WHAT?????   I’ve found something not overly wonderful about my beloved kale?????  What could it be???  Keep reading…  :)  (thank you http://www.readymade.com for the cartoon below.  I’m not sure the profanity is REALLY necessary….but I’ll forgive you.  This time… :) )

And I wish a big Gung Hai Fat Choi to my Chinese friends!!!!  May the year of the dragon be a passionate, exciting and energized year for us all!!!

I had a rude awakening this morning.  My alarm didn’t go off.  (wow….p.m and a.m really ARE different.  sigh.  Oops).  I woke up about half an hour before I had to leave but was poetry in motion and got myself showered, dressed and out the door (into a freakin’ monsoon –  but I’ll take the rain over the snow of last week ANY day) in time and I got to work.   I didn’t however NOT have time to a) have my chai tea and b) take food pictures, so today’s shots were taken at my desk.  (ok..this is how crazy I am.  As I was throwing all the containers etc for my lunch into my bag, I made sure I included a mascot too..)

Breakfast was some blueberries with 1/2 cup greek yogurt and some “Granola King Omega Mix” which is made of flax, ground almonds and chia seeds.

Later in the morning, I had one of my 4 point spiced blackberry muffins that I made last week.

Lunch was a salad with some greens, leftover roasted brussels sprouts, beets and chard from last night with a bit of low-fat goat cheese, some blueberries and balsamic reduction.  This was SOOOOO good!

I also had an apple.

Later in the afternoon, I had some kale chips.  Kale?  Are you ready for the “downside of kale”?  When one dries kale in a dehydrator, one’s home tends to smell a bit “cabbage-y”.  Ick.  I noticed it  yesterday and thought it had cleared, but it seemed to still be lingering a bit when I got home tonight.   I’m pretty sure my feet that have been in rubber boots for the last week smell more rosy.  So how did I fix it.  I fought fire with fire….and made another batch.  They’re sooo good…and so worth it.  But I think the window may need to be cracked a bit.  You’re all VERY welcome for that TMI paragraph!!

I had one oz low-fat cheese when I got home.

Dinner tonight was sliders made with lean beef, and oven baked yam “fries”.  The little buns had mustard, bbq sauce and relish.

That’s a wrap for Monday.  I’m off to prep for early yoga tomorrow.  Hope everyone’s week and year of the dragon have started off with a bang!