I woke up tired this morning, I was achy, a bit headache-y and just felt “off”. No biggie, I chocked it up to a bug or needing a weekend and off I went to work.  Seems about HALF my colleagues are suffering from the same thing. Weird!!!  We we all popping advil, several people went home early, there was OBVIOUSLY something in the air.  (or the water… and could certainly explain my unending fatigue and lack of energy for the last couple of days)

Thankfully the weekend is here and we can ALL just take it easy for a couple of days and hopefully shake whatever this is we’re sharing.

On a bright note though, I had a YUMMY breakfast this morning – an egg “fold it” with 1 oz ham, salsa and spinach.  I also had the standard chai with almond milk.

My morning snack was 1 cup of blueberries and a few pieces of pineapple.

WOW….mid morning, there was a CRAZY freak snowstorm here in Vancouver. It was like a blizzard all of a sudden for about an hour.  It stuck to sidewalks, trees and awnings, shortly after the snow started a MASSIVE wind blew in and threw it all around.  Yuck.  (I attempted photos out of our absent bosses’ windows….with pretty limited success as you can see.)

I was completely uninspired to make lunch this morning so decided I’d go out and grab something.  I WAS planning to earn an activity point and walk to my favorite soup/sandwich place which is a good walk away from my office, but given the hideous weather, decided to just duck into the Whole Paycheque Foods salad bar.  I loaded up on vegetables (cold and hot), a boiled egg, fat free balsamic all topped with nutritional yeast.   It was good – not great….but maybe that’s just me today.

Later this afternoon, I had an apple, a mini babybel light cheese and a few kale chips.

When I got home, Dennis and I toasted the weekend with a glass (actually 2) of red wine.

We also decided it was “stay in, stay warm and stay cozy” date night and sent out for sushi instead of cooking.  (We are VERY VERY lucky here in Vancouver – sushi restaurants are abundant, affordable and they deliver!!)   I had miso soup, appetizer sashimi tuna, a spicy tuna roll and a “mango paradise” roll.

Any big plans for the weekend?  Tomorrow, I’m planning on going to power yoga (if I can shake the ache – hey, that is almost poetic) and will be getting a very very overdue haircut….this is me today…

Lets hope we ALL have a better hair day tomorrow than I had today.   No joking, it was just wrong!!  :) Many may  have thought “wow, Roz’s hair is a total mess (and she’s looking a bit wan too)” but I was fortunate in that there was a windy snowstorm, and I could bluff and say (in a nonchalant way) “oh, I stepped out to grab and coffee – wow the wind was CRAZY, I couldn’t keep my umbrella up!” (wink) – nobody would think anything different.  :)   There wasn’t enough hairspray in the  world to help me today!!!

And hey, if that was the worst of my worries, I’m a pretty lucky woman!! Happy weekend everyone!!!!