Today was day 2 of my Mom’s 3-day birthday extravaganza!!!!!!  Which is pretty darn amazing because her birthday isn’t until tomorrow (the 20th)

Before there was any “consumption”, there was the checking out of the $2.95 “grab bag” I picked up at a thrift store yesterday.  Here is everything that was in the bag.  Necklaces, bracelets, pins, key chains, earrings, pendants, watches, and an assortment of other “bits and pieces”.  How fun!!!!!

Everyone got something.  My Mom took some costume jewelry, Dennis got a mini bass guitar clock and a guitar pick, I got all kinds of costume jewelery, and my Dad got a “chain” and pendant. He was officially the “Lord Mayor” of the family as a result!  Funny…  (we also sent a bunch right BACK to the thrift store as they were things none of us would use)

All hail!!!

We were having a special birthday brunch, but we were up really early and had a bit of toast with apple butter and some coffee to hold us over.

After our early breakfast, we had birthday present openings.  How “wrong” is this photo….if you know what I mean???  This gift was from my Dad…

OH….it’s a VASE!!!!  Who knew?????  (and wow…did the camera lens ever need cleaning??!)

It’s so fun to spoil my Mom, ’cause she spoils us ALL!!!  (and how cute are my Mom’s socks!!?)

After the prezzies, we had a special brunch.  Eggs Benedict (with lower fat hollandaise, thank you weight watchers), turkey sausages and a big ol’ fruit plate.

We also had, at my Mom’s request, a lime meringue pie and some little individual cake thingys.

I was REALLY excited to find some of our birthday cake decorations from DECADES ago.  These “ballerinas” were on my birthday cakes for YEARS in my childhood (yes, about 40 years ago…how “vintage” or “retro” are these candle holders?????????  They looked fun (and borderline inappropriate) in the meringue.)  Indulge me in the numbers of the photos below…..these remind me of being a kid!!!!!!

I had a mini cream puff and a little brownie thing (that I forgot to photograph!)  Happy Birthday MOM!!!!

I was really sad to have to leave….but alas, we did.  (yes, tears were shed on the way to the ferry). WOW…did we EVER luck out….we were the 4th last vehicle let on the sailing.  Here is our car SQUEEZING on the back of the boat.

And the back of the boat from our car.

I felt a bit sorry for this dog, that was in the next car to us.  Not because it’s owners went to a higher deck, but because it was “dressed” in a pretty silly looking outfit.  Aww…poor little pup.  (and awww….its little tail was SERIOUSLY wagging when I was talking to it through the window.  AWWW.  But omg…what a “fashion don’t” this poor little thing was.  AWWWW!!!!)

Here are a few other pictures of the voyage back.  It was MUCH MUCH smoother than the trip going over….

We had a snack on the ferry….a product I bought some “New Twistos” in Victoria.  17 crisps are only 90 calories.   (and they’re REALLY yummy)

Da plane boss….da plane.  (OMG…I’m SOOOO dating myself by writing that! :) )

When we got back, we drove through some farmland with unique cloud formations before we got to the city…..

…as well as going through a tunnel….

We toasted a lovely weekend and my Mom’s birthday when we got home (I had the glass of white, Dennis had the glass of red)  We also toasted the new show “Descending” (by my favorite Departures team Scott and Andre) as well as the new Amazing Race.

Dennis “cooked” tonight, we had a caesar salad and my half of the pizza was grilled veggie.

I hope everyone has had a nice weekend too.  I’m sooooo glad, I have the day off work tomorrow, so I can sleep in, continue on my quest for relaxation but still get a few things around home done. May we ALL have a great week ahead!!!!!