Thanks to those who have managed to comment, and to those who sent me comments via my email.  Hey wordpress….sort yourself out!!!  (aren’t I threatening????  Not so much… :) )

Today marks another weightingfor50 milestone.  This is my 600th post. 600???? That is CRAZY.  When I started this off, I had no idea I’d become as hooked on blogging as I’ve become, how many people I’d “meet” as a result, and how I’d come to feel a part of a community I didn’t even know existed at the time!   Happy 600th to this little blog…I’ll toot my own horn and confess I haven’t missed a day….and with luck, I’ll have many more posts to come.  Can’t promise that I won’t miss a day here and there, but I can’t see myself stopping these posts any time soon.

Today’s new mascot was just TOO cute to only make an appearance one day a year.  Meet Paddy O’Duck!!  :)  He’ll be on today’s post, and tomorrow’s….how fun is he???  (and if you can’t comment, just a “really cute” to yourself with suffice! :)  Stupid wordpress!!)

Regular readers know that Neva is a bit of a bully when it comes to the “weightingfor50 mascots”.  Today was no exception.

Who are YOU????????

OH….wait…look….a flying bird.  And it’s not wearing a green suit!!  I have to look, and will get back to you in a minute!

OK…focus.  I hate you.  Be gone!!! 

Buh Bye….enjoy the fall!!!!  HA!!!!  I win!!!!  

See?  She’s a bully!!!  But so funny!

Breakfast was a smoothie with almond milk, a banana and frozen cherries with a cornbread muffin and fig butter and chair with almond milk.

I took this orange to work for a snack, but didn’t end up eating it.  I left this picture in though, because I’m pretending the orange is the Blarney Stone, and Paddy O’Duck is kissing it.  (Yeah, I’m a goof!!)

I have to share these shots of crocus’ I took on my walk to work today.  I LOVED the raindrops suspended on the blooms.  So pretty.

I also took these berries for morning snack.  I was in meetings ALL morning. We met and discussed future meetings.  And the “take away” from the meeting?  Schedule more meetings.  SERIOUSLY!!!!  I get really frustrated “meeting” and not “doing”.  sigh.   Sorry, I digress, but  because of all the meetings, I didn’t have my morning snack until about 4:30pm.  I should schedule some meetings to discuss delayed snacking, and meetings.  I’ll stop….

I managed to step out of one meeting and before another to meet my buddy Sally for lunch today.  I had a “pared down” eggs Benny.  I had the English muffin (un-buttered) with a slice of ham and two poached eggs with NO Hollandaise sauce, and I substituted salad (dressing on the side) and fruit for hash browns.   This is 9 points of yum!!!  And Sally, ALWAYS great to see you.  You are truly a good friend.  And one day…I WILL get your photo on here so my blog friends can “meet” you.

After lunch with Sally, I went back to work and was in another meeting.  We discussed meetings.  I’ll stop….but you get the idea of the productivity of my day.  sigh.

On the way home from work, I took a picture of Paddy O’Duck in a bunch of daffodils for sale at a corner store.  Whoever ends up buying this bunch will absolutely have the luck of the Irish! :)

When I got home, I felt the need to pose Paddy O’Duck on our Paddy-o (aka: our patio).  I assure you, I had NO wine before I went outside for these shots – I’m just silly.

While I was outside, a heart-shaped balloon sailed by.  Huh???  Um…happy Valentine’s Day a bit late! :)

When I came back inside, Dennis and I toasted the weekend with a glass of white wine, and had some Trader Joe’s rosemary/raisin crisps with the last of the blue menu baba ganouch.

Dinner tonight was some cod with Egyptian seasoning, and steamed asparagus, broccoli and carrots all topped with Bolthouse honey/mustard dressing.   Whenever we have fish, I think to myself “we should have to fish more often”.  I MUST make that a reality!!!

Voila…there is my 600th post.  Now…off to enjoy my Friday guilty pleasure “Say Yes to the Dress”.  OMG…tonight’s episode has started, and I already want to smack one of the bride’s mother and entourage.  And I’m wondering if I’m of the minority….I shed NO tears choosing and thinking of my wedding dress.  It was a dress.  It did the trick….  Anyway, TLC is calling.  Happy weekend everyone!!!  And may the luck of the Irish be with all of us!!!