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Holy smokes….HOW can 2012 be half over already????????

It’s late, so this will be a quick post.

This morning, I had another glass of my “clear out the crisper” juice that I made the other night.

OOOH….I got some discount fruit at the market this afternoon, wait ’till you see what my NEXT juicing concoction will be!!!  FUN!!!

I had a couple of Nature’s Path freezer waffles with sugar free syrup and fruit for breakfast.

I then set out to run a few errands and buy a few groceries I needed for dinner tonight.  I loved this Canada Day flower arrangements and old “put in a quarter and ride him” horse.   To be clear though, I photographed it but didn’t ride it!!

When I got back I had a few puffed crackers with Trader Joe’s Spinach and Kale dip.

My friend Suz came over for dinner tonight.  Suz is a bit shy, and hasn’t agreed to have her picture on the blog….until now.  Meet Suz!!

Actually, meet the back of Suz’s head…which has a white fluffy growth on it that looks like Neva. :)

We started out with some of these crackers from Trader Joe’s with some light herb cheese spread.

We also decided instead of wine we’d try a new cocktail.  Suz brought some gin and I did some research and we came up with this….it has cucumber, lots of mint and lime whirled up in a blender them mixed with the gin and tonic water.  YUM.  VERY summery.  Too bad it was raining today and we couldn’t sit on the deck while we sipped these.

Dinner was baked chicken breasts with a sauce made of soy sauce, peach jam, orange juice and a bit of peanut butter. (it is based on a recipe in a weight watchers “comfort food” cookbook).  We also had steamed baby nugget potatoes with mint  and steamed broccoli with a bit of parmesan sprinkled on top.

We also had a green salad with blueberries, almonds, Bolthouse honey mustard dressing and another Trader Joe’s find….fat free feta.

Dessert was a piece of angel food cake with a scoop of light vanilla frozen yogurt and some blueberries.

And I made almond milk lattes that didn’t foam very well.  Oh well…

Thanks for coming over Suz.  I look forward to more gin cocktails and visits again soon.  Now get yourself to a doctor and get that catlike growth looked at!!!  That can’t be normal. HA!!!!

Today was my “stay at home” day of the weekend.  I DID have to go out and run a couple of errands this morning, but for the most part, I’ve been home, getting things around the house done.  Which means, I didn’t see rabbits, chickens or really much of note outside my own walls today, but I did see THESE shoes in a window right beside our bank.

I know I’ve been out of heels for nearly two years because of my foot trouble, but seriously, HOW do people walk in these???  And I came to the sad realization that I’m beyond wearing slutty shoes (not that I think I ever did). In another month or so, I’m going to go and try these on.  I may look like a “pushin’ 50 hooker” and I have no desire to BUY them, but I just want to see if I can walk in them.  May not be pretty……stay tuned.

When I got home I made myself an almond milk latte….

…breakfast with “finds” from across the border (TJ’s fig butter (soooo good – I bought two jars), a Norwegian flatbread that I’d never seen before, but bought to try because it was on sale, and I could have a whole flatbread for 2 points, and UBER thin slices of swiss cheese.  We CAN get sliced swiss cheese here, but none are thin sliced like these)

I rolled them and ate them in pieces, and also had some local strawberries on the side.

I also had a glass of my Juiceman juice.  In a word, NOM!!!!  So tasty.  Juiceman, you can stay for a while!!!! (this is a combination of clear out the crisper fruits – apricots, peach, watermelon, kiwi, apple, blackberry and pineapple)

I’m not generally a big fan of ready made, processed meals, but I saw this lean cuisine in Fred Meyer yesterday, and thought I’d give it a go.  (2 servings?  I ate both)

The verdict?  Ok…but I wouldn’t buy it again and MUCH prefer the hot spinach dip from Gina’s Skinnytaste website that I’ve had before.  However, one must try these things sometimes….

I pulled a box to put some books in while I sorted.  Look who leapt in it before a single book was put inside.  Funny…

Later in the afternoon, I had another coffee with almond milk and a pack of weight watchers ginger snaps.

And I had a 67 calorie beer and some kale chips (that I made yesterday).

Dinner tonight was a small grilled chicken breast with a massaged kale salad.

Tomorrow will be a bit more eventful, and hopefully the photos will reflect that.  In the meantime, Happy Friday everyone, hope your weekend goes well.  I’m off to watch my guilty Friday pleasure “Say Yes to the Dress”.  What’s on your agenda for the weekend???

Today, I was off work, and went to visit an old friend.  :)  (I bet you know where this is going!)

Before I went, I had some greek yogurt, blueberries and granola.

Who knew the highway could “bog up”, going AGAINST rush hour traffic at 8:30 in the morning.  I wasn’t moving when I took this photo.  Gross.  Hats off to all commuters who sit in traffic like that – can’t be easy.

BUT, the logjam was worth it.  I made my way to Joe.  He’s a Trader you know!!  :)  EEEEE…look where I went today!!!!

It takes an hour or so from our place, through traffic and crossing the border, but how fun we can do little day trips and get to, as Dennis calls it, my “happy place”.  :)  OOOH….I found some great and healthy “finds” and will share with you over the next few days.  I missed Dennis because I thought for SURE we’d stick our heads through here if we were there together.  Next time….

I spent a while just going through the aisles, and after that, I went and saw my OTHER friend, Fred.  Fred sells all kinds of “goods”, and I found some healthy finds there too.

It was a quick cross border trip, and after my visits, I ventured back to the border.  Here I am in America, creeping toward the border crossing…

And two seconds later…voila…back in Canada….

At some point, I’ll get out of the car and step one foot on each side of the border.  Here is the Peace Arch at the border.  It is less likely I’d be able to put one foot on each side of this! :)

And an appropriate floral display for this weekend’s upcoming Canada Day on July 1st.

On the way home, I stopped at yet another of my “Happy Places” – Richmond Country Farms.  It’s my SECOND favorite produce seller (after the Root Cellar in Victoria).

They sell lovely produce, flowers, plants and BC made condiments, honey etc.

There were MANY swallows all twittering away above the shoppers.  Yet another reason to thoroughly wash produce before consumption!

I did a walkabout the garden section.  Oh…hi Mr. Bunny.  Whatcha buyin’?  SOOOO cute.

Turns out there were bunnies all over!  Big ones, little ones, bunnies of many colors, all hopping around the market.

And this photo begs the question “why DID the chicken cross the road?” (or in this case, the parking lot.  Note bunny in the background!)

Turns out there were a whole bunch of chickens crossing the road, the parking lot and hanging around my car.

And they were very willing to come close for photos.

And finally, a fancy duck walked by.  See why this is a “happy place” for me?  How fun!!!

When I got home, I had a late lunch.  I picked up some gazpacho at TJ’s, had it with breadsticks and some of this spinach/kale dip.  YUM!

I also had some cherries that I got at the Richmond market.

Then I got to work putting groceries away and using not one, but TWO kitchen appliances.  I put a batch of kale into Helen’s dehydrator to make kale chips.

THEN….I got reacquainted with ANOTHER “old friend”.  Some years ago, I acquired this Juiceman juicer at a garage sale in Victoria.  It broke the bank, I paid $2 for it.  I didn’t use it often, and actually contemplated donating it to the Salvation Army, but something told me to keep it and I put it in our off site storage locker.  I was reading about juicing the other day, and decided to go to storage, haul it out and give it another go.

I had little “odds and ends” in the crisper, and thought they would be perfect for juicing.  I also got a big bag of discount apples for $1 at today’s market.  I cut them all up and juiced them all.  (I remember part of the reason I gave up the juicer was that it was a pain in the a*# to clean.  I was right, it IS a pain in the a%@ – but not as big a deal as I remember. Yay)

Voila!  I’ve put the juice in the fridge so it gets nice and cold and I’ll have some tomorrow.  I’m also excited to have found some healthy juicing recipes for skin, hair and immunity.  I’ll be trying them soon too.

While I juiced, Neva did a new dance she’s invented….the “Horizontal Hula”.  We may have to buy her a coconut bra and a little grass skirt.  Kidding!!!  What quirky little cat she is, I don’t know of any other cats who spend quite as much time on their back as she does, but we wouldn’t trade her and her quirks for ANYTHING.

Dinner for me tonight was a bbq turkey cutlet with turnip “fries” and salad (topped with blueberries, light feta, scallions and President’s Choice Greek yogurt dressing).

I also had a glass of this “Skinnygrape” wine.  It’s not bad.  Not full bodied by ANY stretch, and actually not that much of a calorie saving, but oh well.  Every little bit helps I guess.

I will likely make a cup of banana soft serve.  Today I’ll whirl in some local strawberries.  I want to get this published though, and I need dinner to digest, so no photo exists quite yet.

It’s been a busy day.  Tomorrow is more of a ‘stay at home’ day, I have some things around the place that need “doing” and its supposed to be raining and yuck.  Come back to see what kitchen appliances I use tomorrow!!  :)

Very speedy mid-week post.  Its been a bit of a long day, I was up early and got home later, so here is the quick lowdown.  I PROMISE a more interesting (and exciting for me) post tomorrow.

But before I recap the day, I’ll bore you with ONE MORE sunrise shot off our deck.  This was this morning – and it was beautiful.

Michelle and I met per usual for coffee before work.  As you can see, she was VERY generous and showed her WHOLE hand, not just the usual finger.  (I will share, prior to this photo she DID show me her finger….twice  :) )  This photo almost looks like it should be on CSI.  Thankfully, it’s not and the person at the end of the arm is alive, well, and my good friend.

I took my breakfast to work with me.  It was one of my famous yogurt, fruit and granola bento box.

Lunch was a small kale salad (I used seasoned rice vinegar in the dressing today instead of my usual apple cider vinegar.  Yum) topped with nutritional yeast, grapes and 1 oz light feta.  I also made a little chicken salad with the last of last night’s chicken, some salsa, fresh parsley and greek yogurt.

During the afternoon, I had a few kale chips and a Camino Quinoa and Rice Crisp bar.  I got the bars in our swag bag at the Food Show a few weeks ago.  It’s very like a Crunch bar, and very good.  Well worth the 4 points that it is and I’ll buy them if/when the chocolate cravings hit.

As I mentioned, I was home a bit later than usual, so picked up some sushi for dinner.  We have a new sushi restaurant in our neighborhood so I thought I’d give it a try. I had the rolls with brown rice, and had an “alive roll” (veggies wrapped in soy paper and a California roll.  Good.  Not the BEST sushi ever, but for the price, it was good and I’d go there again.

I also had a 67 calorie beer alongside.

I was also in the mood for something cold and sweet so whipped up a cup of banana blueberry soft serve. (I specifically bought a big bunch of bananas to keep in the freezer ’cause its definitely soft serve season!)

I have only photographed the soft serve, so now I’m going to publish this, eat that, and play with this!

With Dennis away, and me out and about today, poor Neva has been on her own for longer than she’s used to, so I think some play and a few treats are in order!!!!  I’ll be back tomorrow….

Things are a little odd here in the weightingfor50 home today.  Dennis has flown back east to spent time with his family, so Neva and I are here and fending for ourselves for a few days.  It’s quiet, and there is definitely a temporary “hole” in our little family.  Luckily we’ll be whole again before we know it!!

And the scale at weight watchers tonight?  Not surprisingly after my last few food centric days….up a bit.   Actually, not as much as I thought it may be.  All good….

Is anyone having trouble with google chrome today????  It was freezing, jamming etc, etc.  How did I fix it?  By using some unladylike language, taking a breath and loading firefox onto my laptop – hoping for the best with a new browser.  I seem to be plagued with little (and sometimes not so little) technical issues lately.  Hopefully my little laptop isn’t on life support!  Fingers crossed.  And firefox….don’t fail me!

Before I do the food post, I want to share a few photos from my morning.  Here is the sunrise from our deck.

I made a new friend on the walk to work today.  Don’t tell Neva, she’ll get jealous….silly…

And because I couldn’t resist, here are a few neighborhood flowers…..

VERY cool looking water on leaves.  Odd too, because the area around was dry, and it hasn’t rained in days.

And finally, this odd mushroom.  It was really BIG too…

And there you have it….the news of the day and the shots of the morning.  Now, back to normal food accountability “programing”.

Breakfast this morning?  Two pieces of whole grain toast with strawberry jam, coffee and today’s mascot who apparently wants a belly rub.

I had some cantaloupe and blueberries during the morning.

Lunch was an egg salad sandwich on Little Big Bread and a big peach for later.

When I got home from “step on” I made a “clear out the fridge” pizza with a leftover shell that was in the freezer.  I added the last of Saturday’s bbq chicken, pesto, tomato, goat cheese and balsamic reduction.  Odd combo, and certainly not the prettiest meal ever but actually REALLY tasty.

I’ve booked Thursday and Friday off this week, and will be taking a 5 day weekend over Canada Day.  But before that, there is work to be done, meals to be planned, housework to be worked etc, etc….so off I go.  More tomorrow!

Before I say what Confucius says, Dennis asked me to send a big “thank you” to all who left Happy Birthday comments and wishes for him.  THANK YOU!!!!

Why am I referring to Confucius??  I have a new mascot to share, I bought him at a garage sale this weekend.  And today, Confucius says that I’ve been out and about a lot in the last few days, and I don’t think the weight watcher’s scale will show me love tomorrow.  And I’m 100% ok with that!!!!  I will let you know tomorrow if Confucius was right!

Confucius says, smoothies, coffee and a piece of toast with home-made jam makes a good and point friendly breakfast.

Confucius also says “sit me on your morning snack of fruit, and I’ll squash the blueberries”.

I met my friend Sally for lunch today.  Confucius didn’t join us.  I had gazpacho with a mini bacon/tomato/cucumber sandwich and a side salad.  (I really need to make some gazpacho soon, it’s so good)

Confucius sat on my kale chips that I had later in the afternoon.  He squished them too.

I also had a handful of my drug of choice pretzels with peanut butter.

We had a WONDERFUL dinner with my cousin Helen and some of her friends tonight.

Here is the group (minus Edward….catch you next time Ed!!)

The dinner was a bbq, I’ll show you the yummy food, then take you on a little tour of the University Women’s Club where the dinner was held.  It’s BEAUTIFUL THERE.

We had white wine…..

A rib eye bbq with ALL the fixin’s, salads, buns, corn, veggies….SOOOOO good.

My plate. ….

And dessert was fruit with ice cream (and sprinkles!)

What a treat!!!!

Now for the tour, here is the front and back of the building.  Isn’t it grande????

Smoking is permitted on the outside deck only! :)

Inside, here are just a couple of shots, the stair rail and a GORGEOUS light fixture.

Outside, here is the view through the columns on the back deck.

A HUGE tree…..from a distance, and with Dennis leaning on the trunk for perspective. We’d LOVE to know how old this is, however, we’d be ill-advised to cut it down and count the rings in the trunk to find out.  Joking aside, it must be HUNDREDS of years….

Lovely old stairways that lead from garden to garden.

Beautiful (and fragrant) flowers and a VERY strange looking tree trunk.

And some of the garden ornaments in the garden.  Ummm…garden ornaments in the garden.  Probably a good place for them to be….funny that…

We had a wonderful evening, thank you SO much for including us Helen!!!!!!!  Hugs!

Tomorrow, things will feel a little odd around here.  Why?  Come back then and find out…


Today is Dennis’ birthday!!!!  Happy Birthday “Birthday Prince”!  (my husband is a really good sport.  Not all men would wear a crown like this! :) )

I attempted to line our living room with a Happy Birthday banner.  It fell down. Thank you for fixing your own banner Dennis.

Neva helped me wrap Dennis’ gifts.  Apparently, the bag itself is VERY “chewable”….

….and it was a good place to just hang out.

I decided to do a twist on a normal “mimosa” and made a “Denosa” with Dennis’ favorite apple juice instead of orange juice.   Nothing says “Happy Birthday” more than liquor before noon.  That sounds REALLY bad!!!!

We could not for the life of us figure out how to open the mini champagne. Dennis went on our deck in full crown to figure it out just in case it popped. Hopefully he took a moment to wave to his loyal subjects from the Royal Balcony.  It’s not every day one wears a crown, so these moments have to be seized!  :)

Success!  Here are the Denosas, complete with floating blackberry.

I made a healthy yet hearty breakfast to go with them, scrambled eggs, turkey sausages, thin high fibre toast and fruit.

Our friend Clint stopped by to celebrate with Dennis.  He too is a good sport, and agreed to wear a party hat.

Neva on the other hand, was NOT a good sport and refused to wear a party hat.

She did however, chew the party hat.  (she popped a balloon too.  What a bully!! :) )

This afternoon, we went down to the Jazz Festival, which is on this weekend and next.

Parking is REALLY gross down there today, so we took the train downtown. We found giant bodies at the train station, so of course, had to take some photos.

There were a couple of blocks “blocked off” (HA!) for the festival.  Buskers, artists, vendors and food stations surrounded the area…

We also went to the booth taking people’s photos and superimposing them into TV show backdrops.  Dennis and I met Phil at the Pit Stop of the Amazing Race.   Funny….

There were alot of people, but it really didn’t seem as packed as I’d expected.

We watched performances on two stages.   REALLY fun performances!!!!  One was a jazzed up “John Lennon” band, and the other was more modern jazz.

We also watched a dance performance to standard jazz classics.  I loved it, and it made we want to dance myself!!!!

Fake books????  They look like real books to me!!! :)

Dennis got in touch with his feminine Hawaiian side and played a pink ukulele.

Love the reflection in this building.

We finished the afternoon in the beer garden listening to music and talking to people.  I had a grapefruit ale.  Yum!!!

This was one of the people we met, our “new friend” Frank.  :)

Frank took this photo of Dennis and I.  Happy Birthday sweetie, hope you enjoyed your day!!!!

The train station coming home doesn’t have torsos or statues, but has interactive concentration games to play.  FUN!!!  Neither Dennis nor I were close to the “best time” but it was fun.

When we got home we had a glass of wine (omg, I’ve had a lot of alcohol over the course of the day.  I’m pretty sure this may mean the scale doesn’t show me love on Tuesday, but seriously, it’s one week, and it’s a special day and I wouldn’t have it any other way!!)….

….I also had FAR TOO MANY OF these peanut butter filled pretzels (aka: crack snacks) .

I made Dennis a super special, and favorite of his dinner tonight.  Sea Bass with garlic mashed potatoes and steamed asparagus.

Followed by tiramisu cakes.  I’ll give you a hint which one I had.  Ribbit….

I’ve had a lot of fun making Dennis’ birthday special.  And the fun will continue tomorrow, we have exciting plans for Monday night too.  I hope all of YOUR weekends were special, and that the sun is shining where you are like it was here on Dennis’ birthday today.  I think it’s gonna be a good week ahead…..

Have to share this ADORABLE mascot I found in a thrift store earlier this week. It’s Dennis and I right after foot surgery.  I’m the bear on the left with the crutches and bad foot, Dennis is giving me the support and care.  AWWW. (please feel free to gag if you need to….I’ll understand!)

It’s been a busy but good Saturday.  Before our day started, I had an almond milk latte.

Breakfast was some greek yogurt, fresh figs and a piece of toast with home made strawberry jam.

I was out and about running all kinds of errands today.  On the way, I stumbled on this statue of a Mountie that pays tribute to fallen RCMP officers. Cool….this isn’t far from home and I’d never seen it before.

However, I can’t lie….I didn’t actually stop to SEE the mountie….I stopped to go to the garage sale marked in the photo below.  Busted…

All I bought at the garage sale?  A new mascot and a book.   No biggie…..

When I eventually got home, I had a kale scone (that I made a couple of weeks ago and froze), some low-fat cheese and a hard boiled egg.

We had our friends Cori and Jim over for dinner tonight.  We started out with some portion controlled phyllo appies (with veggies and cheese inside – Thank you President’s Choice!!)

I had about 3 glasses of wine over the course of the night.  Thank you weekly points allowance!  :)

Here is the gang…

Dinner?  It was bbq chicken with a salad (greens with blueberries, goat cheese and sunflower seeds with balsamic dressing), a raw apple and turnip slaw, and some steamed green beans.

And dessert?  My standby – from one of my favorite weight watchers recipe sites, Gina’s No Bake cheesecake made into mousse.  (I added a layer of crushed weight watchers ginger cookies to it today, and some blackberries on top)

It was a good Saturday.  But now, we countdown to a special day tomorrow. What is special?  Well, it’s not MY birthday….it’s not NEVA’s birthday.  You do the math!!!  Full report and birthday hoo hah to follow!!!

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!   Wow…we saw some budding talent tonight!  Before I show that, I’ll give a quick recap of today’s point friendly menu.

I had an almond milk latte before work.

I toted breakfast with me to work, and once again put yogurt, rhubarb/strawberry sauce, fruit and granola into my funky bento box.

Lunch was a turkey fold it with a tomato, a peach (which was amazing, one bite, and it tasted like summer.  That was all that was summer-like today, it rained.  A lot), and some of my home-made no sodium tomato juice that I made with a $1 bag of soft tomatoes that I picked up at the produce market a couple of days ago.

I had a hard-boiled egg and small apple through the afternoon.

And I had a package of chipotle seaweed snacks.  Here is the package….

…and here is the snack.

Now comes the talent part…..Dennis is friends with Alex, who he has known since their kindergarten days in Montreal (many moons ago).   Like Dennis, Alex made his way out west and settled in Vancouver.

Also growing up with Alex and Dennis was our good friend Alan.  Regular readers have met Alan and his wife Janice many times before.  (and will undoubtedly meet them many MORE times!)

As an aside, it was a year ago tonight that Alan and Janice got engaged.  Happy engagement anniversary!!!!!

And just cause it’s a cute photo, here are Dennis and I tonight.  (thanks photographer Janice!!)

ANYWAY….we all had dinner together tonight at this local cafe.

Dinner itself?  Pretty secondary to our friends, but we split an order of edamame, bruchetta and a hummus platter.

I also had two Blue Buck beer over the course of the night.

What brought us out?  We went to see the debut of an amazing 14 year old violinist, composer and vocalist. …….

….who happens to be Alex and his wife Carmen’s daughter Clara!!!!  Here is proud mom Carmen during the performance.

We were BLOWN AWAY by Clara’s talent, confidence, compositions and presence.  Before, we only knew her as the cute little girl who jumped on trampolines and hung out with us at Alex’s famous bbq’s, but tonight, she certainly blossomed.

YAY CLARA!!!!!!!   Can’t wait for your next gig!!!

By the end of the night, people were on their feet dancing.  LOVE this photo of Carmen with her son/Clara’s brother Isaac.

Clara was joined at the end of the set by a couple of her friends, who go by the name “The Barefoot Bandits”.

….and there was MUCH more dancing!!!  :)

On the way back to the car, we happened to walk by a clothing store with VERY bizarre displays.  I couldn’t resist and have to share.  Freaky, no??

What a fun way to start the weekend.  We have a busy couple of days ahead, and if all of you could do a little “sun dance” for us, that would be great.  Our Sunday plans will need to be changed if the rain doesn’t stop!!!  Thank you in advance for the dance!  (wasn’t that poetic???? :) )


Today wasn’t too eventful, so this will be a pretty quick post.  I will share a “yay me” moment and a couple of new products though….oooh, bet you can’t wait to keep reading! :)

The “yay me” moment?  I work on the 7th floor of an office building.  Our elevators are under repair (again!!!).  I had to dash to an appointment and thought I’d be late if I waited and waited and waited…..sooooo……for the first time post surgery, I walked down the stairs.  May not sound like a big deal, but it actually is.  Yay me!  I don’t have the ok from the surgeon to take on that kind of activity quite yet, but did it anyway (out of necessity) and know what?  It wasn’t THAT bad.  And when I got back, I walked back up.  Yeah, I felt it in the foot itself and in my lower back, but oh well.  I did it and it’ll only get easier from here!

Looks like someone else in my office building was a bit frustrated, or being “funny”  – in the stairwell, I found this….

If you look closely, someone has written “to the dark side” with a sharpie under the words cross over.   Dark….

On a brighter note, my breakfast was yummy.  It was a piece of thin, high fibre toast with my home-made low sugar strawberry jam, and a smoothie made with almond milk, a banana, frozen blackberries and 1 tbsp of flax seed.

I took a cup of berries for my morning snack.

I know this will come as a HUGE shock to many, but my lunch was NOT a kale salad.  I KNOW!!!!  Instead, I had a fold it, a couple of oz prosciutto, carrot sticks and an oz of cheese.  I also got some cantaloupe to go with the prosciutto, but forgot to take a photo.  Google images helped me complete the picture.

New product to me #1.  I got these almond-rice crisp thingies in Victoria on the weekend.  You can have 3 pieces (they’re a good size) for 2 points.  The verdict?  Pretty darn good!!!  I had them with a cup of green tea this afternoon, and they were sweet and crunchy and hit the spot.

THEN…I tried new to me product #2.  I split these seaweed snacks with a colleague of mine, they were in “toasty onion” flavour.

The verdict?  REALLY tasty, however, the chances of my husband wanting to kiss me when he gets home?  Slim to none.  Even after a good brushing of the teeth and a chew of cinnamon gum, I “kinda” taste onion.  And I’d eat this again.  Sorry Dennis!!!  (I’ll pick my moments! :) )

Speaking of Dennis being out, I was on my own for dinner tonight.  I was feeling a bit uninspired and not very motivated to make dinner, so I had the old standby, toast with light butter and scrambled eggs.

And I made some banana blueberry soft serve.  Oh yum, soooo good with blueberries whirled in!!!  I count the points in fruit, so this is two points of OOOOH!!  :)

I have to run out and run an errand (it’s someone’s birthday on Sunday!! :)) then I have this month’s Clean Eating waiting for me when I get back.   Have a great Friday everyone!!!



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