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Despite the fact that I didn’t have to get up for work today, I got up early per usual and went to yoga.  After class, I decided to stick around the gym for a while and do a bit of cardio.  I did 30 minutes on the “fat burn” setting on the treadmill, then did some circuit training.  Lucky me having the extra time for the extra workout! 

When I got home, I made a breakfast wrap with egg whites, two oz ham and salsa rolled into a high-fibre tortilla.  Today’s new mascot is a green duck.  If I was smart, I wouldn’t have used him until Friday, which is earth day.  Because he’s green.  I know…it’s a stretch, but I’ll call him “Sustainability Duck” anyway. 

I also had an almond milk latte.  (Denise, I’ll send you an email!)

And later in the morning I had a smoothie made with almond milk, a banana, a kiwi and the last of the tart frozen green grapes.

I got cracking in a bit more sorting and purging and have some art and craft  supplies and a few cookbooks now ready to be donated.  Gotta admit, the purging feels pretty good.  I also zipped out this afternoon to run a few errands. 

Lunch was the last of the green soup with mint chutney, some cucumbers and tomatoes, 2 mini pitas, 1/4 cup hummus and a few olives.

I also had a weight watchers granola bite.

Our friend Ed from Toronto is in town, so the masses were gathered once again for hockey watching.  Me?  In a sports bar TWICE in one week???  I don’t go to watch hockey twice in a YEAR normally, but I hadn’t seen Ed for months and wanted to catch up.

I had a balanced dinner of champions tonight.  NOT!!!!  My meal consisted of two beer, a plate of veggies with ranch dip, and 2 chicken wings.  sigh. 

Not only did I eat a completely unbalanced dinner, the Vancouver Canucks were TROUNCED by the Chicago Blackhawks tonight 7-2. (NOW today’s title makes sense!)  It wasn’t pretty.  (didn’t this last paragraph make me sound like I actually enjoy hockey and am an avid fan????  HA!  Fooled you – I can’t say I am!!!!  However, the whole city is caught up with hockey fever, so who knows, if the Stanley Cup comes this way, maybe I WILL be a convert!)

Despite the dismal showing, Dennis and our friend Brent kept the Canuck spirit alive!

It’s a bit later than normal now, so I’m going to wrap this off.  We have a fun day planned tomorrow.  “Talk” to you then.

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