Just got back from weight watchers.  I’m still doing the blind weigh ins, and today, I was up.  A whopping .2 lbs.  So tonight’s weigh in could be considered a “why bother to weigh in, weigh in”.  I’m fine with that, after wine with my folks on the weekend, and thai food (with 2, count ’em, 2 spring rolls…eee haw.  Could have been MUCH worse)

I also promised to post a weight watchers baking recipe today.  The photo is on the post, and the recipe is on the recipe page.  Thanks to the Realistic Nutritionist for her inspiration for this!!  I made a few adaptations based on what I had on hand.

I ALMOST didn’t post the picture below, because I’m a little concerned that the blog may have “Neva Overload” but couldn’t resist.    The photo below could be titled “Pink and White”.

Someone at work today pointed out to me that I have little “expressions or terms” that I use regularly without much thought .   She called them “Roz-isms”.  It led to a whole conversation and seems we ALL have our own special “isms”.  Here are a few of my “isms” as identified by three of my co-workers:

  • Instead of saying “isn’t this nice” or “isn’t this good” I say “Isn’t that SEXY???”  (and unbeknownst to me, the sexy word is said like the Scottish character in Austin Powers)
  • I use the word “jaunty” to describe cute clothing or accessories.  (your scarf is jaunty)
  • I don’t say “good-bye” or “good night” to my colleagues at the end of the day, apparently I say “Adios Amigo” to the men, and “Ciao Bella” to the women.  Not sure why I become tri-lingual at the end of the workday.  Hmm….
  • And one I’m not especially proud of, but it is funny…..if I’m running out or leaving for the day I say “I’m off like a bride’s nightgown”.  sigh.  Yup, all class.  That’s me!!!  :)

What are YOUR “isms”?  Leave me a comment and let me know.

On to the day.  I had an excellent yoga practice this morning.  It was VERY tough, almost like my Saturday power class.  We all were sweating by the end, and wow, I’ll feel it tomorrow for sure!!  Fun!!

I’d also like to introduce you to a new blog mascot that I got in a thrift store on Saturday.  Hey, that mouse is stealing my hot chocolate!!  :)

I had breakfast at my desk, a bagel thin with 2 tbsp fat-free cream cheese and some more of the smoked salmon from Victoria.  I also toted a mugs worth of chai with almond milk.  (there is more chai concentrate on the stove “as we speak” – time to replenish)

During the morning, I had some pineapple and blueberries.

I have a fun food find that I used at lunch.  Many of us will have used/tried “Flat out” wraps.  (my friend Melisa uses them for pizza crust!!)   I just found these little “folding flat outs” yesterday (on sale to promote them) so I used them to make a turkey sandwich (with light mayo, mustard and mango chutney).  Each wrap/fold has only 2 points, and they are delicious.

Later in the afternoon, I had some of my kale chips.  Seems to me there is no “grey area” on kale, comments on the blog (regarding my somewhat unhealthy kale obsession) indicate it is either loved, or not.

When I got back, Dennis and I toasted weigh in and a new point week with a glass of red wine.

We had plans to throw together a dinner after weigh in, but decided at the last minute that breakfast for dinner would be easier, quicker and just as healthy.  We baked some lean turkey sausages, scrambled a couple of eggs and made two pieces of thin, high fibre toast each.

I then had one of the whole wheat pecan crumble bars I made last night. (see above)  These come in at 5 points each, and are delicious.  Next time I made them, I’ll use LESS crumble for the topping….but they WILL be made again.

So that’s  Tuesday.  As I mentioned above, let me know what your “isms” are!!!  And have a great Wednesday!!!