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Today’s new word is “oblectation ” – delight, pleasure

This is my favorite grey skirt.  It is suede, with a zipper up the front, I bought it in Portland, have dressed it up, dressed it down, worked in it, played in it, and today, I had to say goodbye.

I realized this afternoon that this skirt that I loved, my “go to” skirt if nothing was ironed, that I always felt really good in was now WAY too big, and I was in fact wearing it for the last time.  I did think about having it taken in, but truth be told, it IS a few years old, and with the zipper and the way the side seams are stitched, it’s just not worth the trouble and expense I’d have to go to in order to have it taken in. 

I should be THRILLED it no longer looks good on me, and wearing it now puts me at risk for it falling off and showing my knickers to the world, but I take no oblectation in parting with it!!  I think because I have such wonderful memories of the trip I bought it on, and how it used to make me feel. 

BUT….it’s time in my closet has officially come to an end so I bid my beloved grey suede skirt adieu.  I hope someone buys it at the thrift store I’m donating it to, and they feel as foxy in it as I did when I first bought it.   So long skirt….as much as I loved you, I hope I’m never in a position to fit into you again!

This morning’s breakfast was a smoothie made with almond milk, banana and frozen blueberries.  I also had a bagel thin with sugar-free jam. 

I met Michelle for our weekly coffee, here is my non fat latte.

My mid morning snack was this fruit bowl.  Vive le point free fruit.

My lunch was a turkey wrap with arugula and curried mustard.  I also had some coleslaw that I made with low-fat mayo, blueberries and a healthy sprinkle of nutritional yeast on top.  I had 2 mini cucumbers, and toted this apple, but I think it has been in our crisper a bit too long, and just didn’t taste good, so it was tossed. 

Mid afternoon, I had an oz of Caantenaar lower-fat, lower-sodium cheese and some green grapes.

Tonight’s dinner was a turkey burger patty with salsa on arugula, with oven sweet and regular “fries” on the side.  I didn’t have enough daily points left for a bun, which was fine, this was delicious as is. 

Tomorrow is weigh in day.  I’ve been on track all week, and have been active, but I no longer have confidence that my body will cooperate and show a drop on the scale, or if it’ll be another week of a mini gain.  Fingers crossed though, I could use the boost of a loss!!  Time will tell, and I’ll of course report back tomorrow.  Have a good night everyone!  Anybody want a grey suede skirt?????  :)



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