Just kidding, there was nobody in the kitchen with me named Dinah…there was nobody with me at all….but I couldn’t help thinking of that very very old song for today’s title.  And Dinah Shore – who I have a soft spot for because my maiden name is Shore. 

Dennis met our friend Clint for “boys breakfast” this morning, so I was here on my own….I had mini wheats and an almond milk latte.

Before sprinkling some maple flakes on top, I attempted to do “latte art”.  It WAS going to be a flower…but I actually see a horse in the end.  (apparently, quitting my day job and becoming a fancy schmancy barista isn’t in the cards for me.  Neigh.)

I then got cracking on what has become a Sunday ritual, planning our menu for the week, making a shopping list, shopping accordingly then spending the afternoon in the kitchen.  (LOVE the retro clip art, though not sure about the whole role of women back then!!!)

Sometimes, standing for a long time hurts my foot.  BUT….we have a lovely new addition to our kitchen, a puffy anti-fatigue mat.  (thanks for sourcing it out and picking it up for us Clint!! :) ) My feet were very happy.

Neva liked the new mat too….

….a bit TOO much!  NEVA!!!!  (thankfully, that phase seems to have passed already…)

This afternoon’s creations included…..another batch of Alton Brown’s baked brown rice…..

….pea soup for lunches for a couple of days (it’s a ridiculously easy weight watchers recipe)…..

….cranberry relish (from this month’s Clean Living Magazine – this will be stirred into some greek yogurt in the next few days)…..

…roasted some brussels sprouts and tossed with parmesan and a piece of crumbled turkey bacon for lunch (YUM)….

….cranberry/orange cookies from all recipes.com……1st batch, burned….12-15 minutes apparently translates to my oven as 9-11 minutes.   OOPS!!!! 

Lesson learned, the underside of the second batch was better. 

They are ultimately glazed with orange juice and powdered sugar…..

….I also made an apple/cranberry loaf (also from allrecipes.com)……

….and finally, another batch of chai concentrate for the week. 

I then celebrated all the kitchen-ing with our cocktail Sunday – warm apple cider.  (we’ve had this in our cupboard since last year – it was time to use it up).  I added some cinnamon sticks to pretty it up.  I don’t ski, but I bet this would be a good apres ski drink! 

Dinner tonight was a “use up some veggies, chicken, rice etc” “fried” rice.  I literally chopped a bunch of veggies that were past their best, stir fried them with some garlic, ginger and onion, pulled the last of the rotisserie chicken from the other night and threw in some of Alton’s brown rice, hoisin and a touch of sesame oil.  Yum!!!  For a thrown together dinner, this was yummy.

Amazing Race time, so signing off.  Hope everyone had a great long weekend, and that the week ahead is a good one for us all!!!!!