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Before I blather on with my  normal post, I have to share a photo that my friend Laura sent me yesterday.  She was up in Pemberton by Whistler on the weekend, stopped at a farmer’s market and bought a pre wrapped bag of carrots.  When she got it home, she found nestled among the singles, a very very special carrot(s)… Laura put it, “Carrots Entwined In Love”. 

I’m not sure if I see this as carrot love, I see it more like a very carrot-y yoga pose.  Thank you Laura, this photo will be a wonderful addition to the growing “rude and amusing produce gallery” that is in my computer!!!  I am ALWAYS happy to post photos of this nature, so if any of you have any inappropriate or just plain weird produce, sent ’em over!!!!  (and yes, I AM a bit childish when it comes to funny looking fruits and vegetables)

My body has been ‘trying’ to get a cold or something for a few days…I REALLY wish I could either shake this or at least GET the cold so I could get it done.   Weird….

I was really chilly this morning, then warm, then chilly, so started off with some chai tea.  This photo is actually ‘borrowed” from one day’s post last week.  I did take a photo this morning, but when I transferred it to my computer it was out of focus.  

I actually took my food shots at my desk today.   The “is it, or isn’t it cold” coupled with the extra glass of wine I had last night prevented me from getting ready and out the door at warp speed.

Here is breakfast, greek yogurt and some fruit.  (the frog mascot was intentionally thrown in my purse for photos.  However, when I dug him out, I realized I have 4 OTHER mascots in my purse.  If anyone looked in there, I guess they’d either think I have kids, or I’m crazy).  Also adding to the lovely photo is a pad of pink post it notes, the back of my stapler and my pen/highlighter combo.  (Sigh, not my most shining photo day!!)

I went and got a big mint tea too, to see if it would make me feel a bit better.  It did.  (I know I’m “off” if I don’t want coffee.  I love coffee, but today, it just didn’t appeal)

I did have a lunch packed, but wasn’t feeling that either, so I whipped out between a couple of meetings and got some chicken soup and half a turkey sandwich. 

Later in the afternoon, I had some of the leftover fennel/orange salad from last night’s dinner. 

On the way home, I found yet another patch of interesting fungi sprouting up on a lawn.  Depending on the angle you looked at them, they either looked like space ships or a VERY sheer bra ;).  I was thinking I should do a bit of research and find out if there are “mushroom walks” in the fall that I could sign up for.  I would LOVE to find out their types, and which ones if any are edible.  There are enough “forest-y” parts around here….I can’t imagine that they’re not offered.

When I got home, Dennis and I had a few multigrain crackers and the last couple of tbsp of dips from last night.

Dinner was also “recycled” from last night.  We had Korean lettuce wraps then, tonight, they turned into “Asian Tostadas”.  (very fusion)  I literally dumped the grated vegetables, meat and brown rice from yesterday into a pan, then added some hoisin sauce, cilantro (sorry Suz! :) ), sesame oil, a few mushrooms and a half red pepper that were in the crisper but were no longer “crisp”, some green onions and Chinese Five Spice powder, heated it all up, put the mixture on some baked tostadas that were also in the cupboard and needed using,  and voila.

Now, I’m going to make some more tea, get myself to bed early and shake this non-cold once and for all.  I’ll get all my yoga gear ready, but will see how I feel in the morning and make the call then whether I go, or get the extra hour’s sleep.  If Neva had to choose tonight, she’d take the sleep.  I wonder what she’s dreaming about…..whatever it is, it looks like she’s smiling.  Funny.   May we ALL have dreams that make us smile tonight too!!! 

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