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I am SOOOO glad its Friday!  And this isn’t just ANY Friday, it was my last day at work for a week!  The staycation begins!  I am hoping to get all kinds of things accomplished around home over the next few days, and have some fun at the same time. 

Breakfast this morning was a VERY spinach-y frittata (also with mushrooms and dill) and a smoothie. 

I also had a cup of chai tea.

And Neva was in perfect natural light again.  She was not consumed – just photographed.  Awww. 

My morning snack was the last of the papaya and pineapple from earlier in the week.

Lunch was a tuna wrap (tuna, light mayo and relish) in a high fibre wrap, with carrot, celery and yellow pepper sticks and a pear.

I also had this fig bar.  It is 3 points of fig.  So yum!  And SO on sale at the grocery store.  Half price for 5.  SWEET!

Right before Zumba, I had a few grapes and a hard-boiled egg for protein.  I also had this little weight watchers granola bite.

We had a substitute teacher for Zumba tonight, and she was excellent.  I had a really good workout.  I made quite the observation tonight too, I think to be a true “Zumba girl”, one has to have a wild ponytail pinned up to the top of one’s head so it is swished around like a pony flipping it’s mane.   Seems like all of the “hard cores” have them.  Fun.

Dennis picked me up from the gym and we ventured downtown to meet our friends Brent, Laurie and Anna (and Laurie’s brother Brent) to watch the hockey game.  The Canucks are now in the playoffs so the hockey buzz in the city is growing.  I’d be lying if I said I was a hockey fan, but it was nice to spend some time with our friends.  And I found a giant moose dressed as an Mountie…hockey, a moose and a mountie…doesn’t get much more Canadian than that does it??

Unfortunately, there aren’t TOO many point friendly foods at a sports bar, but I did my best.  I ordered the veggie platter (with ranch dressing) and Dennis and I split an order of bruchetta. 

I DID have a beer too.

I had the last of the Skinny Cow bars when we got home. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend.  Big plans?  If you have, let me know what is on your agenda!

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