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….from Dennis, Neva and I.

I took this photo of Neva falling asleep, and thanks to, I added ears and text.  She looks mad, but I assure you, no animal abuse was involved in getting these ears on her!!!  :)  LOVE the photo editing site, there are all kinds of props and add-ons to play with.

Dennis and I have a little Easter tradition.  We don’t have kids, but sometimes we’re both big kids at heart, so we have an egg hunt.  I hide little eggs, Dennis dons his finest bunny ears and searches for them.  (yup, he’s a good sport).  Neva wasn’t quite sure what to think of him in ears.

Dennis bought me some Larabars and a balloon.  See, we’re big kids at heart.

Easter breakfast was toast with almond butter and a banana, and some fruit.  We also had coffee, Dennis had an Americano, I had an almond milk latte.

We then set off for the Sakura Days Japanese fair, which was part of this year’s cherry blossom festival.  WARNING:  Many photos follow.

We thought this was interesting….when we first arrived, we were warned that there was lots of media around, and that if we didn’t want our photos taken, to wear one of these red stickers.  We did not wear one….so who knows, we may be media sensations later.  Not…

We started the afternoon with a sake tasting.  Part of the price of admission included 3 tickets for 3 different sakes.  They tasted very distinct, but can’t say we’re wanting to run out and buy any.

And when a young girl’s parent’s are in the tasting line, there is nothing better to do than make antlers out of pine cones.  (cute!!)

Decorations and a “send a message to Japan” station.

Photos of the garden venue, and flowers.  Skim this part if you are bored with foliage shots. :)

NOW…comes the fun shots.   A troupe of “umbrella dancers” who spent the afternoon bouncing around the garden.

Little kids being taught how to play wind instruments.

We waited for a few minutes to be dressed in traditional garb and have our 5 minutes of walkabout to have photos taken by the cherry blossoms and with some “animation girls”.  FUN!!!  (and check out my rain boots, that I wore because I knew we’d be trudging through fields…my feet are without question a fashion “don’t” with this outfit.  funny)

When we were back dressed in our normal clothes, we stumbled on a couple who asked Dennis to take their photo.  He does that ALOT.

When we were walking around the grounds, we bumped into a group of people who were carrying dolls around and posing them.  Apparently, the dolls are shipped from Korea (the one in the first pictures was $450.  Yup….$450), and there are a whole group of people who share in “doll culture”.  Who knew???

The food tents were fun….I took photos of the yakitori station and people making some something called “Osaka balls” which seemed like little omelette balls. (neither of which we tried)

And our lunch was from the famous “Japadog”.

Anthony Bourdain featured them on his show a couple a years ago, and they were a sensation during the Olympics in 2010.   OMG….soooo worth EVERY point!!!!   We ordered two, one “Kurubata Terimayo ” and “Kurugama Kimuchi” split them, and we each had half of both.  As you can see, Vancouver Magazine claims that the Kurubata Terimayo is one of the 101 things to taste before you die”.  Funny….

The vendors were full of personality (we’re not sure why he was wearing the statue of liberty crown), and here are our Japadogs being prepared.

Voila….lunch.  As I said, worth EVERY point.  (and more!)

We LOVED the Japanese festival, and loved the gardens.  It was a lovely way to spend Easter Sunday.

We had a glass of wine when we got home. (photographed with an Easter bunny, and in honor of the Japanese festival, an origami crane my friend Kathy made a couple of weeks ago)

Dinner tonight was a warmed lean ham, some low-fat scalloped potatoes (very so-so recipe, so no link provided…and won’t be made again.  Creamy?  Not even close)and steamed asparagus.  VERY “Easter-y”.

Hope however, or if you DID celebrate, you had a nice Easter Sunday.  Amazing Race is calling…I’m off!!!!

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