…yesterday, I mentioned that I had a new Easter themed mascot.  I got him in a thrift store yesterday….and he is, without a doubt so HILARIOUSLY HIDEOUS I had to have him.   What is a bit shocking to me is that a) anyone made him in the first place, and b) someone actually paid retail and bought him.  TA DA…..meet “Frog in a bunny suit”!!!

Isn’t’ he dreadful???  But he’s PERFECT for an Easter mascot.  I like the back view….complete with stitches and buttons.  Too funny….this was $0.99 well spent!!

Here he is with our VERY late brunch (we slept in again), blue menu pancakes with banana and 1 tbsp walnuts, and a deflating almond milk latte.

Because we had such a late start, we didn’t get everything we’d planned to get done today, done.  BUT….hopefully tomorrow is a nice day too.  For today, it was GORGEOUS, so I put on my comfiest runners, loaded up on aleve (which helps the neuroma pain) and went out for a walk to enjoy the sunshine.   We found a kids Easter street festival not too far from here.  The bunny was quite the high fiver!

And Dennis and I are quite the big kids.  Not the most flattering photo of us, but the bunny looks hot.  funny….Oh well…

I took this photo of a really cheesy magician.

When I transferred the photos to the computer, I saw this kid’s “two thumbs down” reaction, so cropped it.  Tough crowd!!  Funny.

There were also caricature artists.  We may have stayed for a sitting, as it would probably be FAR more flattering than the photo above, but the line was too long.  Oh well…next time.

We found some BEAUTIFUL cherry blossoms.  My mission this weekend was to photograph as many as possible.  I took a ton of pictures this afternoon, and will only bore you with two.

We walked by a doggy daycare/grooming place, that is “grooming” (no pun intended) some dog shaped topiaries for the summer.  Fun!  (and kinda cheesy, like the magician!)

We walked down by Vancouver City Hall.  I’ve lived in this city for 20 odd years….and had NEVER seen this statue of Captain Vancouver on the grounds of the building.

Little known fact, Captain Vancouver was quite flatulent, this statue depicts the origin of the expression  “pull my finger” and certainly explains why an area downtown is called “Gastown”.  Not kidding on the Gastown part, that really DOES exist, but the rest, such a bad joke, but yeah, I went there. All class, that’s me!!  :)

The grounds of City Hall house a cute little community garden.  We were talking to some of the gardeners working this afternoon, seems it takes about 2 years on the waiting list to get a plot.  We’re tempted!!!!

I talked to the gardeners, Dennis found a different friend.  (so cute, we’d LOVE a Westie one day! This one’s name is Piper.)

Here are some lovely spring flower pictures.

We went down by the water, to see to little Aquabus’, boats, people paddling and dogs playing.

My attempt at an “art shot”.

And some rock art that someone had made on the side of the walkway.

We made yet another 4-legged friend.  (I like the shadow on this shot)

Not only was the statue of Captain Vancouver new to me, so was this “urban waterfall” we came across.

And finally, we went by a pond that houses not one, but THREE varieties of seagulls.  I’ve indicated each on the photos below.

To clarify there was no shark, but the way the seagull was spinning his head upside down was weird, albeit impressive.

When we got home, I iced my foot for a while, and we split a beer and some extra lean sausage and light swiss cheese.

Dinner tonight was asian lettuce wraps. (extra lean ground beef cooked with hoisin, chinese 5 spice powder and sesame oil), grated carrots and some brown rice vermicelli)

We also had a glass of white wine.  (yup, half a beer AND a glass of wine….I’m livin’ on the edge. :) )

We’re half way through the long weekend, and so far, it’s been great.  Tomorrow we have some Easter festivities.  Hope whatever your plans, and if you celebrate Easter or not, that tomorrow is a good Sunday for you.