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I had a VERY VERY unusual day today.  I actually purged our whole apartment of “stuff”.  It became very clear to me today, I am truly a pack rat.  BUT…books that I’ve been holding on to for a LONG time (including a couple from my University days – in the ’90’s) – gone.  Shoes I love my will never wear again because of the neuroma on my foot – gone.  Clothes that are now too big – gone.  Pier One plates I haven’t used in months – gone.  An old filing cabinet – gone.  A suitcase that is a bit worn – gone.  And various other “things” that I ruthlessly decided I could part with today – gone.   Know what?  It wasn’t THAT hard to get rid of MOST of it.  I DID hyperventalate a bit (ok, bit of an exaggeration, but oh well) on my favorite university text and the pier one plates, but their times had come.  Buh Bye.  All has been taken to the Salvation Army and donated.   

Here is Neva watching the purging procedures.  No Neva, we’re not donating you too!

And since I’m not working this week, I had time this morning to “style” my breakfast.  Here is my greek yogurt, strawberry and low-fat granola “parfait” in a big ol’ wine glass. 

Here is my almond milk latte. 

This is my “purging power smoothie” – almond milk, frozen blueberries, frozen green grapes and 2 clementines. 

Lunch was “green soup” that I made yesterday (vegetable broth with asparagus, kale, spinach and parsnip) with some of my mint chutney and a shake of parmesan.  I also had a high-fibre wrap with bacon flavoured tempeh, lettuce and tomato with balsamic reduction.  We also had some fresh pineapple chunks.

After we loaded all this stuff into the car and dropped it off, I had some rice crackers with bruchetta and a weight watchers granola bite.

Dinner tonight was pasta primavera made with 2 oz whole wheat pasta and a BUNCH of vegetables (cherry tomatoes, eggplant, asparagus, peppers and mushrooms).  The “sauce” was a couple of spoonfuls of salsa and I sprinkled some fresh basil on top.  Yum! 

That was staycation Monday.  A good productive day that I’ll continue tomorrow.  I’m going to go through all my cookbooks and see if there are some I am willing to get rid of.  I’m also going to go to my usual EARLY yoga class despite being on vacation so better wrap this up.  Hope everyone’s week has started out well.

Question for you…..are you a pack rat?   Do you have trouble getting rid of “stuff”?  (thank you for the image shutterstock!)

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