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I wish today’s post was as photogenic as yesterday’s, but alas, it isn’t.   But, there are of course photos nonetheless.

It was a “stay pretty close to home and get some housework/cooking/meal planning kind of day.  I DID venture out to our favorite produce store to load up on fruit and vegetables for week.    You’ll see a few of the finds later in this post.

We had almond milk lattes and smoothies to start the morning.   I need my scientist friend Melisa to figure out WHY this particular carton of almond milk didn’t foam as well as in the past – I just can’t figure out.  I did NOTHING different, but it just refused to “puff”.   Melisa?  Any guesses?  Humidity?  Temperature increase?  Have I incurred the wrath of the Almond Milk Gods????   I just don’t get it.  Delicious all the same, but hmm….   (the smoothie was made with almond milk (no foaming required) a banana and some frozen mango).

Later in the morning we had breakfast wraps with an egg, low-fat cheddar, spinach and salsa.  Pineapple and blackberries were on the side.

One of my finds at the produce market was a BIG bag of “throwaway tomatoes” for $1.00.  I brought them home not really knowing what I’d do with them.  I decided to make some simple tomato soup for lunches for the next few days.   I just cooked them until they were soft, strained all the seeds and skins, seasoned it with some garlic, a squeeze of lemon, basil and pepper and voila.  I got about 5-6 servings out of the batch.  Not bad for $1.00!!

My lunch was a tasting plate, a couple of ounces of prosciutto with pineapple (yummy combination!), an ounce of low-fat cheese with 8 little crackers, some endive and a couple of Tbsp of lower fat artichoke dip.  And I had a cup of my soup. 

I also had to use up the last of the wontons that I had in my fridge, so made a batch of wonton chips with chili and lime (thanks again for that GREAT spice blend Janice!!!) and had a couple of those on the side.

AND…in my never ending quest to try every new fruit and vegetable I can, I found these prickly pears at the market, so bought one to try.  The verdict?  They’re like a sweet, REALLY seedy pear with a grainy texture.  Well, now I know. Amazing color inside though.  I wonder if it’ll dye my insides?!  :)   fun!!

This afternoon I tried a new recipe from my Weight Watchers Points Plus Cookbook: Candied Ginger Oatmeal Cookies.  Each of these clocks in at 2 points.  YUM!!!  I tested one when they came out of the oven.  And then, just to be SURE they were ok, I tested a second.  It was equally as tasty as the first.

Tonight’s dinner was pulled pork with coleslaw (made with blueberries), roasted carrots, one roasted nugget potato and steamed asparagus.  I put the pork in the slow cooker early today and just let it go.  Slow cookers really are wonderful!  I should use ours more often.

I also had a glass of zero point, alcohol free white wine. 

Shameless Self-Promotion alert!! – Rumour has it that a guest post by moi will be on Fitblogger tomorrow!  (Monday March 28th).  Be sure to check it out, but also check out the rest of the site.  There is some really great information on there!! 

Amazing Race time, so it’s a wrap….I know it’s crazy, but our world really DOES stop for an hour on Sunday nights at the moment.  :)    Hope everyone had a great weekend.



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