge.

Helen’s friends (who are becoming Dennis and my friends too! :) ), Cathy, Ray, Ed, Eaman and of course, Dennis.

Brunch was two types of frittata (spinach and feta & ham and cheddar), turkey sausages, mini croissants, fruit, juices, coffee, tea and wine)

We all saved room for cake.  I’d love to say I made the cake, but I didn’t.  :)

Helen made a wish…..

….cut the cake….

…then relaxed with two of her favorite men!

Happy Birthday Helen!!!!  We are so glad we were able to celebrate with you! The big party in London that is going on at the moment?  That’s not for the Queen, it’s for YOU!!!  :)

After the party, we cleaned up then did next to nothing and rested for the afternoon.  We did have a snack of a couple of pieces of baguette with caramelized onion relish.

Dinner was some perogies from the freezer with fat-free sour cream, and leftover turkey sausages from brunch.

I also had a glass of the berry smoothie that was also part of the brunch table.

It’s hard for me to believe that the weekend is over.  Three days flew by, and it’ll be back to the grind tomorrow.  Anyone get up to anything of note this weekend?   And Anderson Cooper, if you’re reading this, Happy Birthday to you too!!!!!  HA!  You share a birthday with someone very special to us!



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