I had a HORRIBLE time dragging my backside out of bed this morning. UG….I’m really ready for my long weekend.  Bring it on.

Today’s breakfast was the same as I’ve had all week, a bagel thin with TJ’s fig butter and chai tea with almond milk.

I had some blueberries and yogurt during the morning.

Lunch was a ham fold it, and an unphotographed apple.  (oops!)

I had a small lunch and skipped an afternoon snack because I knew tonight would be another feeding frenzy.  It’s been QUITE the week – and I’m just trying to make healthy choices or portion controlling.  Just so happens all of these food-centric events have fallen in the same week, and that’s fine.  Life is meant to be lived and next week will get back more to normal.

Tonight, Dennis and I were very fortunate to be guests of my cousin Helen at a fundraiser for Meals on Wheels.   Not just any fundraiser, a 9 course banquet and auction.  Soooo good.

Here is Helen and her dear friend Inge, who is Executive Director of the charity.

We were lucky table 18!

And Helen and I.

Also at our table, Judy and Doug.

Cathy and Chris.

Don’t ask… :)

Ed with Helen

Dennis with Helen

Yu-Jim and “other” Dennis, parents of Timothy and Tianna.

I was tempted to put Tianna into my purse and bring her home with me.  And don’t her little feet make you “awww”???  (well, they do that to me!)

Both of the kids are LOVELY!!!!

Brace yourselves….here are all the courses.  I bet you’ll be full after reading this!  :)

Prawn and fresh fruit salad.

Tofu and scallop wrapped with taro root paste.

Crispy skin chicken

Beef tenderloin in Cantonese style sweet and sour sauce.

Fillet of ling cod steamed with chinese mushrooms.

Peatip braised with crab meat.

Toy with a blogger 101….wave your hands in front of her dish.  Thank you Dennis and Cathy!!  Funny….

Seafood and meat fried rice wrapped in lotus leaf.

Shredded pork chow mein

Baked tapioca pudding.

I also had two glasses of white wine – which I forgot to photograph.  I was too busy yacking.  Oops again!!  :)

Points be damned…..dinners like this are once in a lifetime, and we not only enjoyed the food, but REALLY enjoyed the company.  Thank you Helen, it was a night to remember and was absolutely the extraordinary event of the day!!!!!!