Yesterday, my friend Kathy brought some lemon, pecan shortbread cookies, made with spelt flour.  They are fantastic, and the recipe is now posted on the recipe page.  I promise, if you make this recipe, you won’t be disappointed!!!

Know what I hate????   People who PERPETUALLY complain (why yes, I AM complaining about complainers????  :) OOPS!)  The focus of this blog is NOT to lament about my somewhat strange and dysfunctional workplace, but I will start this post by saying “I had a brutal Monday” – one that took its toll emotionally and physically.  Working truly is over-rated.  Don’t get me wrong, I AM grateful to have a job – but don’t want this one forever!  However, I know, especially in this current environment and our situation at home……

Having a job is the new raise.

I know I won’t work where I currently do for the long term, it’s not really the right fit for me, but it’s where I have to be right now….and I will try to keep my (all too frequent lately – sorry!) workplace frustrations to myself.  (or inflict them on my poor husband! :) )   But….that DOES explain why today’s post isn’t going to be that exciting.  It was, well, a bogged down, frustrating Monday.  I guess that is a bit of a challenge we daily blog posters have.  Some days are worth sharing…others are “just days”.  In order to keep your attention, I will add some “embellishments” into this post.  Enjoy!

Before work, I reheated some of the pancakes leftover from yesterday’s brunch (and wondered how far they’d fly if I tossed them like frisbees off our deck), and topped it with blackberry sauce and sugar free syrup.  And of course, I had my standard spiked chai latte with almond milk too.

I had a few strawberries that were sprinkled with pixie dust (also leftover from yesterday) during the morning. (and what on earth is this koala doing into the lock and lock container???  It just looks wrong…)

I had lunch with 3 of my colleagues today.  Despite perpetually whining about my job, I have some fantastic friends (who I pay to hang out with me) there, and I really am grateful for them and their candy dishes!!!  One of my lunchmates, Doris, has been on the blog before.  Doris wanted to give Michelle a run for her finger money….here is her finger attempting to lift the chopsticks from the bowl with my miso soup. Michelle and Doris haven’t actually met, but I want to introduce them to see them duke it out with their waving fingers!.

Doris’ sassy chopsticks were posed with my California roll and tuna roll, and we were yapping a bit too much for any posing with the vegetable roll.

Thanks Doris, Toven and Leon….I needed your laughs and warmth today!!  I will pay you on Friday. :)

Later this afternoon, I had two (but really wanted 6) of the chocolate cookies from yesterday.

When I got home, I did a little (well, maybe a bit more than a little)“emotional eating” and had more than one serving of these baked snacks.

I guess that’s what happens when you are p*ssed off that “real life” is going to prevent you from going to weigh-in tomorrow so irrationally think “who cares, I don’t need to track these”. I’m not proud of that, but I did it, and I’ve moved on.  Pity party is already over, I’ve dusted myself off and already planned an on plan and healthy day for tomorrow.  So yay me!

Dinner was total comfort food, and it was a WEIRD mix….brace yourself.  First thing that went into the bowl was pureed purple yam and cauliflower.  On top of that, I put a few lean meatballs and baked beans.  Then I sprinkled it with an unmeasured “plunk” of light cheese.  Um…that is NOT a typical “Roz dinner” is it???  BUT…it was damn good – despite the lack of kale.

Tomorrow  is going to be a really long day for me, and I’m also fitting in an appointment with the podiatrist to talk about my likely upcoming foot surgery.  sigh.  Not fun, but has to be done.  (could be worse, its not an upcoming amputation – it’s just a short term inconvenience)  I truly hope that all of you are having a good week, and that my readers in the states that have been hit by tornadoes are all safe.  Watching that on the news does indeed put life in perspective!!!  Happy Monday!!!