Today’s new word is “bracciale” – bracket mounted on a wall

Happy Hump Day!   I have to share my extraordinary “find” from today.  I went for a walk at lunchtime, to get some fresh air and earn a much needed activity point.  In my travels, I happened to walk by a thrift store.  Because I find it very hard to walk by thrift stores and not go in….I went in.   Look what I found!!!

I bought two of these ornate, Moroccan looking candle holders.  The photos really don’t do them justice, they’re prettier….but still.  I fell a little in love with them when I saw them hanging, and fell even DEEPER in love when I saw the price tag of $4.00 each.  Now, we’ll have to find a couple of bracciales and the perfect spot for them.  Extraordinary!!!

Roll back to earlier…..before I met Michelle, I had some chai tea with almond milk and a bagel thin with 2 tbsp fig butter.  (I’m addicted to this fig butter)

Here is Michelle’s celebrity Wednesday finger with my coffee and ice water.

And the same finger doing its best worm that will be caught by the early bird. (yes, we are both professional women in our 40’s….but that doesn’t stop us from being a little childish in public sometimes.  Right Mi???  OK…maybe I was MORE childish today than you were….)

I took some blueberries for my morning snack.

Lunch was a fold it with turkey, mustard and chutney.  I also had an apple.

My afternoon snack is the last of this batch of kale chips.  Time to make more!!! NOW!!!!!!!!  (Warning: exaggeration ahead) A day without kale is like a day without sunshine.  Not really….

I met my friend Janice for “girl’s dinner” tonight.  (“Hi Janice!!)  We tried a new place that had been recommended to me.  I had the Portobello mushroom burger with salad.  It was really, really good.  Great to see you Janice.  Cheers to more Girl’s Dinners.

That’s it for Wednesday.  Tomorrow is my Friday as I’ve booked REAL Friday as well as next Monday off of work.   Turns out I STILL had one vacation day that was carried forward from last I took it, and another from this year’s vacation bank and have made a four-day weekend for myself.  We’ll be away for two of those days, but the other two…..time for some home time and R&R  (and a couple of workouts too!!)  Bring it on!!!!