…”well-diggers knee” (that is my Dad’s expression.  Not exactly sure if he’s ever touched a well digger’s knee…but that is beside the point)

Well Clip Art

…”brass monkey”  (that is pretty cold…unless the monkey is inside.  I’ve heard other versions of this referring to specific body parts of the monkey, which brings me to the conclusion that all brass monkeys are male – and un neutered.)

…”a whore’s heart” (a former colleague of mine used to say that.  I think that is a bit harsh, I’m sure some ladies of ill repute have very warm hearts, and are simply putting themselves through college! :) Personally, I put myself through university working as a bank teller and despite that, I hope my heart is warm too.)

…”a shaved husky” (awww…no husky should EVER be shaved!!)

..”a polar bear’s toenails” (Do polar bears HAVE toenails?  Or claws??  Just sayin.  And these toenails are actually Neva’s Sasquatch feet….she’s the polar bear “stand in” for the purpose of this post.’)

Any way you say it…it was COLD here today.  Colder than any February 28th should be, and snow is predicted over the next couple of days.  Mother Nature?  Stop being a b*tch!!!  There…I said it.

I have now thawed enough from walking to and from weight watchers (yes, I’m being over dramatic!)….good news, down 1.4lbs this week.  Yay.   I really did expect a loss, as I’ve been under the weather and my appetite has been off, in fact, I expected a little bit more…but oh well, a loss is a loss and we move forward.

I was VERY indecisive this morning, and couldn’t decide what to put on my bagel thin…so, I put 1/2 tbsp almond butter on one side, and some fig butter on the other.  I also had some chai tea with almond milk.

My morning snack (at about 11:30) was 1 cup of blueberries.

Lunch (at about 3:00 – sigh – what a day!!) saw the return of my beloved kale salad.  Today’s salad had goat cheese, grapes and nutritional yeast on top.

I had planned on dinner out of the freezer, but changed my mind when I got home and made some spinach/whole wheat noodles with olive oil, lemon, lots of fresh cracked pepper and some light Parmesan.  So simple, but JUST perfect for a cold night.  I also had a weight watcher’s baguette.

There you have it…..frigid Tuesday.  Brrr.  My blog stats would indicate I have a number of new readers over the last week or so…..if you are new here, WELCOME!!!!  I’m grateful for all my readers, thanks for stopping by.  Please leave me a comment and say “hi”.  I’d love to hear from you.