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…in with the new. 

You know it’s a fairly uneventful day when you photograph your old, borderline disgusting, burnt (oops #1!) and washed WAY too many times oven mitt….

…..and then photograph its shiny new replacements. 

Yup, this was the most exciting thing in my day today!  (stop laughing everyone!! :)  Ok, laugh…I am!)  Not that it wasn’t a GOOD day, just nothing overly exciting happened.   AND…it wasn’t the best point day ever either…but oh well….tomorrow is another day.  (and you must admit, the red mitts ARE jaunty, aren’t they?? :) )

I’m not able to sleep in, so was up at normal time.  I was a bit hungry so had some cherries and a cup of tea that I forgot to photograph (oops#2).

A while later, I made us a nice Sunday breakfast of Blue Menu high fibre pancakes, turkey sausages and fruit. 

And of course….and almond milk latte (that was spilling down the side of the mug in a very artistic manner!   Not really…this was oops#3)

After breakfast, I went out and bought the new oven mitts and a couple of things I needed for dinner.  And though there were some street festivals and the big Pride Parade on in the city today that we had considered going to, we just didn’t feel like finding parking spots, braving crowds and being out in the sun so it was a day, for the most part, spent at home.    

I had a couple of spring rolls with hoisin, a pita and the last of the hummus from yesterday’s picnic for lunch.

And then…the snacking started (oops#4).  I had 2 of these fig bars. 

And then I had one of the Lindt chocolates that Dennis was given on his birthday. 

And a while later, I had a few of these Somersaults which we’d broken into on yesterday’s picnic (oops#5).  Why is that an oops? The first handful led to another handful, and another, and before I could turn a somersault myself, the bag was empty.   Apparently, these have the same effect that crack does for me; you just keep wanting more.  Well, that is complete speculation on my part, given I’ve never nor will I ever TRY crack…but there you go.  Note to self:  Don’t buy these again!  They’re delicious, and evidently, portion control was impossible for me today (repeat of oops#5). 

And a while later, I had a few corn/grain crackers and a couple of Tbsp bean dip (also leftover from yesterday’s picnic)

 “shrug” – oh well.  We move forward….I refuse to beat myself up for snacking more than I should have.  Thank you Operation Silence the Inner Critic!!!   This afternoon, instead of feeling like a guilt ridden weight watcher – which I would have in the past, I see myself as human!!  OSIC!!!!!

I tried a new recipe from the Weight Watcher’s Fresh, Fabulous and Fast Points Plus cookbook,  mussels in carrot/ginger broth.  (very high thumbs up!)

We had it with a small baguette that I doctored up with some light butter and lots of garlic.  (no vampires will cross our paths tonight!) 

And because I’ve thrown points to the wind today (oops#6) I had not one but TWO glasses of white wine.

There you have it, a good but uneventful Sunday.  I hope everyone had a great weekend, and that the week ahead is a good one.  It is a statutory holiday here tomorrow (B.C. Day).  Is it a holiday Monday in your neck of the woods?

Happy Saturday!  Hope everyone’s weekend is going well.

It’s been a beautiful day here in Vancouver (though the clouds are now rolling in again), and we went and enjoyed the day with some of our closest friends.  More on that in a sec.

Before we went out, I made us Roz McMuffins for breakfast (egg, ham and spinach on a sandwich thin) and an almond milk latte.

We also had a smoothie made with almond milk, a banana and the last of my frozen raspberries from last summer – time to get rid of them and make room for THIS year’s berries!

We met our friends Jeff and Lindi and their kids Aaron and Ben down at the beach for a picnic and a visit.    Here are some shots of the day.

Nice necklace Lindi! :)  Happy Birthday!!

Serious skim boarding ahead!

Jeff  showing how it’s done!  (very impressive!)

And showing what happens when you skim NOT as it is done.  Oops!  (BTW – he gave his blessing to publish the picture! :) )

Aaron is quite the little natural.

And Ben proving one skims more effectively if one wear’s one’s water goggles!  Funny…

Spot my husband!

Dennis and I.

Jeff making a bold fashion statement – using his son as a hat.  Wonder if Princess Beatrice would use Ben as a fascinator at another Royal Wedding????

And Aaron preparing for a lucrative career as a performer in Cirque Du Soleil.

And some shots of the picnic.  We both brought all kinds of picnic food, here is what I ate.  Some somersaults, hummus (with pita and carrots – oops, I was yacking too much and forgot to take a picture of the dippers  – love the “no artificial anything” label), bean dip and grain crackers and cherries.  LOTS of cherries.  Wow…they are SOOOO good.   The local cherries are in full force this week, and very affordable.  I’ve bought two bags and will get out my cherry pitter, pit them and get them in the freezer for smoothies in the cold months ahead. 

We had a great time L&J!  Let’s do that again VERY soon!

As it was such a nice summer evening, and Dennis will be out for a while tomorrow afternoon, we decided to move Cocktail Sunday up a day and have Cocktail SATURDAY instead!   Today’s concoction was DELICIOUS – honeydew dacquari.  

I got a “second” melon in our produce store’s $1 bin that had a bit of bruising on one side.  That part was easily cut out, the rest was thrown in the blender, so it was a win/win situation – we had a good cocktail, the store got $1.00.   The recipe is simply cubed honeydew melon, lime juice, simple syrup, white rum and ice whirled up in a blender.  Soooo yummy!!!  This will be making a return at some point. 

Dinner was home-made pizza.  Dennis is more of a traditionalist, and had peppers, mushrooms, chicken, mozzarella and bbq sauce on his side, mine was red onion, peach (I had hoped to find some figs at the store today, but none were available so I used a nice local peach instead), a squeeze of bbq sauce, goat cheese then topped with arugula.

Now, I’m off to go and read this month’s Bon Appetite magazine.  I may also start “The Help”.  I picked up the book last night as I’ve heard nothing but good things about it.   All the best for everyone’s weekend!   


When you see today’s new mascots, the title above will make complete sense! 


I’m taking next week off, and am looking forward to hanging out close to home and finding some fun things to do in the local vicinity.  AND…we are planning on venturing over the border to Trader Joe’s one day next week.  I’m open to all suggestions as to what to look for and try!! 

However, that is next week, here is today’s recap.

Breakfast this morning was an old favorite, 2 thin slices of high fibre bread, 1 tbsp hazelnut butter and a banana. (that was accompanied by two horn playing pig mascots!)

I also had some tea.  (we’re out of chai – EEEK – and had to settle for standard English Breakfast tea. )

I went into work a bit early today.  One of my colleagues teaches relaxation and meditation, and a few of us decided we needed our own session every Friday.  Before any of us logged on to our computers or made coffee, we had 20 minutes of quiet breathing exercises and stretches.   (this LOL cat looks a bit like Neva!  It’s not her…but a reasonable facsimile!)

During the morning, I had some berries and one of my oatmeal/cherry muffins.

My friend Andrea and her son Alec came and met me for lunch today.  Here is a really nice photo of them.  (Andrea, I’ll send you a copy!)

We went for our usual – sushi.  I had miso soup, 3 pieces of tuna sashimi, a spicy tuna roll and a vegetable roll.  

Later in the afternoon, I had some watermelon and a small piece of sharp cheddar cheese. 

I needed a little hit of protein because I went to power yoga after work.  My normal Saturday “sweaty yoga” class is cancelled due to the long weekend :( so I went to tonight’s class instead.  I loved it, it is a BRUTAL workout, so may make a habit of going on Friday AND Saturday going forward.  We’ll see…   This class is very challenging and we work up a good sweat by moving from pose to pose very quickly.  It seems to be a good cardio session that is MUCH easier on my foot neuroma than Zumba has been the last couple of times I’ve gone.  Hmm….

I don’t get downtown very often anymore (that is where my class was tonight) and afterward, I admit, I dilly dallied around a bit in my favorite bookstore, and did a walk through of a big kitchen store.  (I found two books on clearance for $1.00 each, a novel and a container gardening book.  Can’t go wrong for $1.00! – I refrained from any purchase in the kitchen store, but saw a couple of things for my mental “wish list”)

When I eventually got home, it was pretty late.  Dennis is out tonight, but he bought a rotisserie chicken so we could just have a healthy dinner whenever each of us were home.  So dinner was a chicken breast (dipped in 2 tsp pesto – I just had a craving…), 1/2 cup leftover potato salad (from last night) and ALMOST the end of the leftover quinoa salad.   

I also had a 67 calorie beer, because it’s Friday, I’m on holiday, and had enough points left in my day.

I also made myself a serving of banana/strawberry soft serve with 1 tbsp chocolate chips because I was craving something sweet.  This absolutely hit the spot.  I can’t say I’m 100% loving PLAIN banana soft serve, but LOVE it with strawberries. 

Enjoy the weekend everyone.  Let me know if any of you have any fun plans.  And remember, if you have any suggestions for great Trader Joe’s finds, let me know.

(should be interesting to see what google searches arise as a result of THIS title!)

I can’t say I’m terribly proud of this fact, but I can be a bit juvenile, and as a result, there are few things funnier during the summer harvest than rude and amusing shaped fruit and vegetables.  (yup, I’m a 15 year old boy in a 40 something woman’s body)

My work friend Doris and I can often be very silly, and try to find humour is our sometimes VERY unfunny work days.   I’m grateful every day for her laughter and today, the laughs continued.  DON’T SAY I DIDN’T WARN YOU…..But look what Doris harvested from her Mom’s garden!! 

(photo credit: Doris N.  Naughty carrot credit:  Mrs. N)

Dirty carrots!   And I’m not talking about the dirt from the ground.  Ah, ha, ha…  I especially like the “come hither pin-up carrot” legs on the right.  Doris, thanks for the laughs!!!   Zero point vegetables haven’t been this funny for a long, long time!!!   And we move on…

My regular yoga instructor was back today, so it was an easier workout this morning.  Good all the same, but I was REALLY tired and basically just went through the motions of the class.    However, I went, so I’ll pat myself on the back for that – that 5:15am alarm was painful this morning!

Breakfast at my desk was my standard 1/2 cup greek yogurt, rhubarb/strawberry sauce and 1/2 cup brown rice crisps.

I also had my apple cider vinegar concoction.  Is it doing anything?  Hmm…not sure.  I DID just ask Dennis if I was glowing, and he said “yes”, so I guess it is!!  :)  (Good answer D!)

Doris and I went out with our “soon to be departing from our workplace” friend Sharon for lunch today.  (I skipped weigh in, because it’ll be the last chance for the three of us to have lunch before Sharon goes.  Weigh ins are important, friends are MORE important!!)  Here is a photo of the three of us.  Yup, I’m there! 

Love the plaque that is outside of the restaurant.

We went to a new taco place that has JUST opened up.  Already the lineups are out the door and demand is high.  Why?  Because they’re freakin’ delicious!!!!   They’re small, so you can have as many or as few as you need to be satisfied.  They have ALL kinds of options for toppings, I had 1 grilled fish, one pork with pineapple and a mushroom and chipotle.  I had some hot pickles on the side.  SOOOO yummy, fresh and healthy.  I likely over estimated the points at 12 for the whole lunch.

I took 1/2 cup quinoa salad and some cherry tomatoes for an afternoon snack.

We buzzed over to our friend Clint’s place after work.  Clint has yet again loaded us up with greens from his lovely garden.  Today, we came home with kale, lettuce and chard.  Thanks AGAIN Clint, look forward to cooking/eating it all. 

When we got home, we had a few Chip In’s because we were hungry.

Eventually, we had turkey sausages (from Victoria) in weight watchers baguettes, an arugula salad with blueberries, tortilla strips and Bolthouse Thousand Island dressing and my home-made potato salad. (made with potatoes (no kidding! :) ), celery, scallions, greek yogurt, mustard and relish.

So that’s Thursday.  One more “get up” and the weekend is here.  And this isn’t just a weekend, or even a long weekend, it’s the start of my one week staycation!!!   Bring it on!!!!

Today’s new word is “leximaven ” –  one who loves words. 

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve had three people ask where I find my new words.  For the most part, I use this site;  The Phrontistery.  I’m a big fan of dictionaries (I know, that’s pretty geeky, but I own 3 and refer to often – and we won’t talk about how many thesaurus’ and wordsmart books I have…), kept all my grammar and writing books from university (though I never actually OPEN them), and love reading about word origins and meanings.   I have spent ALOT of time just sifting through the website and highly recommend it if you too are a leximaven.  (just a footnote though, today’s word wasn’t sourced from this website! :) )

Before I met Michelle for our usual Wednesday morning coffee, I had an egg/ham/spinach wrap and some chai tea. 

Because it is now a tradition, one of Michelle’s fingers are in the Starbucks photo with my coffee and water.  As you can see, Michelle was fairly expressive this morning in her choice of finger.  Thank you Mi, back atcha! :)

The Starbucks gang were sampling raspberry lemon loaf, so we each tried a piece.  In order to give it perspective, it was photographed with little Hello Kitty. 

Later in the morning I had one of my oatmeal/cherry muffins and some blueberries. 

And I’m back to drinking my apple cider vinegar/lemon concoction. 

I had lunch plans with a buddy of mine, but she cancelled because she was swamped at work.  Hmm….that is twice in one week that my lunch dates have bailed on me.  Should I get a complex??  Not…

I wasn’t really in the mood for anything in particular, so buzzed over to the grocery store and bought the ingredients to make myself a tasting plate.  I got 2 oz (or 50ish grams…we’re metric here in Canada) turkey (and yes lady behind the deli counter, I ONLY want 50 grams…yes, I’m sure.  Yes, I know it isn’t much…sigh), 100 grams (I was living on the edge with that amount) of cooked shrimp, a pack of weight watchers baguettes of which I had one (and the rest are in our freezer), some of the yummy pesto hummus (I eyeballed 1/4 cup) and some cherry tomatoes and carrots.  It was perfect, and was the envy of those who were in the kitchen when I was putting it together.

Later in the afternoon, I had 4 little apricots and 1 oz (or 50ish grams for the Canadians) of cheese.

I concocted a new drink when I got home from work with Cascadia sparkling lemon and Baja Bob’s Hurricane mix. 

Is this not a zero calorie party in a glass????  (not really, but if I’d stuck a little umbrella in it, it would have been!)


Dennis and I were two ships passing in the night tonight, so we grabbed a prepackaged blue menu dinner to throw together.  (I’m not usually a HUGE fan of prepackaged meals, but this was EXCELLENT – I don’t seem to ever go wrong with blue menu and it’s lower sodium, higher fibre ingredients)  The pasta was whole wheat pasta with broccoli, peppers, scallops and shrimp in a tomato sauce.  The package served two, each serving had 8 points.  I had an arugula salad (with blueberries and tortilla salad strips (1 point per Tbsp) with Bolthouse Thousand Island dressing and yet another weight watchers baguette on the side.

And because it’s been a couple of days since I’ve posted a gratuitous shot of Neva, here she is.  I JUST took this, there is a crow on the wire outside, and with that intent look, I’m thinking she thinks the crow has her name on it.  (however, all for show….she is, bless her, a deaf, indoor cat, so probably couldn’t catch a crow if her life depended on it.  Luckily for her, her life never WILL depend on it….so stalk away little Neva, knock yourself out!! Aww!)

No weigh in tomorrow, I have an important date for lunch – and I’m pretty sure they won’t bail on me!  Hope everyone’s week is going well.  And as I said last Wednesday, all downhill now to the weekend!!!

Subtitle for the day – “Things are the pits!” :)

Thanks SO much to all who made sweet comments on yesterday’s blogiversary post!!!!   I’ll say it again, I’m grateful for all of you, and am VERY glad to be part of this positive, uplifting and supportive community!

So how do I top that???   In comparison to the photo filled posts over the weekend, and after the  fanfare of  yesterday… will seem downright anti-climactic.   I COULD make up some juicy lies, just to titilate, but I don’t think many of you would believe that I a) had a torrid afternoon with George Clooney b) baked a weight watchers friendly pound cake with my left hand tied behind my back, c) rode a camel to Starbucks or d) or went to Paris for lunch.   No, sadly, today was just another Tuesday, so here is the recap:

We had a substitute instructor at yoga this morning.  She kicked our a*&^s, and I loved it.  I realized, though I LOVE my normal instructor Derek, I may have become a bit complacent in some of his easier classes because the moves are somewhat familiar.  (however, he too kicks our a*&’s at the more intense classes).   I know I’ll be feeling the workout tomorrow, and look forward to the sub’s classes this week and next.

Breakfast was at my desk, 1/2 cup greek yogurt, my rhubarb/strawberry sauce that I made last night, and 1/2 cup brown rice krispies.  How fun is this new blog mascot, the worm!  I bought them at the thrift store that my Mom and I went to on Saturday. 

Mid morning, I had one of my oatmeal/cherry muffins (also made last night).  The blueberries were eaten later this afternoon.

My friend Kulwant (Hi Missy!) and I took our lunches and had a great catch up at lunchtime.  I had some of Alan’s leftover quinoa salad, a weight watchers baguette, carrots and 1/4 cup pesto hummus. 

To celebrate the one year blogiversary, we had a glass of white wine again tonight.  (Dennis and I are NOT planning on having wine nightly, it’s just happened that way lately….AND….BIZ (aka: Vat) told me to have wine tonight.  I can’t let her down!! :) )

We also had a few of these Chip Ins.  I like them WAY more than Dennis does.  

Dinner tonight was turkey sliders (with dried cranberries mixed in) on mini chibatta buns, with oven fries made from tiny nugget potatoes bought from a roadside stand in Victoria last weekend. 

And to finish the day, we will have a few cherries that have been macerating in apple juice, 2 tbsp brandy, lemon and pepper for a few days.   We will top them with 1 tbsp cool whip.  (here is a photo of the cherries – holy smokes, they are AMAZING….the pepper just makes the flavour POP! I adapted the recipe from Martha Stewart’s special summer issue.  I’ve added the recipe onto the recipe page.)

Call me crazy, but I’m a little obsessed with my cherry pitter, and being cherry season, I am a happy camper these days.  You  may well be seeing cherry recipes of all sorts, not just because I love cherries, but because I love my pitter even more.  I know, I need help… there a support group for people obsessed with kitchen gadgets and small appliances????  If so, I need to sign up.  NOW!!!

Yesterday, my Dad celebrated his birthday.  Today, we celebrate something a little LESS cake-worthy, but significant nonetheless. 

Today marks the 365th daily post on weightingfor50!   Happy Blog-iversary little Blog!  

A year ago today, I wrote my first blog post.  Last July, the average number of views per day: 7.  This July, significantly more.   At the time, I didn’t tell many people I was doing an on-line journal of my weight loss journey but as weeks past, I have become quite proud of some of my posts, my photos and ultimately, myself.  

On July 25th last year, I made a commitment to myself to see it through for a year and post daily….after I reached that milestone, I thought to myself that “I’ll see how it goes after that”.  Well, I’m very proud to say I didn’t miss one day in the last year.  I didn’t let time away, technical difficulties, migraines or other life commitments stop me from my daily post.   And I’m also proud to say I have NO intention of stopping! 

A year ago, I would never have known the electronic friendships that would result, the accountability on the healthy journey, the support, the laughs, the ups and the downs that I’d feel as a result of my posts on the site.   

So to all of my readers, thank you!  To all of my friends who have allowed me to put your photos on here, thank you too!  To everyone who comments either regularly or on occasion, thank you…I love hearing from you.   To google images, which provides me clip art/gifs/pictures of interest when the day’s post has little beyond the mundane to see, I owe you big time.  To Russell who fixed my laptop a few months ago, BIG thank you.  To all who have sent/given me mascots, which have become an integral part of my daily posts, thank you!  And finally to my family (Dennis, Mom and Dad (and Neva!) especially) who have encouraged me not only to blog but to live my best life, I can’t thank you enough! 

(footnote after publication: what the heck is this frog doing to this leaf???  Just asking…)

Let’s raise a glass to weightingfor50’s birthday!   Cheers and hugs to us all!!!  

And on to the day….

Monday morning.  Ug.  I had some chai tea when I got up, and a greek yogurt parfait with blueberries and brown rice krispies.

I had some pineapple and strawberries during the morning.  I also had my vinegar/lemon concoction.  (horrors…I went to make more tonight and found I was out of lemons – I thought I had one left….eeeek!!!  I’ll have to skip a day of glowing tomorrow and start fresh on Wednesday.)

I was supposed to meet my friend Andrea and her son Alec for lunch today, but unfortunately, Alec is a bit under the weather, so our lunch has been postponed until Friday.   Andrea and I usually have sushi, and I was just “in the mood for it” so I went and grabbed some takeout sushi from a new place that has just opened in the neighborhood.   I had a spicy tuna roll, a veggie roll and an ebi sunomono salad.  It was “good not great” – missed you A&A….see you in a few days!

Later in the afternoon, I had some cherries.


When I got home, we had a glass of wine to celebrate weightingfor50!  

Dinner tonight was a grilled pork tenderloin with grilled zucchini and eggplant, and a spinach salad with blueberries, 1 tbsp each of goat cheese and slivered almonds and a drizzle of Bolthouse thousand Island dressing.

After dinner, I pitted a bunch of cherries and bagged them up for the freezer, made a batch of my rhubarb/strawberry sauce to go with yogurt, and also a batch of oatmeal/cherry muffins. 

Now…I’m off to do the last of our laundry and get ready to go to early yoga in the morning.  I’m not 1oo% sure if I’ll be able to get to weigh in this Thursday, I found out this morning real life MAY get in the way.   That is a few days away though, today, I’m going to celebrate my year, celebrate the almost 35 lbs less that I weigh, and feel happy and grateful for all that this blog has brought me.

BIG Happy Birthday to my Dad, Martin!!!  I won’t tell you how old he is today, but I CAN tell you he’s older than 50, and younger than 100!!!   Happy Birthday Dad – Dennis and I (and Neva!!) were thrilled we were able to spend part of the day with you!! 

You share a birthday with Venezuelan Revolutionary Simon Bolivar, Aviator Amelia Earhart, Laugh In’s Ruth Buzzi, and the recently separated (again) Jennifer Lopez!! 

Neva didn’t quite understand that it was Sunday morning and it would be ok to sleep a little later, she woke me up at early morning yoga time hoping for a bit of attention and some breakfast.  She looked very lovely in the morning light though…awww!

My Dad and I went for a birthday walk along a beach not far from their home.  It was a GORGEOUS morning, here are some of our walking shots.  These are otter prints.  How FUN is that?!  (well, I live in a condo in a city, so otter prints are pretty darn exciting to me!)   We actually saw the otters on a rock but they were too far away for a good photo.

Here are my Dad and I.  He’s the one wearing the party hat!

A few shots of the beach.


These are snails of some sort stuck onto a rock.

Here is a convention of barnacles.

We found little “Mr. Crabby” under a rock.

When we got home, a smoothie was made.  May not sound too unusual, but my Mom got this stellar Magic Bullet type  blender at a garage sale yesterday for $7, and today, she made her first smoothie ever.  Yum!!!!  There will be no stopping her now!!  She’s the newly crowned “Smoothie Queen!”  All hail….

Then, the birthday boy opened his cards and presents.  As you can see, Neva was in the thick of the celebrations.

My Dad requested a special brunch for his birthday, so I made a spinach/feta/dill frittata, turkey sausages, fruit, hash browns (leftover from dinner at the restaurant last night), a tomato feta salad and my often made weight watchers lemon cheesecake from Gina’s Skinny Taste.  This recipe is SUCH a keeper!!!!

Cocktail Sunday came early today, we had mimosas.  Cheers!

Here is my plate. 

And here is my cheesecake.  Um.  I had another half slice later.

Happy Birthday again Dad (or “Meowtin” if the greeting is from Neva.  Seriously, how lucky am I to have cats and parent’s with the names Martin and Jennifer.  They are known as “Meowtin” and “Jennipurrr”.  Most names wouldn’t suite the cat translation quite as nicely! :) I know…very silly…)

We then unfortunately had to catch the ferry and head home.  :(  Here are some photos of the crossing back.  (the mountain at the left of the first photo below is Mt. Baker in Washington State)


How cute is my husband???

It was super hot in the car waiting to get on the ferry, and we decided ice cream was a necessity.  (not the best point day today!  What can I say???….)   Dennis and I split this Drumstick – and it got the thumbs up.

When we got home, we had a glass of white wine and some Guiltless Gourmet nacho chips with salsa.  (though “guiltless” I still exceeded my points today….oh well…tomorrow is another day)

We had “picky” dinner tonight.  Dolmades, cheese and crackers (with red pepper jelly), a bit of fake crab, pepper crackers dipped into a 100 calorie guacamole pack and quinoa salad (thanks Alan! I forgot to take it to Victoria, so we’ll be eating it for a few days!!).


So that’s it for our weekend.  Brace yourself, tomorrow will provide yet another celebration.  Of what???  Stay tuned…..     


Hello from my parent’s home in Victoria, B.C.  Takes us about 3 hours to get here from our place in Vancouver….90 minutes on a ferry, and about the same in the car. The ferry terminal has a TON of little shops and services, and I couldn’t help snapping some photos of cupcakes, cheesecake on a stick and ice cream.  Not that many people were buying them at 8:00am…but they were pretty.

I bought some fruit and a big coffee for the journey.  Forgot to take a picture of the coffee, but really, how NON exciting is a cup of black coffee to go anyway???  You didn’t miss anything!!!!

Here are a few photos from the journey.

My Mom made us lunch when we got here, thai chicken soup with a mini multigrain bun (we are fortunately not in a heatwave like much of the rest of North America, so the soup hit the spot) as well as some coleslaw and veggies and dip.

And look what is in the cul de sac that my folks live in.  A mum deer and her baby.  They ARE a bit destructive for the gardeners in the neighborhood, so I understand why people get frustrated with them (they’ve eaten ALOT of my Dad’s garden over the years) but as a guest in the area…all I can say is “AWWWWW!”.

Mom and I ventured out for the afternoon to run a bunch of errands.  We have a special brunch tomorrow to prepare for! :)

We stopped in at our favorite thrift store….here are a couple of the finds of the day.  A super cute Ralph Lauren “skort”, a floral skirt and two tops.  I also got some cute jewellery, a couple of books and some funky blog mascots (you’ll have to wait to see them).

I love the roadside produce stands you can find here.  All on the honor system.   I bought these plum tomatoes and nugget potatoes right from the lady who grows them in her yard.  I admit, I ate the tomatoes before we got home.  They were AMAZING!!!! 

When we got home, we had a glass of white wine.

My folks wanted to take us out for dinner, so we went to a favorite place of theirs.  I had yet another glass of wine…..and we all toasted the visit….thanks Mom and Dad!!!!

Here are my parents.

And Dennis and I.

And my Dad, magically levitating cutlery.

We split some pita and hummus….

I had an individual pizza with no cheese, artichokes, spinach, sun-dried tomatoes and carmelized red onions. 

I had a few of Dennis’ fries.

And some of my Mom’s garlic bread.  

The last two would be considered “licks and bites” in our weight watchers meetings.  I counted the points…..and I have officially eaten well into my 49 weeklies.

When we got home, I had a quick tour of my Dad’s beautiful garden.  My Dad’s thumb OOOZES green….his garden is to be envied.

Now, going to close this off and get started on a special dessert for my Dad’s birthday brunch tomorrow.  Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

Happy Friday!!!!!!  

Today was a busy day, and not a usual Friday.

First thing, I had some chai tea and an egg/spinach/1 oz cheese with salsa wrap (which certainly seems to be my “go to” breakfast these days).

During the morning, I had 1/2 cup greek yogurt, a kiwi and I nibbled at a cup of cherries.

And of course, my apple cider vinegar/lemon concoction that looks even MORE like a urine sample today.  sigh.  I’m going to have to figure out what other container I can photograph it in.

I took a tuna wrap for lunch….but oops….forgot it in the fridge at work.  (that’ll smell good in the fridge on Monday morning.  sigh)

Why did I forget it?  I took the afternoon off work today.  Our friend Alan (aka: The Invisible Chef) is a personal chef/caterer, he had a BIG job this afternoon and his usual helpers were unavailable.  Dennis and I went out to the job to lend a hand.  Here we all are in our aprons. 

And to share an Operation Silence the Inner Critic (OSIC) moment….I wasn’t thrilled with this photo at first, I thought I looked a bit wider than normal, but I caught myself, and instead of thinking “what a crappy photo” I found something good.  I don’t think this is a BAD photo…it’s just a photo of me having fun and helping a friend!!!  OSIC!!!!

Turns out it was a big bbq (for about 150 people) at a construction site. 

 The management of the crew hired Alan to cook for ALL of the workers who had worked on the project (it was a large townhouse complex) as a thank you for all their hard work over the last few months.   It was quite the party, all were given t-shirts, there were door prizes and the beer was flowing.  Alan made burgers and smokies with all the fixins’, salads and snacks.   Alan cooked, Dennis served, and I “floated” aka: refilled bowls, cleaned things away, etc, etc.

 Because I forgot my wrap at work I was starving after a while, so had some of the quinoa/black bean salad and a burger.  (thanks Alan!)


Being a large construction zone, I was VERY much outnumbered by men, in fact, I WAS the only woman there! 

That was………until the dancers/strippers arrived. 

Yup, the company hadn’t just hired Alan, they’d hired three strippers to entertain the masses.  “ohhh, THAT explains why there is a pole here.  Ohh…its NOT a fixture in the building. Ohhh”  We “pretended” to take a photo of Dennis (as you can see in the left of the picture above) but zoomed in on one of the three dancers instead! 

Our bbq was outside, the stripping was inside, and here are Dennis and Alan getting a peek at the dancing. 

It was a good afternoon…not only did we help our friend, Dennis saw boobs.   And had the place cleared out a bit more by the time we left, I’d have had a good whirl on the pole myself.  Difference is…..I would have been clothed!! 

We had a glass of wine when we got home. 

Dennis was out with his band tonight, I was home getting ready for our early morning departure for Victoria tonight, so we just had picky dinner.  Low fat cheddar on water crackers, a 100 calorie guacamole and tzatsiki to dip, a weight watchers baguette each, some fake crab and a bit of salami.  I also had a second glass of wine.

So that was my eventful Friday.  As I said, we’re off on our road trip for the weekend in the morning.  Stay tuned for some fun photos of the ferry ride, the area around my parent’s place, and a celebration!!   Hope everyone’s weekend is a good one and remember OSIC!!!   Send me your stories.  I’ve got a few already, and am looking forward to publishing them!!!   



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