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Woo Hoo!!!  It’s’ FRIDAY!!!!   Not just ANY Friday, Friday the 13th.  Was it a lucky day for you????

To ensure I’m not struck by bad black cat luck….I’ll counteract with lucky dangling white cat.  She’ll protect me…….if she’s not napping.

….with her furry little paws.

My morning started out with 2 pieces of weight watchers cinnamon raisin toast with 1 tbsp almond butter, a banana and chai tea with almond milk.

In hindsight, I should have used my black cat mascot…oops.  Instead, I used another thrift store find, laughing pig with laughing cat.  I’ll say it again….who buys these things new???  And for any other purpose than tongue in cheek mascots???  Oh well, nobody can screams hilarity!

I was actually a LITTLE late for work this morning.  Why?  I dilly dallied while I walked there taking pictures of spring flowers.  It started by me seeing THIS under the blossom trees.  OH NO….they just came out!!!!

So I took some blossom shots, with green leaves peeking through.

And later, one more shot of the trees before they’re gone.

Such beauty for such a short time.  Gotta seize the day and snap away!  (wow…that was a poetic line)  Since the camera was in my hand, I snapped a few other spring flowers on the way to work.

I also found a very “broody” looking goose.  I’m SURE the adorable fluffy goslings are mere weeks away!!!!

Alas…I had to get to work, so the photography stopped and the day’s tasks began.  During the morning, I had some berries and yogurt.

Lunch was a work potluck.  I was out last night so didn’t cook.  During the morning, I zipped out and grabbed some hummus, pita and veggies.   I didn’t think it was appropriate for me to snap photos of the lunch, as many of my colleagues don’t know I have a blog.  However, google images and Hanna Barbara helped me with a “potluck” image.

I had a “little bit of this and that” at the potluck.  Some Indian paneer, a couple of pieces of sushi, salad, pakoras, and a little piece of cornbread.

I had taken an apple for my afternoon snack, but didn’t eat it….I was full from eating a bigger lunch than I’m used to.

On my walk home, I did the flower thing one last time.  Pretty WHITE cherry blossoms, and blooms on our neighbor’s tree.

I was also chatting to another neighbor who was putting these little domes over all of his hostas.

He had a good dozen of these little contraptions, so his garden looked like a landing spot for alien spacecraft.  Apparently, slugs have been FEASTING on the buds from his hosta, so he “domes” them for the first few weeks of blooming season, and all is well.    Who knew????  One day soon, I’d LOVE a garden that was more than my deck containers.  That said, I love my container garden, and will be planting it soon.  No domes required.

When I got home, Dennis and I toasted the weekend with a glass of white wine.  Then Dennis went out….we have BOTH had a lot going on this week, and haven’t actually had an evening together since Tuesday.

Dinner was a salad with arugula, avocado, sun-dried tomato, a tbsp sunflower seeds and fat-free ranch dressing with bbq sauce stirred in.  I also had a bit of potato salad that was leftover from the potluck and a small skinless chicken breast.

I’m excited that the weekend is upon us.  I’m excited for some plans that we have, but also for Dennis and my “‘date night” tomorrow….since we’ve been ships that pass in the night this week.  I hope whatever you are doing this weekend is fun (and flowery)!!!!!

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