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Good one WordPress!!!    You got me!!!   Imagine my shock when I checked out my blog stats this morning and saw the graph with an ENORMOUS jump by early today. 

I know my readership is (slowly) growing, but this was crazy!!  WHO are these people reading my blog??  Oh…April Fool on me!!!  VERY funny!!  I laughed hard!!!   Who knows, if weightingfor50 grows, this number WON’T be unheard of early in the day!  :)

Happy April Fool’s Day to all.  Hope you weren’t pranked, punk’d, or as it will now be called in our home “wordpressed!”.

So glad its Friday!!!  And so amazed that it can be April already!  HOW???  2011 is FLYING by!!!


Today’s breakfast was a smoothie with almond milk, banana and frozen blueberries as well as a bagel thin with sugar-free jam.

Mid morning, I had my standard fruit….today, orange, kiwi and a few pieces of mango.

My lunch was a high fibre wrap (quickly becoming a favorite) with egg salad (made with home-made relish and low-fat mayo) and some cucumber and peppers.

Later in the afternoon, I had a pear and 1 oz of caantenaar cheese.

I also had 1/3 of a Tim Horton’s filled doughnut (that were brought in for a meeting).  Three of us split one.  A full Horton’s filled is 7 points (according to my Canadian Dining out guide) but I counted this as 3, just in case the three-way cut was skewed! :)  I hadn’t had a Tim Horton’s doughnut FOREVER!!   It was GOOD, but not GREAT, so glad I only had 1/3.

When I got home, Dennis and I had a glass of wine to celebrate the weekend and spending Friday night together!  We will be apart for the rest of the weekend, so we squeezed in some together time.

Dinner was leftover blue menu lasagna from last weekend.  I also had a high fibre wrap to soak up the sauce instead of a bun.  Not the most well balanced meal (greens were missing), but yum!!

I have to wrap this up and get ready for tomorrow.  I have a very early start in the morning.  I’m off on a mini road trip to see my parents tomorrow!  I’ll check in from Victoria…..

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