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Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadians!  And happy Friday to everyone else.

We’ve had a good and busy day off.

Started out with breakfast of wraps (with an egg and ham inside), a smoothie (with almond milk, banana and frozen berries) and some fruit alongside.

And an almond milk latte.

We then ventured out on a hunt for some local strawberries for a batch or two of jam.  We drove for a while out to our favorite farm, which is about half an hour from home.

We were successful in our strawberry quest (though the berries are VERY late and not overly sweet this year – our spring has been very cold and wet in comparison to most years).  We also bought some rhubarb (omg…sooooo inexpensive at the farm compared to ANY store I’ve found all season), cherries, a piece of local cheese, some sugar-free strawberry syrup and some of our annual summer treat, fruit filled strawberry shortcakes (they are amazing).  The farm also has a lovely store, hay rides and a petting zoo for the kids (and us!).  Today, there was a little goat that was a week old, and one that was only two DAYS old bounding around the farm.  Holy smokes, they were SOOOO cute.  And tiny.  Neva, who isn’t a big cat, is bigger than the little two-day old.  I told Dennis that I would like a goat for my birthday!  :)  KIDDING!!!

Here are a few shots from our venture.

And we couldn’t wait to tear into a shortcake, here is a picture of the one Dennis and I split (in the car before we left the farm – it was warm….and worth EVERY point) 

When we got back into town, I went out and ran a bunch of errands, then zipped down to the hospital and spent some time with Kathy.  Hospitals are eerily quiet on statutory holidays. 

When I eventually got home for the night, I had a weight watchers 2 point baguette with a bit of hummus and a glass of wine.  I also had a few fresh figs.  I LOVE figs….they may be my favorite fruit EVER!

Dinner tonight was home-made pizza.  Dennis is much more of a traditionalist and had sausage, pepper, mushrooms and mozzarella on his.  I had prosciutto, fig, red onion, goat cheese, fresh basil and arugula.  YUM!!!

And because it’s Canada Day, I had a 3 point drumstick.  (ok, it has NOTHING to do with being Canada Day, I just wanted dessert).

I know most who are reading this are celebrating a long weekend over the next few days – I hope it is a good one.  I have a whack of strawberries, so jam making (and other fruity creations) will be in my future!  FUN!!!!



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