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Day 2 of my big “3 day point counting break”.  I’m surprised how much I’m STILL thinking about making healthy choices or portion controlling.  Melisa, I think you’re right, it HAS become a lifestyle.  YAY!

We had a very important visit this morning.  The EASTER BUNNY came to our home.  And look, he hid a bunch of little treats (including his favorite pop chips) for Dennis to find!  (we’re so silly – and on days like this, I do wonder if we should have had kids!  :) )    

Our annual tradition is that we have an egg hunt on Easter Sunday.  Dennis didn’t have egg hunts when he was little, and I think EVERYONE should have that, so every year, the Easter Bunny comes to visit.  I hide, he dons Easter Bunny ears (my husband is SUCH a good sport) and hunts for eggs and other treats….

He has a white fluffy “helper” too….

…who completely wore herself out!  (she slept for HOURS after all her “assisting”) 

After our silly but fun egg hunt, we had a nice breakfast of Fibre one pancakes (with banana), turkey bacon and almond milk lattes.

We spent a good chunk of the day just reading and relaxing.  I had two little Easter treats.  MMM….

Later in the afternoon, we split a “tasting plate” consisting of leftover frittata from Friday’s brunch (cut into little cubes), some cheese and ak mak crackers and a pear. 

I poured myself a glass of wine to drink while I cooked dinner. 

I’ve never made “from scratch” scalloped potatoes before, but decided today would be a good day to try them out.  I went on-line to and found a good, easy low-fat recipe.   We also had a tiny “for-two” ham that I glazed with a Dijon/honey/brown sugar and spice glazed.  We also had some roasted peppers and gai lan.   I also had a second glass of wine WITH dinner.  

It’s Amazing Race night, so hopping off (I had to close with an Easter bunny reference) to watch.  Tomorrow is officially my last day of staycation.  I just can’t believe these 10 days have flown by so quickly.  I’m going to savour and enjoy every minute tomorrow before reality sets back in on Tuesday.  Hope if you celebrate Easter you’ve had a good day and have been able to spend it with those you love!!!

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