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Today’s new word is “carpophagous” – fruit-eating 

Happy Wednesday!!!  I had a yummy and filling breakfast before I left home this morning, an egg and 1 oz prosciutto between 2 pieces thin, high fibre bread.

And a cup of chai made with almond milk.

All is well in the world again, Michelle and I have resumed our Wednesday morning visits after we were both away at the holidays and as a result, her hand makes its normal Wednesday appearance.

I had some pineapple during the morning, making me carpophagous.  (and yes, today’s new word was found in haste….sorry….its a bit of a stretch)

Lunch was leftover curried quinoa from last night, and a kale salad (with the usual, light feta, grapes and nutritional yeast)

I also had the apple above and a pack of seaweed.

I bought some of the new toasted coconut mini bars from my weight watchers meeting last night.  These may be my favorite flavour ever!   2 points well spent.  I also had a few mini carrots.

I had 8 of these rice crackers when I got home.  1.5 points, but I bumped it up to 2 just to be sure.

We started dinner tonight with a spinach salad with 1 tbsp each dried cranberries, light feta, tortilla crisps and honey mustard Bolthouse dressing.

I had a glass of this nonalcoholic white wine by MADD.  A portion of the proceeds from this brand goes to MADD Canada.  Gotta like that.  The “wine” itself….kinda watery white grape juice.  But hey, 1 point vs. 3-4 points.  I’ll take the one.

We had cod crusted with lemon zest, garlic and herbs with some whole wheat bread crumbs, some wheatberries and wild rice and some steamed carrots all drizzled with another tbsp Bolthouse honey mustard dressing. 

Now, wrapping this up quickly because I have to get my bags packed and get ready to return to  6:00am yoga tomorrow.  I’m also baking a fun recipe from a Hungry Girl cookbook I picked up in a thrift store.  Time will tell if it’s a keeper or not.

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