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Happy Monday everyone!!!   Hope the weekend was a good one, and you are all ready to face the new week head on!

My Monday breakfast was leftover frittata and one turkey sausage from yesterday’s brunch.  Lori, Jody, you are right, more protein really DOES keep you full for a LONG time!!! 

I also had some chai tea.

I had some fruit later in the morning, blackberries, kiwi (already peeled and leftover from Saturday’s throwdown) and some strawberries.

My lunch was salad greens with a spoonful of leftover beet rissotto, 1 onz lean prosciutto, strawberries, mushrooms, nutritional yeast and my fat-free balsamic dressing.  I also had the weight watchers granola bite that is in the photo below.

Later in the afternoon, I had the apple and the small piece of cheese that is out of focus in the photo above.  Ooops!!

After work, I met my friend Laura, and we walked down to the Olympic Village area.  Both of us have a bad foot, so it was pretty slow, but it was perfect for a long chat and catch up.  It was supposed to be pouring with rain today, so we lucked out.  It was gorgeous down there.

Here is the Cavalia tent.  It is in town for another couple of weeks.  Truth be told, I only know one person who has gone to see it – it is apparently a cross between cirque du soleil and an equestrian event.  Loved the way the flags were blowing in the wind, made the tent look like a castle.  I was HOPING some of the horses would be out and about, but no luck. 

Here is a dog that would only retrieve sticks that were bigger than he was.  So funny.

Laura and I sat on one of the spinny chairs that are there on the seawall, and lifted our bad feet to form a table.   We’re silly.  And yes, you AREN’T imagining things, I AM wearing runners with my work skirt.  One of these days, when I have my runners on with my skirts, Stacey and Clinton from “What Not To Wear” will ambush me and give me a big makeover. :)

Here are a few other shots from the walk.  It was very pretty down there.  Great to catch up Laura, lets hobble down there again soon!!

I had a glass of wine when I got home. 

We have an ENORMOUS clamshell of salad greens that I picked up at Costco last Friday.  At the time, I expected to be making a green salad for Saturday’s throwdown, but that plan fell through.  In order to use it up, we’ve deemed this “Roz and Dennis’ Big Salad Experiment” Week!  Yipee!!  The plan is to have a different salad every day.   Today’s salad had the greens, blackberries, a bit of light feta and 1 Tbsp walnuts with low-fat ranch dressing with a bit of bbq sauce stirred in.

The rest of dinner was a small bison steak, some mashed yams and the Monday salad.  I LOVE my grill pan when it makes perfect grill marks on meat.  I topped the bison with a bit of bbq sauce and a spoonful of brushetta. 

That’s it for Monday.  Time to get all my gear ready for early yoga.  Have a good night all.

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