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I have a new love in my life.   Dennis doesn’t need to worry, in fact, he will benefit from this new relationship!  I’m in love with my “new/used” food processor! 

I went thrift shopping with my Mom in Victoria, and found it.  It has obviously NEVER been used, so tonight, I think I deflowered it! :)  It’s very “Braun-y” and powerful and I know I’ll be back for more soon!   (I’m so silly…but joking aside, this may turn out to be the best $20 I’ve spent in a long, long time)

I started my Monday with two cups of chai tea and a bagel thin with sugar-free jam. 

Mid morning, I had some orange, kiwi and mango. 

Lunch was an egg salad wrap with some red and orange pepper strips and 3 little Clementines.  (I’m a little in love with the clementines too, but that’s beside the point)

I was still hungry, so I whipped over to Whole Paycheque Foods and threw together a quick salad.  It was exactly what I needed!  Some warm steamed broccoli and cauliflower on cold greens with some fat-free miso dressing and cayenne.  (I really like hot and cold food together – my Dad doesn’t understand that!  He’s a “hotter the better” kind of guy)

Later in the afternoon, I had a pear and a small piece of cheese.

Tonight’s dinner was a small piece of beef tenderloin (nabbed on sale some weeks ago and finally thawed today), some cauliflower mash made with yogurt and herbs de Provence in the food processor, roasted Brussel sprouts with balsamic and a bit of parmesan and some roasted mushrooms.  

So that in a nutshell was what I ate today.  Other than my new and slightly unhealthy obsession with a kitchen appliance, it was a pretty run of the mill Monday.   I will introduce you to an exciting new mascot tomorrow.  In the meantime, I’m off to prepare for my early yoga start, and to go and spend some time with Dennis, who I actually love more than my food processor.  :)

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