Happy Thanksgiving Sunday to my fellow Canadians.  Happy Sunday to everyone else! 

Just a quick recap of the day, because it’s late, I’m tired and FULL of turkey.  More on that in a bit.

We had a pretty lazy morning this morning – which was nice.  Breakfast was the last our Trader Joe’s O’s, an english muffin with some lower sugar jam and a banana and an almond milk latte.

Neva LOVES boxes….here she is making sure there are NO O’s left in the box. (I should have taken a movie because she was pushing the box all over the place.  funny…)

It was a surprisingly nice day today, so I went for a walk.  There weren’t TOO many things of note to take photos of, but I did find a pretty flower with water droplets….

….a child’s boot on a fence….

…a plaque that said the Dad’s cookie company had a factory in our neighborhood decades ago.  We ate Dad’s cookies when I was a little kid.  How have I never seen this before???  HMMM…..

…and I found some lovely fall colored trees.

I snacked on a few pretzels and some blue menu artichoke dip this afternoon.

I also played around with different settings on the camera.  The subject: Cat in a bag.  Here is the shot on a normal setting…


….and black and white.

Clearly, I had a bit too much time on my hands this afternoon.  :)

We went to our friend Clint’s tonight for Thanksgiving potluck.  I made and took Gina’s no-bake pumpkin cheesecake tarts and roasted yam salad with cranberry/ancho chilies and honey.  (that recipe is from this month’s Cooking Light)

Surprise for me when I was getting dressed, I pulled out some new nylons that I thought were “plain”.  Not so much…and I didn’t have a non-run pair other than this so I wore them anyway.  Not sure if these are my style…

We took this “Risque Rose” wine.  Love the label and the fact that it says “The Wine that has legs”. 

Here is my glass with host Clint in the background.

Here are a few photos of the gang and the party.

We had QUITE the feast – crab dip and cucumber/shrimp bites for starters.

Butternut squash soup.

Dinner was turkey, cranberry, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cauliflower and broccoli, sweet potatoes….soooo good!  Here is the “buffet”.

We had a slight gravy “issue”, however, plan b was quickly executed and the gravy was saved!  Huzzah!  :)

Here is my plate.

For dessert, I had a tart and a piece of spiced pumpkin. 

Thanks Clint, Tom, Anthony, Shalin, Sofi, Pia, Christiane, Ryan, Anna, Julie, Tiffany and Marcel.    Dennis and I are very thankful for all of you.  Holiday Monday tomorrow, I’ll be sleeping in and going to the gym.  I also was given the turkey carcass from tonight, so soup making is on the agenda tomorrow too.  

Hope everyone’s weekend went well, and that the week ahead gives us all things to be thankful for.