We’re back home.   And it’s a shame, as Dennis and I both agreed we could easily have spent a few more days over in Victoria with my parents.  However, reality must be faced…

Before my Mom and I ran some errands, I had a sandwich thin with 1 tbsp peanut butter a banana and a cup of grain cereal.

Like last time I was in Victoria, I borrowed my Mom’s little William Shakespeare to act as the mascot.  ACT as the mascot?  Shakespeare?  ACT!!!  HA!!! I just cracked myself up.

One of my FAVORITE stops in Victoria is The Root Cellar.  I know I can buy produce and food stuff here in Vancouver, and of course I do, but there is something REALLY special about the Root Cellar.  It’s a local company, they sell as much local goods and support local farms as much as possible, they give back to the community and it’s just a genuinely great place to shop.  If any of you EVER go to Victoria, I encourage you to stop by.  I guarantee you’ll find things you didn’t even know existed!!  And whether you are counting points, calories, carbs or anything else, you’ll find things that are healthy and delicious.

Today, my Mom and I got chatting to Phil, one of the owners.  Here is he and I looking like “badasses” leaning against their actual car that is part of the display.  OK…we’re FAR from badass!!  :)  And the old car is pretty cool. (and has a functioning horn!)

Phil was happy to let me take photos for the blog….and photograph I did.  He also gave away “free hugs” to my Mom and I.  Um…that sounds a bit wrong doesn’t it?  I assure you, it wasn’t!

This was my favorite aisle.  It had 4, count ’em, 4 kinds of kale.

And TONS of other greens!!  (wrapped in red ribbon.  I think this may be my Christmas card.  KIDDING!!)

I was intrigued by these garlic grinders, that mixed dried garlic with all kinds of  different spices.

Little Italian onions that were just ASKING to be pickled.  Later in the summer, I’ll be loading up and trying home pickling myself. (martini anyone???)

Red endive???  I’ve seen green endive, but never red!  This was my “never seen it before” discovery today.

Pepper turkey jerky!  OOOH…..I have a new/used food dehydrator that is just ASKING to be used!!!  Time for me to google a recipe or two.

And finally, a couple of funky mushroom shots.  (or is that “fungi” instead of funky??  Groan…that was bad)  The Portobellos were HUGE, the oysters were interesting….

You know what became VERY VERY clear this weekend, if it wasn’t clear already?  Food stores/farms/stands are really my “happy place”, and I shouldn’t be working where I am.  I should be out promoting and writing about food producers.  Hmm…wonder how I can turn that passion into a lucrative career.  Hmm….  And if it WAS my job, would I love it as much as I do now??? Food for thought indeed! HA…just cracked myself up again!!  :)

On our way out of the Root Cellar, this friendly little fella stuck his head out the window of the car beside ours.  Awww.

We had a couple of other stops, then on the way home, we encountered these two deer close to my parents place.  My Dad HATES the deer.  Understandably, they are pretty destructive in his lovely garden, and he’s often having to outsmart them.  However, can’t deny, they ARE cute.  (Sorry Dad! :) )

Speaking of cute, Neva sure was happy over in her “second home”. Languishing in sunbeams, and watching birds fly by is pretty FINE in her eyes! (her eyes that she could barely keep open)

We had lunch with my parents, sandwich thins with turkey and swiss, and salad.  Yum.

It was then time to go.  WAH!!!!

We bumped into our friends Mark and Carrie and their girls Ava and Alice (who regular readers saw last week when we were over at their place last weekend – and we saw them last night)

Ava and Alice hopped into our car to see Neva, who was pouting and sulking at the time because she didn’t want to leave my parent’s place either.

We were all looking at the ferry that was going in the opposite direction….

…and managed to get some of the passengers on the other boat to wave back at us.

Buh bye other ferry, and buh bye sunshine.  It started to cloud over by the time we got back to Vancouver.

When we eventually got home and settled back in, we had a glass of wine, and I had some light swiss.

And we decided we didn’t feel like cooking, (not only because we were a bit tired, Dennis is pretty involved in the Stanley Cup hockey playoffs.  Me?  I’m pretty involved in this month’s Bon Appetit) so sent out for pizza.  We did our usual half and half…Dennis had a more standard carnivore side, mine was grilled veggie.  (I forgot to say “no cheese”  whoops…oh well, today, it had cheese on it too)

So there is my weekend.  It was wonderful, and it flew by.  I’m a LITTLE concerned I’m coming down with a bit of a cold.  BOOO!!!  I’m a week away from surgery, and simply CAN’T get ill for that.  If it got delayed because of the sniffles, I’d be REALLY choked.  So that’s NOT going to happen, I’m off to get a good night’s sleep, make some hot lemon with honey and ginger, and get myself back to 100%.  Hope you all had a nice weekend too!!!!

PS: HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my friend Cynthia, and HAPPY EARTH DAY to the rest of us!!!!!  Hope you all hugged a tree today!  I hugged several PEOPLE, Dennis, my parents, my parent’s neighbor Shirlee, who is like another Mom, Mark and Carrie and Phil the produce guy – but no trees.  However, the day isn’t done…..off I go…. :)