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Happy Saturday, hope you’re having a nice weekend. My weekend day has been good, busy but good.   I have YET another new mascot to introduce you to.   In honor of spring, and I’m assuming the start of baseball season, here is old man baseball.  He’s a crusty yet athletic looking fellow….and was acquired at a thrift store some time ago.  I need a name….any suggestions???

This morning, he posed by my breakfast, which was nothing new and exciting, but delicious; two pieces of weight watchers cinnamon raisin toast, 1 tbsp almond butter and a banana.  I also had 1 cup of the swanky cranberry juice with ginger and ginseng that I only buy if it’s on sale, and an almond milk latte.

I then set about my day.  My first stop was a grocery store.  You often see dogs tied up outside of stores while they wait for their owner.  Today, there was a dog in a stroller waiting patiently.  AWWWW.

I then went and picked up my friend Suz and her kitty Sootie to drive them to the vet for Sootie’s annual check up.  While I was waiting for them to come down from their condo, I found these WIERD little flowers in a container close by.  Aren’t they pretty?

Sootie got a clean bill of health, but was NOT impressed.  At all!  (Suz checked in with me a couple of hours later and I quote “Sootie is still ROYALLY hacked off”.)  Oh Sootie!!!

Our vet’s husband Thomas works with her, as does his daughter.  Today was Thomas’ birthday, and we were given little pieces of birthday cake that his daughter had made.  (Sootie had a checkup and was “violated”, we got cake.  Sounds fair….:) )   HAPPY BIRTHDAY THOMAS!!!!!

I then ran a couple of other errands, and stumbled on a truck that has this painted on the side.  Dennis and I have a “thing” for dragon flies….fun!

When we got home (Dennis was out and about today too) we split a beer and had some light swiss, lean sausage and triscuits.

Neva has Dennis wrapped FIRMLY around her paws….and got him to share a tiny piece of sausage with her.  MUCH lip smacking ensued.  DENNIS!!!!!

I then went out on our deck and planted kale seeds that our neighbor Cecilia gave me.  (she bumped into me in the grocery store a few weeks ago, and my basket, not surprisingly, was filled with several heads of kale – yes, I AM addicted.  So addicted, it’s worth reposting the “poster” I created earlier)

Here are the seeds.

Here is the container with my “kale holes”

And voila…seeds watered in.

HOPEFULLY they grow.  I went online to see how far down I needed to plant the seeds and with luck, overnight temperatures won’t go to low.  Fingers crossed!!!!

I also noticed when I was out there, that my 15-year-old hosta is yet again coming back.  YAY!!!!

Dennis and I had “date night” at home tonight, and we made panninis for dinner (with leftover chicken from last night, light mozzarella, cranberry and a bit of mustard)  We had an arugula with blackberry, sesame seeds, 1 tbsp parmesan and a bit of fat-free ranch dressing with bbq sauce mixed in on the side.

We also toasted date night with a glass of white wine.

That’s Saturday.  I’m now off to watch a very mind bending, life changing, thought-provoking film.  “Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs”.  Yeah, I admit, we’re watching it despite being adults, but the animation is fantastic!!!   Hope YOUR Saturday has been a good one.  Again, please send me ideas of what I should name the crusty old mascot!!!  I’m open to ideas!

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