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Happy to report that the first snow of the year has come and gone already.  It WAS pretty this morning though, because it snowed through the night.  Neva looked so cute gazing out at the window at her white “kingdom” but soon lost interest and diverted her interest to my breakfast. (No, I didn’t share, she has her own)

The breakfast that she was coveting was a sandwich thin with an egg and 1 oz of ham as well as a big mug of chai tea. (in honor of the snow fall, today’s mascot is a brown snowman.)

Here are a few photos of my walk to work.  As you can see, things already started to rapidly melt, but pretty and wintery nonetheless.





During a break this morning I met my friend Elizabeth for a quick coffee.  She and I met at weight watchers and now have a standing “date” every couple of weeks.  Fun!   Check out the ADORABLE mascot she gave me for the “weighting for 50 collection”.  So cute.  And look, pigs DO fly!!!  Thanks Elizabeth, she’s wonderful!!  (and I can’t for the life of me remember what you named her.  Old age is absolutely setting in!  Can you let me know?)

I had a Starbucks seasonal drink, a skinny peppermint mocha.  Very tasty.   And VERY minty. 

Later in the morning, I had 1/2 cup greek yogurt with some raspberries and flax. 

Lunch was a big kale salad (with grapes, nutritional yeast and light feta), some carrots and celery and mini mandarins.

After I ate, I had to walk up to City Hall and pay the stinkin’ parking fine I got last week.  On my way back, the snow and sun had gone, but there was a big whackin’ hail storm.  This photo doesn’t capture it very well, but you can see the darkness.  What a weird weather day.

During the afternoon, I dried out snacked on some pomello, a cheese stick and a pack of that pesky and controversial seaweed.  :)

When I got home, Dennis and I celebrated Friday with a glass of wine and a few bbq pop chips.

Dinner tonight was sweet and sour pork stew that had been cooking in the crock pot all day.  We had it with 1/2 cup Alton Brown’s baked brown rice and some steamed green beans.  Another new recipe winner!  (this one was from the Taste of Home website – adapted to make it a little more point friendly!)

That’s it for Weird Weather Friday!  Now, I’m going to wrap this up, do a bit of weekend planning, read this month’s Cooking Light that I bought today, and watch one of my guilty pleasures “Say Yes to the Dress”. (I love Randy!)   And want to mention too, congratulations to my friend Melisa, who as of yesterday is officially “DR. Melisa”.  VERY VERY happy for you Melisa!!!    Have a great weekend everyone!!!

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