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We took Cocktail Sunday on the road tonight, and shared the tradition over at friend’s house.  More on that in a bit.

Breakfast was a ham and egg wrap with spinach, and some fruit.

I also took the leftover strawberry banana softserve from last night, added a cup of almond milk and whirled it in the blender to make a smoothie.

And here is my standard almond milk latte.

I ventured out after breakfast to do a bit of thrift shopping.  I didn’t find too many STELLAR finds today, and none really worth photographing.  I did get a couple of t-shirts (one black, one navy –  so much for my commitment to bring more color into my wardrobe.  Oh well.), two cookbooks and a design book, a silver bracelet (with some type of black gemstone twisted into the metal), and a lovely bowl you’ll see in a bit.   

When I got back, I made another tasting plate for lunch, today with 2 rice cakes and a wedge of laughing cow (with red pepper jelly), some tomatoes and snap peas, 1.5 onz of lean prosciutto and a 3 points worth of fake crab.

We also had chai tea.

We had a lovely dinner at our friends Caroline and Frank’s place tonight.   Here they are.

And here are Dennis and I.

Frank and Caroline were happy to share in our Cocktail Sunday tradition.  I put all the ingredients in toteable containers and just got some ice and blended it when we got there.   I’ve named today’s drink “Jamaican me Peachy”. 

It is fresh peaches (the local peaches are very late this year due to our lack of sun, and the white peaches that were available seemed softer than the orange ones – hence, the pink color of the drink), lime juice, simple syrup and white rum.  The drinks were pretty strong when I whirled it (I guess the peaches weren’t that flavourful so the rum taste was a BIT too pronounced, so Caroline brought out the Fresca and Club Soda and we doctored them up)   Cheers!

We had some two bite puff pastry appetizers to start.  I had two.

Our dinner was delicious, grilled beef, vegetables, potatoes and orzo salad.   Here is my plate.

I also had just a taste of red wine. 

We took dessert and once again used Gina’s Skinny Taste no bake cheesecake recipe, but REALLY “lemoned it up” with extra lemon juice and lots of lemon zest, and served it at a mousse instead of a cake.  I topped it with local blackberries, strawberries and blueberries. (Here is the beautiful bowl that I got at the thrift store today.  I’d say this was $2.99 well spent.)  Thanks again Gina for your wonderful recipes!!!  

And bigger thanks Caroline and Frank.  We had a great evening and look forward to another visit VERY soon! 

When we got home, Neva was SOOOO happy to see Dennis, I couldn’t resist snapping this photo and posting it here.   They’re both pretty cute aren’t they??  :) 

I’ll close with my standard Sunday comment: “I can’t believe the weekend is over already!”.  Hope everyone’s weekend was enjoyable, and that the week ahead brings us all some fun!



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