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Hello from my parent’s home in Victoria, B.C.  Takes us about 3 hours to get here from our place in Vancouver….90 minutes on a ferry, and about the same in the car. The ferry terminal has a TON of little shops and services, and I couldn’t help snapping some photos of cupcakes, cheesecake on a stick and ice cream.  Not that many people were buying them at 8:00am…but they were pretty.

I bought some fruit and a big coffee for the journey.  Forgot to take a picture of the coffee, but really, how NON exciting is a cup of black coffee to go anyway???  You didn’t miss anything!!!!

Here are a few photos from the journey.

My Mom made us lunch when we got here, thai chicken soup with a mini multigrain bun (we are fortunately not in a heatwave like much of the rest of North America, so the soup hit the spot) as well as some coleslaw and veggies and dip.

And look what is in the cul de sac that my folks live in.  A mum deer and her baby.  They ARE a bit destructive for the gardeners in the neighborhood, so I understand why people get frustrated with them (they’ve eaten ALOT of my Dad’s garden over the years) but as a guest in the area…all I can say is “AWWWWW!”.

Mom and I ventured out for the afternoon to run a bunch of errands.  We have a special brunch tomorrow to prepare for! :)

We stopped in at our favorite thrift store….here are a couple of the finds of the day.  A super cute Ralph Lauren “skort”, a floral skirt and two tops.  I also got some cute jewellery, a couple of books and some funky blog mascots (you’ll have to wait to see them).

I love the roadside produce stands you can find here.  All on the honor system.   I bought these plum tomatoes and nugget potatoes right from the lady who grows them in her yard.  I admit, I ate the tomatoes before we got home.  They were AMAZING!!!! 

When we got home, we had a glass of white wine.

My folks wanted to take us out for dinner, so we went to a favorite place of theirs.  I had yet another glass of wine…..and we all toasted the visit….thanks Mom and Dad!!!!

Here are my parents.

And Dennis and I.

And my Dad, magically levitating cutlery.

We split some pita and hummus….

I had an individual pizza with no cheese, artichokes, spinach, sun-dried tomatoes and carmelized red onions. 

I had a few of Dennis’ fries.

And some of my Mom’s garlic bread.  

The last two would be considered “licks and bites” in our weight watchers meetings.  I counted the points…..and I have officially eaten well into my 49 weeklies.

When we got home, I had a quick tour of my Dad’s beautiful garden.  My Dad’s thumb OOOZES green….his garden is to be envied.

Now, going to close this off and get started on a special dessert for my Dad’s birthday brunch tomorrow.  Hope everyone is having a good weekend!



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