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Very quick post tonight…..we’ve been in a bit of a kerfuffle today.  (yup, I used the word kerfuffle..:)) Poor Neva, I mentioned last night that, despite being deaf, she was spooked by what we thought may be fireworks. (they were kabooming here for hours)  She still isn’t back to normal.  We all had a bit of a sleepless night as a result, so I’ve been a bit “off” all day.   And my eating schedule has been all over the map today too.

I skipped yoga because I was watching/tending Neva.  I thought it was more important to just let her hang out with us.  I don’t have kids, but I’m guessing this is (to obviously a lesser extent) much like parents go through when one of your kids is a little “off”. 

I had packed breakfast because I had expected to get to yoga, so ate some baked oatmeal at my desk.

In what is arguably THE most boring food shot ever….here is my late morning snack of two pieces thin high fibre bread (55 calories per slice) with 1 tbsp peanut butter. 

I grabbed some salad to pad out my very late lunch of little pieces of rye bread, 2 laughing cow light wedges and a few of my roasted grapes.  (the grapes and cheese are a REALLY good combination, I highly recommend if you like sweet/salty combinations and you have some grapes that are past their peak, give roasting them a “go”)

Dennis and I had a couple of errands that needed to be run after work.  We popped into the vet to see what we could do to help Neva (seemingly nothing….just time will sort her out) and zip to our friend Clint’s place.  Clint generously gave us some of his late fall harvest.  Today, he gave us kale, rainbow chard and brussel sprouts.  THANKS CLINT!!!  Massaged kale salad is on the menu tomorrow!!!!

Because we were out and about, we grabbed some dinner on the way home.  We grabbed some spring rolls, brown rice and yellow curry.  Small portion, and really nice not to have to cook tonight.

Now, off to do some things around the house, and get to bed early.  Very lucky, I have yet another vacation day to use up, so will be working a four-day week this week.  Dennis and I have some plans on Friday, so not sure if I’ll be in the neighborhood for official weigh in however, I’ve been good at tracking, my workouts are fine and our bathroom scale is showing small losses. 

Since my weight watchers meetings have moved from Thursdays to Fridays, I’ve had to miss a few too many of those meetings due to other commitments or days off.  Grrr.  Seems I’m not the only one, and they’re looking at moving the next session (which starts in two weeks) to Wednesdays.  If they don’t, I’m thinking I may have to leave “weight watchers at work” and just find a regular weight watchers meeting in the area that will work better with my schedule.  I really enjoy the middle of the work day weigh in time, that I can walk there, that I’ve met some wonderful people I never would have met otherwise, and I love the support we give each other.  That said, if the meetings are only a handful of people, I’d rather move to a bigger meeting and feed off the energy of lots of people celebrating each other’s successes.  Time will tell how that all plays out, but it’s in my mind.  And I’m also not giving up on weight watchers, it’s an excellent plan, I lost over 30 lbs on it and I really believe it is balanced, healthy and can fit into our busy social lives too.  (Geez, I sound like Jennifer Hudson, don’t I????)  


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