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Just got back from weight watchers.  I’m still doing the blind weigh ins, and today, I was up.  A whopping .2 lbs.  So tonight’s weigh in could be considered a “why bother to weigh in, weigh in”.  I’m fine with that, after wine with my folks on the weekend, and thai food (with 2, count ’em, 2 spring rolls…eee haw.  Could have been MUCH worse)

I also promised to post a weight watchers baking recipe today.  The photo is on the post, and the recipe is on the recipe page.  Thanks to the Realistic Nutritionist for her inspiration for this!!  I made a few adaptations based on what I had on hand.

I ALMOST didn’t post the picture below, because I’m a little concerned that the blog may have “Neva Overload” but couldn’t resist.    The photo below could be titled “Pink and White”.

Someone at work today pointed out to me that I have little “expressions or terms” that I use regularly without much thought .   She called them “Roz-isms”.  It led to a whole conversation and seems we ALL have our own special “isms”.  Here are a few of my “isms” as identified by three of my co-workers:

  • Instead of saying “isn’t this nice” or “isn’t this good” I say “Isn’t that SEXY???”  (and unbeknownst to me, the sexy word is said like the Scottish character in Austin Powers)
  • I use the word “jaunty” to describe cute clothing or accessories.  (your scarf is jaunty)
  • I don’t say “good-bye” or “good night” to my colleagues at the end of the day, apparently I say “Adios Amigo” to the men, and “Ciao Bella” to the women.  Not sure why I become tri-lingual at the end of the workday.  Hmm….
  • And one I’m not especially proud of, but it is funny…..if I’m running out or leaving for the day I say “I’m off like a bride’s nightgown”.  sigh.  Yup, all class.  That’s me!!!  :)

What are YOUR “isms”?  Leave me a comment and let me know.

On to the day.  I had an excellent yoga practice this morning.  It was VERY tough, almost like my Saturday power class.  We all were sweating by the end, and wow, I’ll feel it tomorrow for sure!!  Fun!!

I’d also like to introduce you to a new blog mascot that I got in a thrift store on Saturday.  Hey, that mouse is stealing my hot chocolate!!  :)

I had breakfast at my desk, a bagel thin with 2 tbsp fat-free cream cheese and some more of the smoked salmon from Victoria.  I also toted a mugs worth of chai with almond milk.  (there is more chai concentrate on the stove “as we speak” – time to replenish)

During the morning, I had some pineapple and blueberries.

I have a fun food find that I used at lunch.  Many of us will have used/tried “Flat out” wraps.  (my friend Melisa uses them for pizza crust!!)   I just found these little “folding flat outs” yesterday (on sale to promote them) so I used them to make a turkey sandwich (with light mayo, mustard and mango chutney).  Each wrap/fold has only 2 points, and they are delicious.

Later in the afternoon, I had some of my kale chips.  Seems to me there is no “grey area” on kale, comments on the blog (regarding my somewhat unhealthy kale obsession) indicate it is either loved, or not.

When I got back, Dennis and I toasted weigh in and a new point week with a glass of red wine.

We had plans to throw together a dinner after weigh in, but decided at the last minute that breakfast for dinner would be easier, quicker and just as healthy.  We baked some lean turkey sausages, scrambled a couple of eggs and made two pieces of thin, high fibre toast each.

I then had one of the whole wheat pecan crumble bars I made last night. (see above)  These come in at 5 points each, and are delicious.  Next time I made them, I’ll use LESS crumble for the topping….but they WILL be made again.

So that’s  Tuesday.  As I mentioned above, let me know what your “isms” are!!!  And have a great Wednesday!!!

I may have “over bracketed” in this post.  Sorry in advance!

I have to share, we’ve all seen shopping bags, carry-on bags, bags under our eyes, grumpy old bags, and zillion other bags of every kind, and now you’ve seen a “CAT IN A BAG” too!!!   Awww…..

Sorry….couldn’t resist.

Happy Monday.  Hope everyone’s work week (if you are a Monday-Friday-er like myself) has started off on a good note.

My day started off with a VERY yummy breakfast.  I had a bagel thin with 2 tbsp fat-free cream cheese and 2 oz smoked salmon (that I got in Victoria yesterday).  DAMN…I thought I had capers in the fridge, but guess not….   I also had a cup of chai with almond milk.

Mid morning, I had some pineapple and blueberries.

Lunch was (big shock) kale salad.  Today though, I substituted blueberries for the usual grapes.  (it was also topped with nutritional yeast and feta).    I had a pear too.

Later in the afternoon, I had a banana and some kale chips.   (can a person have TOO much kale?  Nah…)

I was fueled up for my cardio/combo class after work.  My friend KD was VERY understanding and sweet when I told her I hated our Saturday class, so we’ve agreed to meet up on Mondays after work instead.  (though she’ll carry on with the Saturday step without me).   I have VERY little upper body strength, but I’m working on it, and today at class, I had a little victory.  I went from “feather” handweights up to “small bird” weights.  :)   It would be a lot easier to lift if the bird would stay still.  (How silly am  I???   Maybe you shouldn’t answer that! :))

I also have to share a new kitchen find for me.  My fellow Canadian blogger Suzy mentioned these last week on her site, and low and behold, I found them on sale in our grocery store today.  How many times have you made a dish with frozen spinach, but didn’t need to whole pack???  Look at these…..frozen spinach in nuggets.  You just have to take out as many as you need?   Isn’t that sexy?????  Well, as sexy as spinach can get I guess.

I used the spinach in a quick pasta dish after class.  I just looked in the fridge, saw what we had and made it work.  (now I sound like Tim Gunn on Project Runway “make it work!”)  I had an onion, 2 red peppers, some lean spicy turkey sausage, the spinach, a bit of leftover balsamic vinaigrette, and a squeeze of balsamic reduction tossed with 2 oz whole wheat penne.  I topped it with 1 tbsp grated parmesan.   For a clear out the cupboard and fridge dinner, it was good.  (I really need to remember to write some of these recipes down in my little kitchen notebook)

I’m going to make us each a serving of Gina’s no bake “cheesecake” that is actually mousse in a little while, but want to publish before I make and photograph.  You’ve seen this on the blog many, many times, but here is the link to the recipe.  I also have some weight watchers baking in the oven, and will share that with you tomorrow.  I’m THEN, I have to get everything ready for early yoga, and THEN, I will relax for a while.   End bracket!  :)

Happy Sunday!!!  I am back home in Vancouver.  Had a great weekend with my Mom and Dad over in Victoria.  (I didn’t take the picture below today, but I didn’t take it long ago)

My Mom and Dad got married (ALMOST 53 years ago) in the same church in Stratford Upon Avon that William Shakespeare is buried in.  My Mom also worked at the Shakespeare Theatre there.  She’s a big fan, and a couple of years ago, I found today’s mascot and gave it to her.  I was happy to borrow “Mini William” to pose with my Victoria meal pictures.  (And a little Roz trivia, I took a Shakespeare course in University, and acted as the drunken sailor Prospero in the class  reenactment of the Tempest.  Hic!  Yup….great use of my university dollars there.  Kidding….sort of….)

Breakfast this morning was a sandwich thin, a hard-boiled egg and some pineapple and blueberries.  It was NOT a serpent’s egg, like the one in Julius Caesar.

I had a big banana during the morning.   Here is Mini Will leaning against it, staring at the sky and composing his next sonnet.  It’s along the lines of “Hark fair maiden, is a large banana in my pocket, or are thee happy to see me?”.  (yeah, I went there…I really CAN be juvenile..oh well…)

Lunch before I left was some beets, coleslaw and another piece of my Mom’s famous egg beater Quiche.  “If Quiche be the music of love, play on”.  (silly…)

Sadly then, it was time to go.  I was a MEAN old day, so today’s crossing pictures aren’t pretty at all.  It was dark, cloudy, windy, rainy and COLD (so photos were taken from inside the boat)

I got a bit bored, so played around with the sepia setting on the camera.  This makes it look like a brighter day than it was.

Then, the trip was interrupted.  The captain came on the loud speaker saying they were veering slightly off course and would be slowing right down because someone had jumped off a ferry that was crossing the other way, and we were assisting in the man overboard search and recovery.  Here is that ferry, and one of the search and rescue helicopters that were flying overhead.

People with strong telephoto lens on their camera or carrying binoculars were encourage to scour the water for signs of him.

Before we knew it, coast guard boats were around, there were two helicopters and smaller private boats from all over were heading our way.

I felt REALLY sad, we were talking to one of the ferry employees, and apparently it isn’t uncommon.  I wish that person who felt there was no hope could see how many people REALLY do care, how they were looking for him to help, and he wouldn’t have been alone.  sigh.  After about 30 minutes our boat carried forward to the terminal with no success.  My heart really did go out to the poor man who jumped.  May he rest in peace.  sigh.

Dennis was at the bus depot to pick me up, and we decided not to cook tonight.  We picked up thai food on the way home.  Not especially point friendly, but oh well.  Tomorrow is another day.  We had pad thai, yellow curry (which comes with rice) and spring rolls.

We also toasted being together again (and wishing the jumper peace in his soul) with a glass of red wine.

That’s it for Sunday.  I CAN’T believe the weekend is over.  I’d better get cracking on getting ready for my work week, and throw some kale in the dehyrator for kale chips!  (I have my priorities).   I hope this weekend was wonderful, and I’ll close with one last bastardized Shakespearean quote.  “Now is the winter Monday of our discontent”  I’m being silly, and lets all have a good week ahead!!!


Hello, and happy Saturday from Victoria, British Columbia.  I’ve zipped over for a very quick visit with my parents.

I woke up to snow falling in Vancouver, but thankfully, it wasn’t sticking TOO much to the roads.

Before Dennis dropped me off at the bus depot (it’s less expensive if it’s just me travelling to take the bus/ferry route rather than drive myself) I had a bagel thin with 1 tbsp almond butter.

I know I’ve posted photos of the ferry crossing before, but here are a couple few from this morning. (not a very nice day weather wise)

Any guesses as to what the arrow is pointing to?  It’s the head of a sea lion.   My little point and shoot doesn’t have enough “umph” to zoom in as much as necessary, so you’ll have to take my word (and the sea lion’s thoughts) on it.

While I was on the ferry I had a banana and bought a coffee.

We had lunch when I got to my parent’s place, kale salad (thank you for buying kale mom!!) and a piece of my Mom’s famous “egg beater” quiche.

We had a few errands to run during the afternoon, but when we got back, we had some tea and a little piece of dark Lindor chocolate.

We went out for dinner, here are my parents making their dinner selection….

And here they are going in cognito….

And a “normal” shot…..

I had a glass of white wine.  The gnome had water.

We also had hummus and pita to start…..

and I had a small mediterranean pizza (spinach, artichoke, sun-dried tomato, olive and feta.

I also had a bite of my Dad’s garlic bread.

Look what was in the little garden container by the restaurant!  KALE!!!!!!  OK, OK…it’s just ornamental I know….but I bet I could turn it into a mean massaged salad or dehydrated chips! :)

Now, I’m going to close this post off and, with respect, go and kick my parent’s asses at Scategories.  I bet their afraid!!!!   More from back home tomorrow.  Hope everyone’s weekend is going well too!!!!!

This is our gas fireplace…..

…this is what it looks like when a pristine white cat sticks her head through the doors. (we still don’t know how she pried them open!)  sigh.  NEVA!!!!  (these pictures are after two washes too…)

Thanks to Caroline, Renee and Jody for sending invitations to join Pinterest!!!!  I’m excited to get pinning, and checking out your boards too!!  :)

Note Pin Clip Art

I enjoy finding odd-shaped vegetables.   I’m not sure why I revert to a 15 year old boy when I see them, but I do! :) Look what were in the bag of local carrots I bought at the Winter’s Farmers Market a couple of weeks ago.  They may have LOOKED freaky, but they tasted really good.

We’ll now rewind to today’s meals.  Breakfast was an egg white and salsa wrap with some chai tea.

We have resurrected our Friday meditation/relaxation group at work.  I got there a few minutes early and we started the day with some deep breathing and calming before we started our day. (thank you google images!)

Later in the morning I had 1/4 cup date and fig greek yogurt with 1 tbsp nut/cranberry topping.

Lunch was the mutant carrots cut up alongside a sandwich thin with the other half of tuna salad from the can I opened yesterday.  I also had some blueberries and a kiwi.

Later in the afternoon, no surprise here…..I had some kale chips!

When we got home, Dennis and I toasted the weekend with a glass of white wine.

I made some chili for dinner tonight.  We hadn’t had chili in a long time.  I topped it with fat-free sour cream and a grating of low-fat cheddar.   I need to remember to make chili more often, it’s really comforting on a cold night.

So that’s it for Friday.  I’m wrapping this up as I have to pack my overnight bag for my trip to Victoria tomorrow.  Hope everyone has a GREAT weekend, that there is sunshine in your days, either literally or figuratively.  (that sounded a bit flakey didn’t it?  Not meant to….we all need some sunshine in our lives!!)

I didn’t get to yoga this morning, I had a funky stomach “thaing” going on.  I don’t think it was anything I ate, as Dennis was fine, so it was just “one of those things”.  No biggie, just a bit uncomfortable.  Though I had prepped everything last night and planned to go, I thought I’d use the extra hour to rest a bit more (as I didn’t sleep well as a result) when the alarm went off this morning.

I wasn’t really feeling like eating breakfast this morning, so toted it with me to work.  I DID have a glass of this cranberry juice though.

I’m not usually a juice drinker, I’d rather eat fruit than drink juice, but this particular juice is the exception.  It is DELICIOUS.   Very fresh, very good nutritional stats for juice (40 calories per cup and also contains ginseng and echineachea)) but also very expensive, so we only buy it when it goes on sale.  Which it did this week.

Mid morning, I had some breakfast – I’d taken two pieces of thin, high fibre bread, some of my home-made apple butter and chai with almond milk.

I had taken a salad and this tuna sandwich, but just wasn’t feeling the salad so its back in the fridge and I’ll probably have it tomorrow.  (looks like the little dog is surfing – and yes, I DO have an over active imagination. :) )

Then, I decided to get a bit of fresh air – I really enjoyed my impromptu lunchtime walk yesterday, and today is supposed to be the last sunny day for a LONG time.  I headed in the OTHER direction along the water today.  I can’t lie, it was COLD, but lovely nonetheless.

I found a duck convention.

A pond with two more ducks.

My shadow self-portrait.

Two water shots.

And buds that gave me hope that spring isn’t TOO far off!!  (wishful thinking I’m sure)

Back at the office and later in the afternoon I had some of my kale chips.  (I wonder if my stomach will ever feel bad enough NOT to eat kale chips.  Probably not….)

My friend Kremena made some UBER healthy, lower fat, honey sweetened oatmeal cookies for her daughters, and brought me one in to try.  I’m going to see if she’ll share the recipe, this was sooo good.

After work, I dropped Dennis off at an event he attended tonight downtown.  I was playing around with the “landscape and motion” settings on the camera and was in the passenger seat on the way down.  Here are a couple of my “through the window motion art” shots.

After I dropped Dennis off, I had a great visit with my cousin Helen.  I was there for about an hour, but could easily have stayed and yacked longer.  We never seem to run out of things to discuss.  Helen made some DELICIOUS and soothing mint tea, and we had satsuma oranges to snack on.  I took pictures of neither (guess I was too busy chatting)  Thanks Helen!!!

I then went BACK downtown to grab Dennis.  As I was driving, there was no playing with any other settings on the camera! :)

Dinner tonight was a roasted yam and steamed broccoli with a drizzle of Bolthouse salsa ranch dressing, and a piece of leftover lentil “loaf” that I made a couple of months ago.  (we’re STILL in clear out the freezer mode, and are doing very well).  I need to remember where I found the loaf recipe, it’s really good and has only 6 w w points.

I’m so glad tomorrow is Friday.  I’ll be doing a quick run over the Vancouver Island to visit my folks on Saturday.  It’ll be nice to see them.  Dennis and Neva will be staying here and holding down the fort.  What are YOUR weekend plans????


Today’s new word is “lapideous ” – stony

I’m on a WAITING LIST????  For Pinterest????  I have pins to pin, a board to build…grrr!!!!!   A WAITING LIST????  OMG….I haven’t even spent THAT much time over there, but I can see, Pinterest is going to be a BIG time waster  diversion from the mundane for me!!!!

And Jody, can’t wait to see Neva on your board!!!  She’s very flattered to be “pin worthy!”!

Hope everyone’s hump day went well.  I had a pretty usual Wednesday.

Today’s penguin mascot is in honor of last Friday’s “Penguin Awareness Day” that I can’t believe I missed.  Penguins RULE!  :)

Before I met Michelle, I had a cup of chai tea with almond milk (you’ll have to take my word on this one, the two photos I took of the chai were crap), and an egg white, avocado and salsa wrap.

Michelle’s hand “did the walkin'” at Starbucks this morning.  I wonder if her fingers earned activity points!!! :)

Mid morning, I had some blueberries and 1/4 cup greek yogurt.

My lunch today?  No kale (I know…shocking!!).  I had a beet and orange salad on greens (with fresh mint, low-fat goat cheese and squeeze of balsamic reduction).  I also had a pear.

I had to run an errand at lunchtime, and happened to be in the Olympic Village neighborhood (the area that housed Olympic athletes in 2010, and has now become a condo development area) so I took advantage of the sunny break in the days of rain and walked back to work via the waterfront.  Here are a few shots of my walk back to work.


I heard of a new affordable home development here in Vancouver, so thought I’d check it out.  To get to it, you have to walk across this lapideous path….

…. I heard they have wonderful views and are well worth the effort and investment.

Voila….affordable Vancouver housing!!!

Here are the new owners!

I’m joking, right???  Sadly, it’s only HALF a joke…housing is ridiculously expensive here.  (apparently, per capita we’re on par with NY and San Francisco).   Sometimes, Dennis and I wonder why we stay here.  But then….we see THESE pictures…

….and go “oh yeah, that’s why.  It’s really beautiful here”.  sigh.  I guess every city has its pros and cons.  If you comment, please let me know where YOU are and what the pros and cons of your city are!!  :)

Later in the afternoon, huzzah…..kale is back.  I had some kale chips.  I’ve got my work friends hooked on these.  (however, they need to keep their thieving fingers off!!  Kidding, I’m happy to share)

Dennis and I toasted Wednesday with a glass of white wine.  Cheers.

Dinner tonight was very “thrown together”.  We made lean meatballs cooked with bbq sauce, in sandwich thins and served alongside the last of the sweet potato oven “fries”.  Can’t say it’s our most balanced and beautiful dinner, but it was tasty.  (and not QUITE ugly enough to pull out the ugly trolls!)

That’s it for hump day.  Countdown to the weekend from here.  (I hate wishing my life away, but I’m looking forward to the weekend).  Cheers to a good rest of the week for us all!!!

Happy Tuesday.  Happy National Belly Laugh Day.  Hope everyone had a good gut busting laugh today.  Did I?   Yes I did…..Neva provided Dennis and I a good belly laugh tonight by dangling not just off chair seats, but off a high cupboard as well.  With Neva, most days are belly laugh days!  (and as a National Day aside, for the record, I’m GUTTED that I missed acknowledging Penguin Awareness Day last Friday.  Gotta love those penguins.  :) )

Know what else made me laugh???  Tonight’s weigh in at my weight watchers meeting.  I’ve been on track this week, so I suspected I’d lose a bit.  But I didn’t expect to be down 4.6lbs.  HUH????  4.6?????  While my hormones are all crazy!?  (sorry Dad, I used the word “hormone” again! :) ) Oh well, I’ll take it.  I’m still doing the “blind weigh in” so I don’t know how much I weigh, but I know I dropped.  I kinda like this not knowing the number, just focusing on steady losing.  Yay for the Zero Scale.  And yay funky graphic from google images!

I got up super early and got myself to yoga this morning.  It’s good to be back, I missed last week because I was being a snow bound baby.  “Wah…it’s too cold to walk to the gym…wah”.  It was a really good workout this morning, my core is telling me so. We did none of the poses below.

When I got to work, I had breakfast at my desk, blueberries, 1/2 cup greek yogurt and 1 tbsp of “Boring Porridge (yes, that is actually the product name) – Coconut Breeze”.    I ran out of flax, and thought I’d give this a try.  It’s 1.5 points per tbsp, but VERY flavourful.

During the morning, I had this ambrosia apple.

Lunch was – surprise!! – kale salad!!!  (yes, I AM addicted.  I’m thinking though, there are MUCH worse things to be addicted to)  Today’s salad was topped with a few of the grapes I roasted on the weekend, 1 oz light feta, nutritional yeast, and some of the tomato “sprinkles” I dried in Alison’s dehydrator.

And this afternoon’s snack – surprise again!! – kale chips.  If any of you know of any kale support groups, please pass the contact information along.  :)

When I got back from weigh in, Dennis and I “clinked” to a day done.  (we didn’t have the BEST day, despite it being National Belly laugh day)  We also had a few Late July multigrain crisps with some of the hummus I made on the weekend.

And dinner – surprise!!! – NO kale!!!  Yes, you read that right….NO kale!!! What we DID have was the curried butternut squash soup I made last Sunday with a grilled cheese and ham sandwich.  We didn’t feel like cooking much, and this hit the spot.

Tuesday is now a done deal.  I’m actually going over to the dark side and click on Pinterest.  I’m scared….I suspect I could waste a lot of time on that site.  :)   And I may call on some of you to give me the lowdown of how best to use it.  I’ll report in tomorrow.



WHAT?????   I’ve found something not overly wonderful about my beloved kale?????  What could it be???  Keep reading…  :)  (thank you for the cartoon below.  I’m not sure the profanity is REALLY necessary….but I’ll forgive you.  This time… :) )

And I wish a big Gung Hai Fat Choi to my Chinese friends!!!!  May the year of the dragon be a passionate, exciting and energized year for us all!!!

I had a rude awakening this morning.  My alarm didn’t go off.  (wow….p.m and a.m really ARE different.  sigh.  Oops).  I woke up about half an hour before I had to leave but was poetry in motion and got myself showered, dressed and out the door (into a freakin’ monsoon –  but I’ll take the rain over the snow of last week ANY day) in time and I got to work.   I didn’t however NOT have time to a) have my chai tea and b) take food pictures, so today’s shots were taken at my desk.  (ok..this is how crazy I am.  As I was throwing all the containers etc for my lunch into my bag, I made sure I included a mascot too..)

Breakfast was some blueberries with 1/2 cup greek yogurt and some “Granola King Omega Mix” which is made of flax, ground almonds and chia seeds.

Later in the morning, I had one of my 4 point spiced blackberry muffins that I made last week.

Lunch was a salad with some greens, leftover roasted brussels sprouts, beets and chard from last night with a bit of low-fat goat cheese, some blueberries and balsamic reduction.  This was SOOOOO good!

I also had an apple.

Later in the afternoon, I had some kale chips.  Kale?  Are you ready for the “downside of kale”?  When one dries kale in a dehydrator, one’s home tends to smell a bit “cabbage-y”.  Ick.  I noticed it  yesterday and thought it had cleared, but it seemed to still be lingering a bit when I got home tonight.   I’m pretty sure my feet that have been in rubber boots for the last week smell more rosy.  So how did I fix it.  I fought fire with fire….and made another batch.  They’re sooo good…and so worth it.  But I think the window may need to be cracked a bit.  You’re all VERY welcome for that TMI paragraph!!

I had one oz low-fat cheese when I got home.

Dinner tonight was sliders made with lean beef, and oven baked yam “fries”.  The little buns had mustard, bbq sauce and relish.

That’s a wrap for Monday.  I’m off to prep for early yoga tomorrow.  Hope everyone’s week and year of the dragon have started off with a bang!

Today’s title mustn’t be confused with our blog friend Biz who is longing to be “Bizzy in her kitchen” soon!!!  Please send some virtual good wishes down to the Chicago area to her and her husband who is thankfully on the mend but still in hospital.  Hugs to you “Vat”, Dennis and I are wishing you well!!

Not only was I busy in the kitchen, I was busy in other rooms too.  You’ll see why in a bit.

Before I was busy, I made us a yummy and super easy, point friendly brunch. We had lean back bacon (2 points worth), fruit, and thin, high fibre french toast (flavoured with maple extract and cinnamon mixed into the egg).  We topped it with sugar-free maple syrup.

Of course being the weekend, we had almond milk lattes with maple sprinkles on top.

We live in a two bedroom condo.  Our second bedroom has slowly become “storage” so I decided today, it was time to do a bit of de-cluttering.  Two hours and 4 big bags later, the room is MUCH clearer.  Not quite done yet, but I got bored with it, and we also need to buy a bigger bookshelf to house my bazillion cookbooks.  I’m willing to part with SOME, but not many.  I love them, I use them, I just need a better place to put them.  We’re now on a mission….

We thought about venturing out to get our passport pictures taken.  Our passports have just expired, and we are itching to get over to the border to visit our friend Joe soon.  He’s a trader you know!! ;)    However, there was a brutal windstorm today and it was pouring with rain, so we decided to just stay in, stay warm, and get some home things done.  Joe will have to wait a couple of extra weeks.

I had a tasting plate for lunch, 1 tbsp hummus, 1/3 cup bruchetta, carrots, endive (bruchetta in endive is VERY tasty), dried vegetable crackers, 1 oz low-fat cheese and a pear.

We were going to split this new “Dead Frog Brewery fusion hopped IPA”.  (I couldn’t resist putting a dead frog mascot in front of the bottle for a picture)  It sadly wasn’t my cup of tea (or beer).

I found it very bitter and just not to my taste.   Oh well, points saved…even though it was only half a beer.  Dennis liked it more than I did, but not enough that we’d buy it again.  But hey, you don’t know if you don’t try…right?

I then got to work in the kitchen.  I made another batch of dehydrated kale chips (so good!!!), a batch of sun-dried tomato hummus (way less fat, twice as much for half the price of purchased…I’ll be making my own more often), another batch of chai concentrate for the week, a batch of Alton Brown’s baked brown rice, I roasted some grapes that were past their best and will figure out what to do with them later, and roasted some beets for salads in the next couple of days.  I also made a batch of curried butternut squash soup for lunches for a few days.

Busy indeed.  But not overly photogenic.  I DID take a “before” and “after” picture of the grapes, and my hands after slicing the beets.

While things were cooking, I did a bit of “other” organizing.  (what the hell was in that french toast?? It made me “go, go, go” all afternoon.)  I won’t show you the “before” shot of this kitchen shelf (not pretty, take my word for it), but here is the “after”.  I bought a bunch of jars at a thrift store last week and have done some sorting, labelling and arranging.  Yay.

I was also looking for a match to one earring that I wanted to wear last week and was getting a bit frustrated by my jewellery box.  So, on Friday I went to Michael’s and bought a box of teeny weeny ziploc bags (that are apparently used for beading projects) for $2 and went through everything, matched each earring (omg, I have some lovely earrings I almost forgot I had…time to shake things up a bit and wear different sets more often), separated the necklaces from the bracelets from the pins…and voila, it too is all organized.

As you can see, I had “help”.

Dennis and I had a glass of wine, and I had a few of today’s kale chips as a snack later in the afternoon.

Dinner tonight was a salad with blueberries, low-fat goat cheese, 1 tbsp pumpkin seeds and 1 tbsp Bolthouse salsa ranch dressing.

We then had roasted salmon with Egyptian spice, cauliflower puree, roasted Brussels sprouts with olive oil and balsamic and roasted rainbow chard all drizzled with Bolthouse honey mustard dressing.

I’m in denial that the weekend is over.  No, can’t be!!!  Sadly, it is, so back to the work routine tomorrow.  I hope everyone has a great week ahead.  Fingers crossed that it’s a good one for us all!!!!

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