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Today’s new word is “impecunious” – without money

Happy Wednesday before just another Thursday to everyone OTHER than  my U.S readers….to those south of the border, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!  (thank you Google…cute graphic!)

It’s very late, so I’m going to quickly bang out this post, then get set for yoga in the morning.  Again, can’t thank those who commented support and kind words over the last few days enough, though Thanksgiving here in Canada is long over, I’m very thankful for all of you!!!!

Breakfast this morning was chai tea and an egg/ham wrap.  I was in a rush, so didn’t cut the wrap in half to show the “innards”.  Trust me, it looked like ham and egg in a wrap….:)

Very glad my buddy Michelle is back in town, and we resumed our Wednesday coffee.  Here as usual is her finger/hand. 

And here is the point at the presents I got from Mexico.  Agave and some chili lime seasoning.  Mucho Gracias M&G, can’t wait to use them both!!!!!!  

During the morning, I had the yogurt leftover from yesterday with some raspberries and 1 tbsp flax.

Lunch was the last of Saturday’s butternut squash soup, a serving of crackers, my famous kale salad and some mini mandarins.

Later in the afternoon, I had an apple and a cheese stick. 

Dinner tonight was incredibly ugly, hence the photo with the ugly troll.  It was a serving of the slow cooker lasagna I made a couple of weeks ago and frozen.  I had it with a weight watchers baguette.  Tasty, and not pretty, but compared to the ugly troll, this looks pretty darn good! :)

I then hopped the train and ventured out to the airport to have a little visit with my parents.  They’ve been away on a trip of a lifetime for a month, and had a stopover here before they got a plane back home.   They were a little stiff after the long flight.  HA!

Just kidding, they really looked pretty fresh given they’ve been travelling for the best part of a day!!!

We had a drink together and I heard all kinds of stories from their trip.  (mine is the white wine)

On the way back to the train I popped off a couple of photos at the airport….just for fun.   

I was disgusted though, when I went to buy my ticket  back home.  (the train is part of our public transit system)  At that time of the night, the normal transit fare is $2.50…..however, for a reason I can’t figure out (other than a corporate cash grab) one has to pay a $5.oo SURCHARGE on a $2.50 ticket if it is purchased at the airport….so the fare home was $7.50.  Lame?  YUP!!!  Good thing I wasn’t impecunious.  And given I’m in a bit of a scrappy mood lately, tomorrow I’ll send a carefully worded yet scathing letter to both the transit and airport authorities.  I believe the subject line should be WTF?????????   Seems like robbery to me!

When I got home I was peckish, so had a pack of weight watchers bbq pop chips. 

Dear Weight Watchers, these are really good, please make sour cream and onion soon!  Thanks ever so! 

Thats it for Wednesday.  Hope everyone, whether you are working on Thursday or not, and shopping on Friday or not have a wonderful rest of the week!!!

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