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Last day of my staycation today, and last day of my 3 day “point break”.  Back to reality on many levels tomorrow.  Back to being a busy bee again!

I will likely opt out of early yoga just for tomorrow because it’s already pretty late, I’ve just got back from a family dinner, and will have a workout on the way home tomorrow instead.   I’m not sure if I’m up to a 5:15am start tomorrow.

This morning, I broke out the first of my chobani greek yogurt found at Fred Meyer last week.

REALLY liked this, though I think I like the Fage better.   However, as Lori said, Fage IS the Cadillac of greek yogurt, and was FAR to expensive to be bought normally even if it WAS available here.   I also had two pieces of thin, high fibre toast with 1 tbsp almond butter and a banana.

And an almond milk latte, which looked a bit like a frothy cupcake today.

I ran a few errands early this afternoon, and picked up us both up a chicken donair in a pita on the way home.  (the little place I bought them JUST opened today, and are excellent.  We’ll be back!)  I asked for double vegetables, no feta and light on the sauce.  So tasty!!!

I then broke into a bit of the Easter candy we have in the place.

I had belated Easter dinner at my brother’s place tonight.  I was in charge of taking dessert, so made a BIG fruit plate and bought a few mini tarts to add, in case people wanted something truly dessert like.  Have to admit, the fruit went before the tarts!!  (not insinuating any of us there were tarty!! :) )

Here is my brother and my talented musician nephew Ryan.

My smart and funny niece Katie and her boyfriend Mack.  (they make a great couple!!)

Here is a photo of Dennis and I.

And here is the whole gang.  (sorry Katie, NOT a flattering shot of you, but was the better of the two group shots for everyone else.  As you can see above, Katie is REALLY pretty and was obviously caught “mid sentence” in the photo below.  :) )

And my plate, one slice of beef with mushrooms and cabbage, potatoes, asparagus and yams on the side.  LOVE all the veggies.

I had some fruit for dessert.  Thanks Rupert and Nancy! 

As I mentioned earlier, it’s pretty late, so I’d better wrap this up quickly and hit the sack.  Hope everyone’s weekend has started out well.   (I may be eating a mini chocolate egg in a bit…no photo taken yet…)

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