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AWWW…..big thanks to ALL who left me happy birthday messages on the blog, on facebook, on our voicemail (love the singing!!), in my inbox and in person.  I am indeed a lucky girl.  EXTRA thanks to my amazing husband Dennis, who has made me feel like THE most special birthday girl all day long.  It has been indeed a very, very happy birthday! 

It has also been a very, very point laden birthday.  Oh well, back to a more normal routine tomorrow, and indeed my weight watchers buddies yesterday were right – birthdays ARE pointless!!!  The google image below says it all.

We started the day off pretty normally with cereal, toast and almond milk lattes.  Julie, your Niagara peach jam is DELICIOUS!!!!!  Thank you so much!!!!

Dennis knows Godiva chocolates are my favorite, so bought me a few.  I shared, and we each had a chocolate WITH the coffee.  Breakfast of champions!!!!  (the other two were eaten later in the afternoon – snack of champions!!)

We also had presents and treats throughout the day.  Dennis pre-bought tickets to take me to see “The Help” this afternoon.  He knew I’d recently read the book , very much liked it and despite the fact it could be classified as a “chick flick” he happily went with me to see it.  OMG…LOVED the movie. It like many films based on a novel wasn’t as robust as the book, but it was pretty true to it, and by the end, I, and the man sitting on the OTHER side of me (not Dennis) were both bawling like babies.  I was very moved.  Thank goodness we have come so far since the 60’s!!

We then went to dinner at our favorite “celebration restaurant” The Reef.  It is a fun Caribbean restaurant, the food is always delicious and the atmosphere is lively.  We had a drink at the bar while our table was getting ready.  I had the “Jack Sparrow” made with spiced rum, ginger beer and citrus and Dennis had the Sangria. 

I was given an umbrella because it was my birthday.  Funny.

Here is the DJ who was playing reggae music.  (I think she said her name was “Tank Girl”)

Here is the Bahamian flag in the ladies washroom.  (yup, I took my camera in there!)

And the fish tank by the bar.

We had complimentary Johnny cakes.

Then some wine.

Here are Dennis and I. 

And super hot, hot sauce.  SOOOO good (if you like things spicy).

And our dinner was a bunch of tasting plates that we split.  Plantain chips with garlic dip.

Jerk wings.

Jerk chicken tacos.  (I guess this would be considered Caribbean/Mexican fusion??)

And “Doubles” which is flatbread with curried chickpeas.

THEN….they brought me a special birthday dessert on the house, warm banana in brown sugar with ice cream. 

I made a wish when I blew out the candle – but can’t say what I wished for or it won’t come true! :)

The dessert was disgusting. NOT.

We had planned on having dessert at home.  These cupcakes were bought earlier in the day, but right now, we are too full to have them.   Maybe THEY’LL be our Breakfast of Champions tomorrow. 

We aren’t too full to have a little of another treat that Dennis got today, some nice brandy.

It’s been a wonderful day.  I’m looking forward to my own private New Year, and making the year ahead our best EVER!!!!  The celebrations continue tomorrow!!!

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