I know I’ve used this hilarious (though not especially classy :) ) mascot before, but decided it was time to pull him out again.  My friend Melisa gave him to me, and if I remember correctly, she named him “Squirt”.  I think I should comb some thrift stores and find a little fire hydrant to go with him. Funny…

He posed with the same breakfast I’ve had for days, toast with 1 tbsp almond butter, a banana and some chai with almond milk.

Can you imagine how dull my breakfast shots would be without the mascots…..it would be like the movie groundhog day….with no groundhog, just the same thing over and over and over.  :)

This morning, I had my pre-op appointment with the surgeon/podiatrist who will be doing my foot surgery in a few days.  I was in there WAY longer than I expected, he went through EVERYTHING.  I’m feeling pretty confident that its going to go well, I just want to get things done.  I’ll be awake for the procedure, so photos aren’t out of the question.  Not that I’d post them here…..I promise.

The doctor is downtown, and I don’t get there very often.  On my walk from his office back to the train, there is a lovely fountain.  (I LOVE fountains!!)  Like many water features, the spray changes strength and height.  Here is a “high spray” with the assistance of the motion setting on my camera….

….that lowers and exposes faces carved into the rock in the middle.  It’s almost like an aquatic game of “peek a boo”.  OK…that was silly…..

I stopped off and got some cauliflower soup and a whole wheat bun from Whole Paycheque Foods on the way back.   I didn’t have a mascot at my desk, so photographed it in the jungle that is the plant on my book-case.

I had an apple later on, and forgot to take a photo and it didn’t dance.

Dennis and I were together for all of about an hour after work.  Tonight, it was my turn to be going out, after dinner I went and had tea with my friend Caroline.  Before I left, Dennis and I sat and had a glass of wine together…

…then I threw together a tuna melt with the other half of the can of tuna from last night.  Again, thank goodness for mascots, ’cause this looks JUST like I had last night.

I couldn’t resist taking and sharing photos of the lovely flowers that are in bloom just down the road from Caroline’s place.

And thanks to the macro setting on my little point and shoot camera, you can see that it was POURING with rain today.

And thanks to both the macro and motion settings on the camera, you can see the powdered sugar being sprinkled on the lemon/blueberry pound cake that Caroline made for us.

And voila…finished cake, and caramel flavoured tea.

Thanks for the visit Caroline.  Our place next time!!!!