THAT is quite the title, and should garner some hits via google search terms. On that note, I am STUMPED as to why a) people are searching “psycho dwarf” several times over the last few days and b) how on earth they end up here.  I’m sure that is no reflection on me personally….I am in fact, 5’6″!

Like Neva’s seasonal lookalike friend????  This is the first of the Easter themed mascots that I’ll use this week, but the resemblance in pink and white was too great not to photograph.  (shortly after this shot, bully Neva reared her ugly head and she swatted the poor rabbit to the floor.  Neva has issues…)

I had a really yummy savory breakfast this morning.  Two pieces of thin, high fibre toast with 2 oz lean prosciutto, 1/4 avocado and a squeeze of balsamic reduction.  (and chai with almond milk – in a mug that apparently needs to be tossed.  I only noticed the chip in the lip (I’m a poet!) when I transferred the pictures to our laptop today)

I met my friend Melisa (of Achieving Equilibrium fame) for lunch today.  We knew we wouldn’t be seeing each other at weight watchers tonight, and I really wanted to hear about her and her husband Evan’s recent trip to Europe. We has sushi, and we both agreed that we could eat sushi every other day! Today, I had miso soup, a vegetable roll, my standard spicy tuna roll, and a NEW offering (on the pick any 3 items lunch special), the BC Blaze Roll.  (which is basically a California roll with some raw salmon, seaweed, tuna and a squeeze of some sauce that was yummy and I don’t know what it was.  How’s that for detail??  :) )  Welcome Home Melisa, glad we had a chance to catch up!!

During the afternoon, I shared some kale chips with my dietician/foodie work friend Alison.

Speaking of my dietitian/foodie work friend Alison…..dinner tonight was compliments of her.

I’m not shy to say, I don’t particularly LOVE my job (my bosses have NO idea I blog, so I’m brave saying that here), but until Dennis is working again and I we are in a position for me to move on…I’m where I am.  And that is ok…not because of the work, but because of the friends I’ve made there.  People who’ll be in my life LONG after I leave.  (Hi Doris and Alison in particular!  And Renee, I miss you!!)  Today, I’m going to single out Alison, not because she provided dinner, but EVERYBODY interested in food/health/fitness would be so lucky to know someone like her.  Our conversations range from food, to recipes, to yoga, to bodily functions, to inappropriate hilarity, to music, then back to food, to recipes again, then more….  Without her knowing, I may pimp her out to anyone who’d like a work friend like that.  Highest bidder gets her….and her sausage!!!  KIDDING!!!!!

I got home late tonight (hence, no weigh in), and dinner was sausage that Alison, her husband and Dad made themselves.  (Hence, today’s title) The sausage is made of extra lean beef, pork and spices.  Here is the “before” picture of the sausage (that was a gift today – and yes, I agree what most of you will be thinking, it DOES look like, well….in this photo.)

The sausage was “cold smoked” (I needed a lesson in how smoke can be “cold”) so as it cooked, our home smelled like a campground.  YUM.  Alison said it would be perfect served with perogies.  I HAPPEN to have perogies in the freezer, that I bought at a Ukrainian Christmas market in December and that needed to be used.  We topped the perogies with LOW FAT sour cream.   YES…low fat, I’m not kidding!! :)  With a dinner like this, even though the sausages were SUPER lean, it probably WASN’T the most point friendly meal, but omg…..comfort food at it’s finest!!!!!!

And we toasted the very long day with a glass of white wine.

Tomorrow is day 1 in my new weight watchers week, the week that will see me losing at LEAST 1 lb, toward my goal of 5 lbs by the end of April.  The sausages, perogies (with LOW FAT sour cream!) are behind us and we’re on to a bright new point countin’ week.  AND….Friday is a holiday, so we’re halfway to the weekend already!!!  YAY!!!