What a busy Saturday.  It’s a good thing I’m busy now, ’cause the next couple of weeks won’t be too busy at all.  And I’ve posted lots of pictures.  I’m sharing fun shots now, ’cause upcoming posts will consist of photos of my foot, my crutches, my meds, my cat, the inside of our apartment, Dennis, my foot again, some food, my cat again…and then the same all over…  :)  Be warned….things may get VERY dull around weightingfor50 for a while. Bet you can’t wait!! :)   But that is then…and this is today…..

My morning started out with two pieces of weight watchers toast with apple butter (not in this photo), a bit of Nature’s Path granola and a coffee.

I then ventured off to get ‘sassified’ by my hairdresser Patty.  As I was sitting in the chair, I looked down and saw these lovely (not) holes in my tights.  Patty happened to be wearing funky tights that MEANT to have holes, so we posed together – and called this shot “we’re trash”.  :)

Patty’s salon is close to the winter farmer’s market, and today was the last day the market will be at this location until next winter.

I couldn’t resist, and took a walk over.  Here are a few photos.  On the way, I found evidence that Bill Clinton was in town.  (omg….did I go there???  Yes I did…)

Spring rhubarb and radishes were really the only fresh and local produce available.

And my new friend…..Mr. “Her Majesty’s Pie”.  Mr. Pie was hilarious, and REALLY wanted to be on my blog.  (the conversations that start when you point a camera…amazing)

There was a LONG line for this bread.

I like this idea, a compost and food scrap drop for those of us who don’t have room in our homes to do it ourselves.

There was a fellow making home made chips.  I bought Dennis a bag of the root chips.  And I admit, I had a few.  SOOO good.

Beautiful local oysters.  I’m going to have to go to the summer market and pick up a few of these later in the summer.

And I PROMISE that these will be the last cherry blossom photos of the year….but I have to post them ’cause they’re gorgeous.

Wall art on the way back to the car.

Look what/who was in the car beside mine.  So cute!!!

We had some pea soup, mini multigrain buns and our favorite lean sausage for lunch when I got home.

We also had the last two cheesecake bites leftover from dinner with Helen on Thursday.

Then ventured off on an errand.  The errand took us close to Cypress Mountain, a local ski hill that hosted a few of the downhill events during the 2010 Olympics, so we drove up just to see the views and what was happening up there.  The ski hills themselves are closed, but we could still do a drive by/walkabout.  Here is the road up to the ski area.

The ski area, and “leftover” Olympic hoopla.

We had to……

Quite the spring thaw going on.

We stopped at a view point and took city view photos.

Which gave me a chance to play with the sepia and black and white settings on the camera.

Look Dad, there are deer over here too!!!  :)

THEN, we met our friends Michelle and Gary for a bite and a beer.  Regular readers know Michelle’s famous Wednesday finger….which made an appearance again tonight.  You’d know that finger anywhere!!!! :)

I had a beer flight that was 4 little tasters.  They were all the pale/amber ale type.

I was very excited!

All hands on deck?  Not here….all hands on “flight”.

And all glasses in to toast good friends.

I had the charcuterie plate for dinner.  Various meats, pickles, cheese, breads etc, etc.

I also had one of Michelle’s fries….as evidence in this group shot.  Fun!

So, that’s our busy Saturday.  Lots of errands run, but lots of fun too.   I hope all of you are having some fun too!!!!