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No April Fool….we really did see a Flying Beaver today.  Read on….

There was no flying at breakfast, and really, nothing exciting, I had some cereal, some weight watchers toast and an almond milk latte.

Dennis and I took advantage of some sunshine between storms today, and went for a walk in the Punjabi market area of the city.

Seems that many of the merchants have fallen victim to the tough economy, because there were ALOT of shops and restaurants that had closed down. That said, we found some wonderful color and sites to see.  (We didn’t walk long, but hoo weee…my foot was BURNING afterward.  This foot surgery just can’t come soon enough.  sigh)  We took our standard Roz and Dennis shadow shot.

Beautiful saw TONS of saris and fabrics.  So colorful!!

There were tons of “adornments” ranging from these $1 bead on a string bracelets…..

I bought this one as a little reminder of our outing…….

…to enamel bangles in a ZILLION colors.

To fine gemstones set in gold.

We then ventured into a grocery store.  I was in my element looking at the AISLES of spices and bulk items. (we bought some bulk star anise (such a DEAL!!!  It was about 1/4 of the price we normally get – I use it every week when I make my batch of chai concentrate for the week) and some chutney. I’m going to do a little research on healthy Indian recipes and go back for authentic ingredients when I know what to buy)

We found a “general store” that had all kinds of clothes, decorations, jewels, etc, etc.  It was tiny, narrow and the lady was happy to let take this shot. It was almost sensation overload, and we loved it.

And finally, this movie poster cracked me up.  Maybe its the eastern equivalent of Arnold Schwartanegger and Danny Devito’s Twins?   Fun.

After our Indian experience, we decided to go for a drive, and eventually find a place for lunch.  We found “The Flying Beaver” pub, which is right on the Fraser River by the Sea Plane terminal.  Here is the pub, and me pointing to our seat (right by the window)

LOVED the cloud formation as we pulled up, and also, the FIRST tulip I’ve seen this spring.

We saw a few float planes come and go while we were there.

Lunch was a pale ale and tuna tacos.

And if we ever get back, they’ve started a “frequent beaver” card for us.  (yes, laughter at that is encouraged! :) )

We were pretty stuffed from lunch, so tonight, we just had some of my home-made lentil soup and mini crescent rolls for dinner.

I would be lying if I said I stringently tracked points this weekend.  I just didn’t.  I think I ate mindfully, but just lost my tracking mojo.  Since it was a new month, I was a little introspective this morning, and I was thinking about not tracking, etc etc.   It is also 6 months today until my next birthday.

I was thinking that when I joined weight watchers, 32 lbs dropped off in about 8 months.  It seemed easy.  THEN…we were blindsided with Dennis’ layoff, my job situation got a bit nutty, my foot injury seemed to worsen, and in the months since all that happened, it’s been a TRUE struggle to continue losing the 25 lbs that I still want to drop.  I’m actually 6 lbs higher than my lowest weight, and have been dancing around that for pretty much the last year.

I’ve obviously got the maintenance down give or take 6 lbs, but getting back on the losing track has proven to be more difficult that I’d imagined.  As life was stressful around me (but I’m not unique, who DOESN’T have stress in their lives??), sometimes I found the thoughts and plans of weight loss more stressful than motivating like it once was.  It was just one more “bother” in my days. BUT….it’s time to shake myself up and move forward.

I have one month until my foot surgery.  I want to lose 5 lbs that month, and get back to a strong mindset that is kind and patient to myself.  This last year has taught me to weather some of life’s storms while trying to maintain a sense of fun, staying positive and figuring out how to juggle priorities in order to soldier through when the going gets tough.  And also have faith that everything WILL work out.

Hopefully 6 months today, I’m celebrating my birthday with a renewed sense of security, optimism and in good health.  Cheers to April….and the journey that lies ahead.  For us all!!!

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