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Today’s new word is “perspicacious ” – acutely insightful 

Sadly, today’s post lacks beautiful rainbow and flower pictures…..and it will be a quickie, because it’s late, and I have an early start tomorrow.

And my early start isn’t for my favorite yoga class, I have an early morning appointment, then a mid morning meeting which is about an hour away from my noon weigh in and meeting.  I AM planning on getting to weight watchers, I may be late, but I will do my best to face the weekly music and hop on the scale.  Best case scenario, I’ll be late, worse case scenario, I won’t make it, but if that IS the case, I’ll put a silver lining on that and think of the activity point I’ll use running to get there!   Sometimes, life just gets in the way of “real life” a bit too much!   Wow…that last sentence was perspicacious, wasn’t it?  Not…. :)

This morning, I had the last chobani yogurt from Bellingham.  This one was peach flavoured.  I also had a small piece of cranberry bread with light butter and no-sugar jam. 

I met Michele and had a non-fat latte.

Mid morning, I had pineapple and strawberries.  (I nabbed these pineapples on deep discount a few days ago, and wow….it is SOOO sweet.  I was very lucky to stumble on them)

I met my friend Andrea for lunch today, and as usual we went for sushi.  I had my “normal” miso soup, tuna sashimi, spicy tuna roll and vegetable roll.

This afternoon, I was given the gift of one of the mini salted caramel squares from Starbucks.  It was “under 200 calories” so I didn’t feel too bad about having it.  And THEN I went on-line to check the nutritional information. 

This LITTLE bar was 6 points.  YIKES!  Was it delicious?  Absolutely!  Was it worth 6 points?  Yup…it was!  I’m sure I’m now officially OVER on my 49 weekly points with Easter weekend and my point tracking break.  However, my clothes still feel looser, so I’m pretty confident one little bar isn’t going to derail my healthy choices and eating.

Dinner tonight was whole-wheat, spinach pasta with red pepper, zucchini, mushrooms and  “fake” crab in blue menu (fat and sodium reduced) alfredo sauce topped with a grating of fresh parmesan.  We also split a small naan bread.

Sorry for the quick post, gotta run.   Since I didn’t have any pretty nature shots, I’ll leave you tonight with a photo of wildlife native to these parts!  The wild white, paw tucking cat!  Have a good Thursday!!

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