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Today’s new word is “spinocity ” – thorniness 

Happy Hump Day! 

I have a few vacation days at the moment, but I’ve been busier today than on most work days.  Which is fine, it’s been good.

I got up early to endure urban spinocity and go blackberry picking again this morning.  I wanted to pick some for my parents, because we’re going over to Victoria tomorrow and I thought they could load up their freezer, some for my “Cousin” Helen, and a few more for us.  I weighed the fruits of my labour when I got home, and I picked 12 lbs today.  

And yup, have lots of scratches to prove it! 

I LOVE berry picking, it’s quiet, the air smells fresh even though I’m in the middle of a city, and it’s “me” time I don’t often get. 

The only downside today?  I kept singing the song “You Can’t Stop the Beat” from Hairspray to myself.  I have NO idea why….but the earworm was planted. 

When I got back, I made an almond milk latte (with chocolate almond milk) with a piece of Steph’s blackberry loaf and some greek yogurt with blackberries picked this morning.

I then set off to run a few errands, and went to visit my “Cousin” Helen.  (Helen, for those new to the blog, is the 86 year old daughter of my surrogate grandparents.  We call each other “Cousin” because I called her Mom “Auntie”.  I REALLY hope I’m as spunky and sharp as she is when I’m 86!!  Holy smokes, there is NO dust on her and she is lovely to spend time with.)  I took her a big container of berries, half of Steph’s blackberry streusal loaf and we sat around drinking cups and cups of tea and sorting out the world for a couple of hours.  Fun!

When I got home, I got cracking on freezing the blackberries, making a batch of blackberry jam…

…and finishing off the preserve entries for the fair on the weekend.  I made sangria wine jelly and “Sunshine” Relish. 

The wine jelly is red wine, orange and lemon juices, sugar and brandy.  (I can’t lie, I have high hopes for a ribbon for this!   I’ve made it before and with some goat cheese and a piece of baguette?  YUM!!!)  Sorry for the less than exciting photos of the preserves.

The relish is based on a recipe from a preserve cookbook, it contains peaches, yellow peppers, vinegars, sugar, hot pepper and lemon.   I tweaked the recipe and added some mustard, saffron (for color) and chinese 5 spice.  I’m not sure this is ribbon worthy, but it too will be darn fine with goat cheese and baguette!

As the relish was simmering, Dennis and I shared a glass of wine.  I don’t think I’ve eaten enough today because after one glass, my cheeks were as rosy as the wine jelly.

Dinner tonight was a grilled chicken breast, sauteed kale (with little bits of back bacon, lemon and garlic), 1/2 cob (the last) of our Doris corn and steamed beans.  (the kale and beans are from our friend Clint’s garden.  Thanks Clint!!!  YUM!)

Now, I’m off to get our bags/preserves/Neva’s gear all ready for the road trip to my parent’s place tomorrow.  Look forward to seeing them, our friends, going to my favorite thrift store and the country fair over the next few days.    I’ll be posting tomorrow from Victoria, have a great Thursday all!!! 


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