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Woo Hoo….bring on the long weekend!!!

I’m so excited about the long weekend, I could flip upside down and show the world my fluffy pantaloons!!!   Oh wait…that’s not me….my pantaloons aren’t too fluffy, but Neva’s are!  (and how fun are her “Sasquatch back feet”…awww)

But enough of that silliness!

To start my  Thursday that feels like Friday, I had chai tea with almond milk.

And a chopped mango with 1/4 cup greek yogurt and 2 tbsp granola.

Lunch was leftover curried lentils with 1/2 blue menu naan.

Later this afternoon, I had one of the TASTIEST oranges I’ve had in a long time!!!  (OK, I admit, I tried to take the picture so it looked like the creepy Easter chick was trying to hatch the orange, but it wouldn’t stay on top….and THAT is why my breakfast was in “to go” containers and was toted to work with me)

When we got home, we toasted the long weekend with a glass of red wine, and I had 1/2 cup Annie’s Snack Mix…which are inadvertently but appropriately shaped for the Easter weekend.

Neither of us felt like cooking, so we sent out for our weekend treat, pizza.  My half was grilled veggie with no cheese.

I’m off now to watch Keifer Sutherland’s new show “Touch”.  Yeah…I’m hooked already.  It’s not quite 24, but still a bit twisty turny and I like it!   AND….I’ve discovered a new photo editing site…..should be some fun photo edits in the next couple of days.  (though the text above was simply added via Picassa) Bring on the weekend!!!!!!

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