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I was very relieved that my balance seemed to have returned this morning, and I didn’t do much hopping on my yoga mat, mainly lunging and LOTS of stretching.  Namaste!

When I was walking to work this morning it was crisp and sunny.  I actually passed a pigeon convention. :)  silly.  Like the “action” shot.  It was a nice morning.  You’ll see why this is significant later in the post. 

When I got to work, I had breakfast, some yogurt, 1 tbsp flax and 1/4 cup of the fresh cranberry “relish” I made last weekend.  (It is fresh cranberries, apple, orange and ginger whirled up in the food processor and goes beautifully with vanilla yogurt)

Later in the morning I had some raspberries that I got on sale.  (I think the store is using them as a loss leader – which is fine with me)

Lunch was a hodge podge of stuff, a serving of my favorite kale salad (with a few grapes, nutritional yeast and some light feta), 1/4 cup hummus and a weight watchers baguette, some celery and carrot (also to dip in the hummus) and some tiny mandarin oranges.

In the afternoon, I had 1 cup of pomello and a pack of seaweed.  (and to all who went “ewww” to this snack….avert your eyes at the second photo below and skip right down to the next paragraph. :) )

When I got home from work, Dennis and I shared some endive and crackers with salsa. 

Dinner was my adaptation of a recipe that is in the Weight Watchers “Ready Set Go” cookbook.  Chicken stuffed with feta, sun-dried tomato, and fresh basil.  YUM!!!  I added some Italian seasoning to the panko that coats the chicken.  I served it with steamed green beans and cauliflower mash (whirled up with a wedge of light laughing cow cheese and some fresh spinach) and then drizzled it all with some fat-free caesar dressing.

I also had a glass of the non alcoholic white wine.

Now to show you why this morning’s blue skies were of interest.  What happened as the day wore on?  Clouds rolled in and today, we are having our first snow of the season.  Booo!   (apologies for the photo, it looked better on my computer – oh well, can’t win ’em all, and you can see SOME snowflakes)

Oh well, brighter day tomorrow.  Snow or not…it’s Friday.  I have a busy weekend ahead.  Anyone else?

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