My apologies for the “Debbie Downer” post from yesterday.  And thank you (a zillion thank you’s) for the collective hug and kind comments you provided. Yesterday wasn’t a good day….today was “ok” but my outlook is much brighter. Whether you are going through good times or bad…nothing stays the same. And it’s amazing what a bit of sunshine (thank you Mother Nature) and life being put in perspective does for a person…..

Today was yet another “all over the place” workday….my day’s eats are were all packed and portable and my schedule was completely “off”.

I threw a couple of leftover pancakes with 1 tbsp almond butter into some foil, then threw an egg, some wasa crackers, a couple of the healthy cookies leftover from Sunday and lots of fruit into a bag….and that was my day.

In the middle of the work insanity, I went to the podiatrist…… pending his surgical assistant’s availability, my surgery is scheduled for April 30th.  Bring it on….I’m tired of being restricted and in pain the way I am now, we’ve tried everything…let’s just “get ‘er done”.  Here are a few pics I took while I was waiting for my giant doctor to come and see me.  (seriously…he’s at LEAST 6’6″….probably taller, he’s HUGE…and really nice and very reassuring….)  Here is my foot…notice the jaunty “foot paper” on the exam table.

Here is the hook (complete with toenails) that has medical instruments and the biggest freakin’ shoe horn you’ve EVER seen hanging from it.

And this is the fake foot that I had my surgical demo on….oooh…I won’t be knocked out completely, just sedated and frozen…and if I choose, I can watch.

Hmm…not sure if I’m gutsy enough to do that, but must admit, I am curious.  He showed me pictures of the procedure today, and I think I could handle it….dunno, I’ll choose “sheet or no sheet” later on.  Anyway….more on this to come in the weeks ahead.

Afterward, I was back at work and involved in a “soon to give birth” celebration.  Here is the cake that was provided.  My wish for the Mom is that her child has more than a bum and legs….that the baby is in tact from the waist up. :) ……

…and that the child doesn’t have a neuroma in its foot that requires surgery.

I had a couple of spoonfuls of cake (I admit, I made sure I avoided the scary blue icing), and I’m counting that as 4 points.

When I FINALLY got home tonight (I wasn’t back in time to get to weight watchers) , I shared a few of these new baked bbq chips with Dennis.  (Dennis LOVES his chips, and is always looking for healthier options.  BBQ is his favorite flavour by far, and Old Dutch brand JUST introduced this flavour this week). Yup, they’re good.  Note to Old Dutch:  Please introduce baked sour cream and onion or all dressed soon.  Thank you!! :)

We also had a small Skinny Girl Margarita each.  I’m glad my husband is secure in his masculinity and joins me in the Skinny girl.

Dinner tonight was frozen leftover chicken breast from the freezer mixed with bbq sauce and put in a small whole wheat bun.  We also had oven “fries” on the side. (potato cut and tossed with 2 tsp olive oil and baked at a hot oven to ensure they are crispy)

According to my scale here at home, I’m up 1 lb from last week.  I didn’t have an official weigh in, but I’m glad to put this week to bed and start a fresh, new point week tomorrow.  I hope all of YOUR week is going well, and that you too are able to avoid scary blue icing!!  :)