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HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!   We woke up to a gorgeous sunrise this morning.  Note to self:  put shoes on when you go on the deck to take pictures for at least another couple of months.  BRR….but so pretty.

My Friday breakfast was a smoothie made with almond milk, banana and frozen blackberries.  (photographed against the sunrise on a building)

I also had some chai with almond milk.

And a picture of the chai with Neva standing in as “backup mascot” (who is far too busy viewing her kingdom to actually BE a mascot).  silly…

My morning snack was some lovely organic strawberries, that I got from the discount bin at our produce market yesterday.

I met my uber fun and funky friend Koko for lunch today.  We went for healthy thai and had a green papaya salad each, as well as a split order of chicken satay with peanut sauce.

I was going to put the normal day’s dinosaur mascot with lunch, but Koko felt, rightly so, it wasn’t thai enough and arranged for me to use a sparkly thai elephant from the restaurant’s bar.  Fun!!!

After the thai, we went to the NEW Frozen Yogurt place that has just opened up in the neighborhood.  I’d read all kinds of posts on various blogs about “froyo”.  I didn’t understand what the fuss was – sure it’s yogurt.  BUT…omg, I GET IT!!!!  I LOVED Menchies.  They wouldn’t let me take photos inside (boo!) but here is a pic of my approx 1/2 cup “original tart”, with a squeeze of sugar free chocolate syrup and fresh fruit.  This was SOOOOO good, and worked out to approx 4 points.  So worth it.

Despite the “no photos”  Koko did get this pic of me pretending to BE the original tart.  HORRIBLE photo, but oh well, too funny not to post!!!!

At the end of the workday, I had a few cherry tomatoes and some snap peas for a snack.

When I got home, Dennis and I toasted the weekend with a glass of white wine.

And dinner was a grilled chicken breast with bbq sauce and hot sauce combined, with a spinach salad (that had strawberries, scallions, 1 tbsp tortilla crunch and 2 tbsp bolthouse honey mustard dressing)

And there you have Friday.  I’m SOOOOO glad that the weekend if finally upon us.  I’m looking forward to some plans we have on the weekend.  I’m also looking forward to my haircut and color tomorrow.  Say “buh bye” to the grey hair…well, for another 2 months or so.  Have a great weekend everyone!!!!!

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